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  1. funkenstein

    What have i got?

    Hi all, I picked up a rolling frame from the dump today. And have no idea what make/model that it is. Can anyone help? The forks are gold upside down type, the plastics [or what is left of them] are a deep blue like the yamaha blue, it has a steel swing arm and rims, and it has an ABS gadget coming of the front brake caliper. There is no plate on the front of the frame, and no other marks to indicate what it is. It looks to be the size of a 250cc but may be slightly smaller. Can anyone help?
  2. funkenstein

    XT 500 oil leak?

    Thanks Bobjob, I was looking in the lubrication section of the manual thinking it was part of oiling system. It is the clutch adjuster.There does seem to be a fat oring between the screw and nut which is missing.It is not like any oring i have in my tool box, so it looks like i will have to go to the local yamaha stealer for a new one. Funk
  3. funkenstein

    XT 500 oil leak?

    G'day all, I have noticed an oil leaking onto my front sprocket. I have found that it is from a large nut with a small screw in the centre. When you take off the sprocket cover there is a special recess in it for this nut. I have looked through the manual and it is not mentioned in there at all.As i have never had the motor apart i don't know what it is. Can anyone tell me what it is and what is needed to fix the problem? Thanks. Funk.
  4. funkenstein

    XT / SR motor question

    Hi, It is a breather, I know if i over fill the oil or lay it over that oil comes out of that breather. I just use a little pod filter.
  5. funkenstein

    TT500D with XS650 front end

    Go through your internet history until you find it again
  6. funkenstein

    1978 SR500E frame dimensions?

    Hi, I have both the XT and SR in the shed. I will go and put the tape measure on it and tell you the difference. I am converting my SR from cafe racer to a flat tracker. As the shorter wheel base and the rake are more suited to flat tracker. Funk.
  7. funkenstein

    Yamaha XT350 front brake upgrades?

    Hi, I used to have a TT350 and road both road and trail.I never had a problem with the brakes at all. As far as i know they have the same brakes. If yours are not working properly i would suggest that you pull the calipers apart and give them a good clean and check for leaks and put back together. Buy yourself a new braided brake line and bleed the line. replace the pads with a good quality set. This will cure your problem and will be a lot cheaper than upgrading to something else. Too much work and money for little improvement. Drew.
  8. funkenstein

    HL500 replicas.....

    Don't know how to do the pic's, but would love to see the tank. Can you tell me where you got the profab swinger. Thanks.
  9. funkenstein

    HL500 replicas.....

    Hi Brent, I won't be putting the tank or seat on my bike. There is a guy in Norway that has already asked to buy. If he changes his mind i will certainly be in touch. I may sell some more parts yet [yz465 forks] as i am cleaning out the shed.Will be in touch. Drew.
  10. funkenstein

    Handguard for XL350

    Hi, Try barkbusters.
  11. funkenstein

    HL500 replicas.....

    Hi Chris, I have a YZ tank, seat and front end in the shed. I was going to do the same with my XT 500. But due to financial restrictions [morgage, family etc]i can't biuld the bike the way that i would be happy with. If you are interested give me a call. Drew.
  12. funkenstein

    what frame would you buy?

    Hi all, Just looking for input for a new project. I have a spare XT500 motor, and i already have an XT500 and SR500. I was playing with the idea of building a HL500. I will be getting a frame made. To get to my question, what is the best frame to house the 500? [maico, husky etc] Anyone done anything similar that might be able to pass on advice? Thanks.
  13. funkenstein

    what tanks fit XT500's

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me if any other tanks fit the XT? I am fitting new front end and don't want to hit the tank with the forks.And don't want to fit YZ125 tank either [to small]. Any advice would be appreciated.
  14. funkenstein

    Front Fork Swap XT500

    Hi, I have been playing around with different front ends on my 78 XT500. You can fit just about any front end with different degrees of difficulties. The biggest problem i have found is the triples on most otherforks are set back a lot further than the stock ones. This causes the forks to come into contact with the fuel tank.I beleive that later model XT's [80 on] have the tank and seat set back about 40mm, as they have leading axle on the front wheel and the triples are set back.The front ends that i have looked at are TT350 disc brake front end, And YZ 465 drum. I have not fitted either yet as i am not sure which way to go with the tank [whether i can find a tank that has already been dented or fit another. I have a YZ 125 tank like the HL500 uses but it will only carry enough fuel for a couple of laps [ no good for trail riding]
  15. funkenstein

    tuning a SR500 carby.

    Hi all, I have put a SR500 pumper carby on my XT500. I am having trouble tuning it. Does anyone know how to tune these or what the factory settings are? Thanks.