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  1. goblin

    2010 TM siting

    Looks like a European Mitsubishi L-200, which would make it a Mitsubishi Triton Down Under. http://www.mitsubishi-motors.com.au/pages/home.aspx#/pages/vehicles/triton/home.aspx
  2. goblin

    Tm help!!!

    Have you looked at the ones before 2000 ? If nothing had changed between the years, they won't release a new manual So chances are your diagram is in a pre-2000 diagram.
  3. goblin

    Tm help!!!

    All the manuals and diagrams are available on the tmracing website, in the Motorcycles/Downloads section. Try the Italian section if you don't find what you need in the English one. www.tmracing.it
  4. goblin

    TM, VDB S-1 world champs

    He he he It was about time. Gozzini had a very decent shot at the title last year, if not for his tire problems in the last race in Greece. All comes to he who waits...
  5. goblin

    TM ISDE Daily update

    Final results in the major classes: E2 winner: Rodrig Thain, France - Tm EN450F (also team winner with the Equipe de France national team) C2 winner: Luca Cherubini, Italy - Tm EN250 2t (two stroke) C3 winner: Michal Kadlecek, Czech Republic - Tm EN300 2t (two stroke) All machines but Thain's being stock. I believe Thain's machine for the other Enduro races is fuel injected, as opposed to the stock one. I don't know what he rode at the ISDE. To understate it a bit - we've seen worse :-D
  6. goblin

    Supermoto de Nations

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=833032&highlight= Really an amazing race. Especially the last one.
  7. A full video of the FIM Supermoto WC 09 - Supermoto of Nations, all two hours of it, here: http://freecaster.tv/MX/1007304/FIM-Supermoto-WC-09-Supermoto-of-Nations-S2-Round-1-Replay http://freecaster.tv/MX/1010117/FIM-Supermoto-WC-09-Supermoto-of-Nations-S2-Round-2-Replay As usual - great videos of one of the hottest races on one of the most unusual supermoto tracks in the world - the built on purpose supermoto track at the airbase of Dolna Mitropolia, close to the city of Pleven, Bulgaria. Enjoy Note: All mentions of temperatures are in Celsius degrees "Mid twenties" is to be read 70 Fahrenheit.
  8. goblin

    Scorpa - no more (exodus)

    Indeed, my "analysis" was wrong. Who knows.
  9. goblin

    TM distribution in the USA

    Long Island City - Queens
  10. goblin

    TM distribution in the USA

    I would suspect that if Barker is/becomes officially the importer for the US, he would work differently than when there was a US importer, and he was getting calls from US clients at the same time. As for Dave, as far as I understood from his posts on a different forum, he simply went out of business. I don't see what Tm Italy would be able to do about that.
  11. goblin

    TM 450F Workshop Manual Needed

    Indeed. Vroom gave you links to the Owner's manual + the parts diagrams. That's as much as has been published. Keep in mind that the owner's manuals usually have charts with the nuts & bolts torque values, carb settings and so on. If you can't find anything for your year, look for previous years. They typically publish stuff only when something changes. You can also got to www.tmracing.it then go to the Italiano section and look at the downloads link. There seems to be more stuff than if you go on the english section. You should find pretty much all you need. They even have charts with the fork washers thicknesses if you want to mess around with your fork valving - look for anything saying "Tarratura" in the name. Good luck.
  12. goblin

    TM "bling"

    Don't forget to mention we're talking Australian dollars Actually the price of a 660F (competition only supermoto) is pretty close to the price of an Enduro 450F, and by all means lower than the price of an all options Black Dream or even a road legal supermoto Tm. It makes it a smoking bargain no matter which way you look at it. Add all the options, though, and you can happily double it. The racing Brembo monoblock front brake option counting for easilly $4000 (US) in the tab.
  13. goblin

    New Gas Ga.. err Rieju Marathon

    Errr... Yamaha had stated clearly that they will NOT sell engines to Scorpa IF Gas Gas becomes Scorpa's owner (which was one of the few viable plans and which GG has proposed). So it just didn't happen. I don't think Scorpa being able to pay bills would have been an issue with GG's money behind it, as far as Yamaha was concerned. Having GG gain a steady supply of Yamaha engines, on the other side, putting a European brand in direct competition with Yamaha's own products, might have been a bit of a no-go for Yamaha Europe. The fact that since its inception Scorpa has never ever built a "real" offroad bike but has always looked into "niche" markets should ring a bell as of how willing Yamaha was to sell engines to a direct competitor. Which Scorpa never was, as they took care of not stepping on anybody's toes. Sherco buying Scorpa was another plan, which didn't happen as well. I don't know about Sherco paying anybody's bills. Scorpa is belly up, I don't see nobody paying their bills, if they have any...
  14. goblin

    New Gas Ga.. err Rieju Marathon

    What's gotten up with Yamaha ??? They refused to keep providing Scorpa with engines should Gas Gas buy the company (which was the last chance for Scorpa of staying afloat), but they have no problems supplying Rieju ? Doesn't add up to me. Sorta.
  15. goblin

    TM 300. Are they really arm rippers?

    Thanks man