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  1. mkorn

    Best dual sport tire ?

    I have the K270's now and they are wearing like nails with lots of street miles. The front looks new and the rear is half gone with 4300 miles on them. But, i ride in sand when off road and the front is not good enough for me. I need to get something better for the front. I have D606 rear waiting to go on.
  2. mkorn

    What GPS are you using?

    i use the eTrex HCx also with City Navigator loaded on it. havent gotten lost since i got it. the screen is a little small but works great for the past 3 years and the batteries last a long long time.
  3. mkorn

    happy birthday william

    Happy B-day William!
  4. mkorn

    Is YOUR drz louder in neutral with the cluth out?

    my DRz and my nighthawk are both louder in nuetral as well.
  5. mkorn

    Fairwell My DRZ Brothers!

    Thats awesome ... are you going to be able to get it plated? and what ya going to do about your site name? :-)
  6. mkorn

    Same question - new person

    I hadnt ridden for 15 years when i got my DRZ400s back in 2006. i have since ridden a few different bikes and i dont seem to notice the weight like everyone else mentions. i have done many 150 to 200 mile days on it and the seat is not the most comfortable but you get used to it. i just move around on it. for legally riding to and from the trails and then being able to ride around in the woods on 2 tracks and single track the bike does a great job. after a few months of riding it, i noticed the sit in on the bike reduced its height enough for me to almost flat foot it. i am 5' 10" and 225 pounds.
  7. mkorn


    My 06 stock S gets me to Reserve between 95 and 115 miles. I'm 245 wirh all my gear.
  8. mkorn

    Pics of your DRZ with dual sport tires

    Here is the Kenda 270 rear after 2000 miles with alot of street miles. They were a huge improvement over the Trailwings in dirt and sand and after getting used to them, not to bad on the street.
  9. mkorn

    Sunday Oct 4th- Day ride near Luzerne, SingleTrack

    would love to go but the weather is supposed to be crappy.
  10. mkorn

    rear shock spring

    it could be the compression and rebound settings for the shock itself.
  11. mkorn

    Lets see your handlebars

    thanks a bunch!
  12. mkorn

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    I would like to switch to an XR650L ... but will most likely retain the DRZ and add a Wee-Strom as my road bike.
  13. mkorn

    Lets see your handlebars

    are there any shorty levers that fit in the stock bases? i only use 2 fingers unless at a stop.
  14. mkorn

    Homemade loading ramp

    i have had Ramps fall off while loading and unloading ... i will never use a ramp again that i dont have a way to secure it to the truck. just a tie down strap hooked to the ramp and then to the bump keeps it secure. no matter what ramp you chose ... secure it.
  15. mkorn

    Southeast Michigan Spots

    I live just east of Flint and i ride lots of dirt roads all around Ortonville. i can easily head out and go for a 40-80 mile ride. I was amazed at how many dirt roads are out in that area. i have ridden to Port huron on only dirt roads. Well except the last 3 miles into town.