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  1. Ouch, that was a great crash clip. I would've been down for the count.
  2. Thanks. I’ll add to this thread as the bike progresses. But, for the record I managed to source a full set of the rarest wheels worldwide for the mini.. now I just have to wait for shipping.
  3. Oh.. this is my normal duty track toy. Which is a full Ohlins equipped, 2009 RMZ450 with a Magura BBK, Suter slipper, Akrapovic exhaust, Michelin slicks running on VP fuels. I'll be honest.. the 105 is much more fun to race tho.. haha
  4. I'll start this post by saying hi to the 2T Austrian crowd. I'm a little unknown to these threads because I used to frequent the WR450 side of the house... but like many of us, the need to mix fuel gets the better of us. Anyways, on with the post. About two months I started looking for a mini to compete against a whole herd of 150R's that were dominating our mini class with Victoria Supermoto. Thing was, I couldn't see myself riding red (plus they're super expensive around here), so I started looking for viable alternatives to the "norm". After a couple weeks of searching, I found this little gem on a local buy/sell/trade site. I knew it had potential against the herd.. but I wasn't too sure how much it'll cost me in the end. The things that attracted me to the bike.. 1: it had better components that the honda, 2: it was lighter, and 3: I kinda missed riding a 2T (1st bike in 1994 was a 1981 RM125). 4: 6 speed vs 5 So, I made an offer and the seller agreed to the price, so I took it home later that day. Day 1 was a long as I did a complete bike disassembly to survey for damage or items to replace/repair before bringing it to the track. Luckily the bike started first kick cold, and the previous owner had lots of fairly recent receipts for top/bottom end work carried out by a reputable shop locally, so I figured the motor didn't have to be opened up yet. Then I started scrubbing/cleaning.. I'll admit, my CDO (alphabetically correct OCD) took over and things started to snowball a bit. About 2 weeks later and a massive hoard of new shinny KTM parts later, I rebuilt the clutch M/C, bled the clutch, installed new EBC sintered pads (F/R), swapped brake fluid to Motul RBF660, replaced all chain sliders, repacked every bearing with grease, repacked the silencer and installed some Bridgestone BT45 tires on the factory 19/16 wheels. That was enough to do it's initial shakedown at the track. Now armed with the knowledge I learned from the outing, it was time to modify and address any issues I encountered while trackside. I started with the feeble factory 220mm front brakes.. and ordered the KTM 260mm hard-parts BBK. Next I moved on to gearing.. I quickly realized that a 13/51 wasn't ideal.. So I promptly ordered the factory 14/46 gears to boost my overall speed. Now, I could confidently get up to around 110 km/hr and stop almost as quickly without any sign of brake fade. Next, I ordered all new plastics, factory 2012 decal kit, throttle cable, SXS CDI, clutch basket, clutch hub, and new steels and fibres. Then, while I was ordering parts one of the parts guys asked what I was using the bike for.. and he showed me the hard parts catalogue from 2009 that had a factory Supermoto conversion kit for the 85 SX. I hate him.. now I had to have it. Unfortunately.. I was informed that everything was discontinued from KTM.. So the search began. About a week later, the latest batch of parts showed up, so I got to installing everything. Here's how it sits right now My search continues. So, to be continued..
  5. Oh that bike brings back memories when I was 14 years old, under 100 lbs, and barely over 5 ft tall.. Man did I ever hurt myself on it, but it sure brought a smile to my face.
  6. Another much cheaper option to a Slipper Clutch is a heavy flywheel weight. It'll tame the hit, and alleviate some of the engine braking making more suitable to trail riding.
  7. If the fuel pump doesn't fix it, then you might need to back-flush the injector. You might have deposits from bad fuel clogging the injector.
  8. Looks great, nice job.
  9. I would say you don't have anything to worry about. My exhaust runs hot as well.
  10. I would suggest getting a different front brake master cylinder that has a mechanical micro-switch for the front brake vs the hydraulic micro you posted above. They're usually pretty cheap. I had a similar setup before on a converted WR, and I never could trust if those hydraulic switches would actually turn on the brake light or not.
  11. ^^^ looks like that's the push button start switch connector (#17 on wiring diagram), which should have Blue/Red (L/R), Blue/Black (L/B) wires leading to it. Yamaha identifies Blue wires as L.
  12. When he ultrasonic cleaned the carb, did he take apart the mid-body?
  13. post a picture of what the connector looks like.
  14. If you ever get out to Victoria BC, we've got a pretty good race group out here. Usually 30-40 bikes are out weekly with Victoria Supermoto between May-Sep.
  15. Does the throttle snap closed (every time) if you allow it to? You shouldn't have any hanging revs. Generally some things that can contribute to that are: Grips touching throttle cam, damaged throttle tube, damaged/worn throttle cables, possibly slide plate seal and worn vacuum release plate. A light pop on decel is fine, heavy backfiring is not.