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  1. q2quest

    Scratches in plastic

    I'm a perfectionist and hate scratches too. Having said that, it can be done, but I wouldn't do it again. Doing it correctly involves a lot of steps and work. Buying a new fender is by far the most cost effective solution. I have polished out scratches like yours using 320 grit wet sandpaper and going finer and finer to eventually 2000 grit then finally a buffer just like one of the other posters, but it was very, very time consuming. If you're not careful to sand out all the previous sandpaper scratches when moving on to a finer grade of paper you will be left with a shiny but imperfect fender.
  2. q2quest

    Debating the WR250F

    I have a question. Why are you considering trading in your bike to the dealer? If you clean it up real well, take nice pictures and advertise it on Craigslist you can likely get quite a bit more money than the dealer will give you. Then, walk into the dealer with cash and get an even better deal. I used to sell cars for a living. It's hard to condone trading anything into the dealer unless you absolutely are terrified of a private sale.
  3. q2quest

    Fix swingarm scuffs?

    The answer to your question depends upon whether the swing arm is painted silver or is bare aluminum. Yours almost looks painted. If so, it's a lot easier to disguise than a cast aluminum piece. Sand smooth as others have suggested with wet sandpaper and water. Finish sanding with 400 grit and fog in some matched silver spray paint. Yes, your bike will get scratched and dirty, but I'm with you, I love to keep my machines looking new in the garage actually more than I enjoy riding them. Go figure.
  4. For a lot of us who didn't grow up tinkering on things it can be very difficult to have a grasp on what everyone is talking about in respect to technical things. I have been working on cars and motorcycles for 40 years and so these topics are ones I've seen over and over again, but some people have spent their time with other things and don't have the same level of understanding of the mechanics. That's why this forum exists. A lot of times an internet search is not practical for certain topics because the knowledge is buried among so much else. Mixxer's rant on Glen was way over the top and undeserved. It almost seemed personal. This forum is not the right place for you to work out your emotional issues. You should seek a psychiatric professional to help you with this rage. Books and internet searches won't help.
  5. q2quest

    First attempt at rebuilding a YZ250 Carb

    My advice is to bring that carb and all its pieces to a shop that can run it in an ultrasonic cleaning tank. The carburetor on my DRZ 400E would not run correctly even with a rebuild kit and a new pilot jet until after it was cleaned in ultrasonic tank. It came out spotless and now runs like new.
  6. Ok, that makes sense. Moving the needle up in the slide richened things up. Glad you got it running better.
  7. So your bike was too lean before with a 120 main and then you cured the problem by leaning it out even further with a 110 main? Am I missing something? Sorry, but this doesn't make any sense. Also, the main jet only affects performance from 1/4 throttle on up. When you are decelerating the throttle is closed or almost closed and you are operating on the idle circuit. The popping you described is a lean condition in the pilot circuit. The main jet cannot have any affect on the bike while you are decelerating. Moving the clip on the needle can, but you say you didn't do that. I'm glad your bike is running better, though.
  8. Obviously you need to address the low compression readings first. Adjusting the carburetor is pointless prior to that. Having said that, I have had a terrible time with the modern gasoline (ethanol) clogging the little passage ways of small engine carburetors when they have been sitting for even just one month! The cure is to run them through an ultrasonic cleaning tank and then never run anything but pure gasoline in the machine ever again. Or, at least don't let standard pump gas sit in the machine when parked for extended periods. Clogged pilot jets are the #1 source of frustration for dirt bike owners and for some reason it still seems to be something that often not mentioned when diagnosing low speed carburetor issues.
  9. q2quest

    $300 1996 RT-100 Worth flipping?

    Yup, looks like a 1986.
  10. q2quest

    2012 wont idle or take light throttle

    I've been through this myself at least a dozen times with small carbureted engines. The likely culprit is a clogged pilot jet. This happens to almost every bike if it sits for even a couple of months in some cases. I've had to replace all the carburetors on my weed whacker and two lawn mowers. The reason is because of all the ethanol in our modern gasoline. It separates and leaves a residue behind inside small passages. I switched to ethanol free gasoline, which is not always easy to find in California, and it solved all my problems. The last time my DRZ wouldn't run properly a new pilot jet did not cure it. I had to send the carburetor over to a shop that ran it in an ultrasonic cleaning machine. It was perfect after that. Now, running pure gasoline in all my carbureted bikes and small engines I've had no problems.
  11. q2quest

    I thought 2 strokes were faster?

    I couldn't be more disappointed with what seems like the end to this thread.
  12. q2quest

    I thought 2 strokes were faster?

    One thing to check is the inside of the silencer. I once had one with such a caked oil blockage from not changing the packing that it would not rev up at all and was totally down on power (obviously). The silencer was replaced and it instantly solved the problem.
  13. q2quest

    new rider-new bike -new problem

    Andrew Cooksey is a good man. You might consider sending the whole engine to him like I did. His work is absolutely top notch and he'll inspect everything. The 200 XCW is a wonderful bike. You are going to love it when it's all fixed up.
  14. q2quest

    FCR 39 Slant jetting help???

    My understanding is that when you cap off the nipples on the carburetor by removing the coast enricher you must change the pilot air jet to a 100 and main air jet to a 200 as has been already stated. However, if you want to avoid changing those jets simply connect both nipples on the carb to each other with a length of hose. That is what I did with no problems.
  15. Is the end that faces inside closed?