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  1. zibbit u2

    Drowned Ktm exc 200 advice

    Did you do a compression test after the rebuild? How does the reading compare now with the vertical scoring?
  2. zibbit u2

    Husky boy identification

    Should be stamped on the steering tube.
  3. zibbit u2

    Supermoto front brake 2019 YZ450FX

    My best guess would be to talk to any shop who offers in-house manufactured aftermarket lines for your bike, and get them to add an inch or so on a oem replacement line. Galfer were great to deal with when I had custom lines built.
  4. zibbit u2

    Chain hitting tires sidewall under swingarm

    You could try offsetting your rear tire a little.. but, fyi.. most supermoto rear tires get eaten by the chain. This is my rear after 3 track nights:
  5. zibbit u2

    Clutch fluid leak

    More than likely you'll have to replace the master cylinder. The bore on both the Brembo and Magura wear very fast due to the cast aluminum being very soft.. Plus, if you add grit and grime in there, then it only compounds the problem.
  6. zibbit u2

    Super Moto build need ideas

    Contact Warp9, I'm sure they'll have everything you'll need as a bolt up street kit. Before you ask, cush drive for street, non-cush for track. Don't worry about a slipper clutch if you're not tracking the bike. Floating disk isn't required for light street usage, for track it's pretty much a requirement. HH pads, and DOT 4 for street.. HH pads, and RBF660 for track. Oring chain for street, non-Oring for track.
  7. zibbit u2

    Chain hitting tires sidewall under swingarm

    I wouldn't worry too much about it. When you're on power at speed, the bottom of the chain is pretty loose which causes it to flap around a bit.
  8. zibbit u2

    Cylinder Replacement?

    Any competent welder can build up the aluminum around that stud using an aluminum filler rod, then you drill/tap the hole. Don't weld a steel stud to a aluminum piece.. it'll only corrode from being dissimilar metals.
  9. zibbit u2

    2009 RM-Z450 wiring connectors

    No problem. Just make sure you also get the proper ratcheting crimpers.. those terminals are a PITA to crimp without them.
  10. zibbit u2

    2009 RM-Z450 wiring connectors

    White one is a Sumitomo MT series: 6 way plug https://www.corsa-technic.com/item.php?item_id=439&category_id=107 6 way receptacle https://www.corsa-technic.com/item.php?item_id=440&category_id=107 Black one is Furukawa RFW series: 2 way plug https://www.corsa-technic.com/item.php?item_id=237&page=g&category_id=125 2 way receptacle https://www.corsa-technic.com/item.php?item_id=236&page=g&category_id=125 That was fun to research.
  11. zibbit u2

    KTM 85sx torque enough for me?

    I'm 38, 5'6" and ~130 lbs and I've been riding for +20 yrs. While I don't ride technical trails, I primarily run tarmac on a 09 105SX 16x2.5/16x3.5/BBK supermoto setup. My SX is TONES more fun to ride than my 09 RMZ450 Supermoto (but it's not as fast). Do I wish it made a little more TQ.. yes. But, where this bike shines is all in the top end and handling.. For a machine this size it's absolutely amazing for what it can do. Plus side, parts are cheap (even for oem KTM parts through stealerships). The bike is dead simple to work on. The SX requires you to focus on maintaining speed, throttle position, and looking as far down the track that you can to anticipate obstacles ahead. Plain and simple, it'll make you a better rider.
  12. zibbit u2

    2014 WR 450F Rear Tire Size 17/4.25 17/5.0

    On a 4.25" rear, a 150 matches up pretty well. This will keep the tire shape. On a 5" rear, you'll be able to squeeze a 160 in there. Be expecting to address possible chain rub on the tire sidewall with some brands of tires. Typically we're all running 120 fronts.
  13. zibbit u2

    2015 250sx gear oil in crank/cylinder ?'s

    I believe your problems could only be happening 1 of 2 ways. Either the gasket that seals the two crankcase halves isn't seated properly, or the seal on the output side of the crankshaft is damaged and/or installed backwards..
  14. zibbit u2

    Klotz SuperTechniplate

    I'm running Motul 800 at 50:1 with 91 octane pump on my 105sx.
  15. zibbit u2

    ktm brembo clutch not having any pressure

    yep, you need to reverse bleed it. If the system is full, follow this video: If you need to FILL and BLEED the system, follow this video: