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  1. zibbit u2

    Adams Supermoto Race 01-12-19

    OMG, I'd love to have a go at that track. Darn Canuck dollar making the trip too expensive.
  2. zibbit u2

    Fork lug O-ring

    Thanks but that view does not show the O-ring I need. That picture has the chrome stanchion already attached to the fork lug; I need the O-ring that provides the seal for that union. This is the procedure that I need parts for;
  3. zibbit u2

    Fork lug O-ring

    Hey everyone, the RH lower lug on my forks is starting to leak. Does anyone know the part number, or know the dimensions of the O-ring that is sealing the fork lug to the stanchion? My bike is a '09 Z450
  4. zibbit u2

    Adding lights

    Sounds like you haven't bought a specific bike yet, if that's the case, look for a bike with a factory installed battery. It's much easier.
  5. zibbit u2

    Some parts I'm not sure where they go

    Spring and washer go behind the kickstart assembly. They're sandwiched between the case and kickstart. The idle gear and there should be a spring wavy washer with it, are mounted on the other shaft that transfer the power between the clutch basket and big kickstart gear.
  6. Reassemble and flush/bleed the hydraulic side. There's lots of threads on this. As far as the basket making it worse, you may not be incorrect.. it probably has something to do with rotational mass and friction coefficient of the new clutch assembly.
  7. zibbit u2

    Looking for Supermoto Race buddies!!

    I kinda wish you guys allowed KTM 105sx mini's to run with your endurance series.. I might be interested in making a trip with my bikes.
  8. zibbit u2

    Polished Combustion Chamber/Head. Good Idea?

    I would agree on polishing the exhaust port, however, I would strongly suggest not polishing the intake tract. You need some turbulence in the intake charge to properly atomize the air fuel mixture before combustion, but not so much as to cause a restriction.
  9. zibbit u2


    ...and this is why I never buy a used bike.
  10. zibbit u2

    Routing of carb vent hoses

    two up, two down. That way if you're doing water crossings you're not gonna submerge all 4.
  11. If your tires aren't getting up to temp and you're at the correct pressure, then your problem isn't the tire.. it's your suspension setup. A front end that is sprung too tight or valved incorrectly will cause your front end to tuck under braking or mid-corner off brakes by keeping the nose to high in the air. Likewise, a poorly setup sag (too much) will keep too much weight on the rear axle preventing you to load the front tire during cornering, thereby causing the front end to slip again..
  12. To be honest, you probably have your tire pressure set a little too high for that temperature.. plus those tires get a little greasy when they're cold. Armoured gear is a must, cause even slow speed crashes hurt.
  13. zibbit u2

    New to me ohlins help

    Go to: https://www.ohlins.com/support/manuals/search/?docs=yz250 ..and search the manuals there. Find the exact items that were installed on your bike, then setup the kickers as per Öhlins recommended initial setup. To narrow down which model might be installed in your forks, look at the date column.. obviously they wouldn't have released a cartridge or shock for your bike in 2018.. they tend to focus on the newest greatest on the market.
  14. zibbit u2

    My Short Lived DRZ

    Wow.. did that bike have a manual cam chain adjuster on it? From the wear it sure looks like that camshaft was loaded down excessively tight.
  15. zibbit u2

    Hello world, I got problems

    The wiring on a KTM 2T is fairly simplistic (like 8 wires or so), I'd be checking pin to pin, and pin to ground for every wire in the wiring harness at the ECM/CDI. Make sure only the ground wires are seeing ground, and that none of the power wires are sending their signal to another wire or system. When people said to check the stator for looseness, you can't just pull the side cover on the motor and take a peak.. You need to physically remove the flywheel (rotor) to inspect the stator assembly behind it.