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  1. Axle1980

    Different seat?

    There was a thread not too long back on a corbin seat made for the later huskys. Its a worth while side splitting 10 minute read, maybe your butt will thank you. The rest of us may just laugh.
  2. Axle1980

    Progressive insurance...

    Full coverage from American Family Ins. is about $5 a month. That has collision and comprehensive. 300,000/100,000. Granted its coupled with home and auto insurance, married with children also. They had my bike listed through cagiva caviga, whatever it is. But they had the tc450 subnoted as a husqvarna, the bank however has a different story to tell...thank the stars its not a Lifan or some chinese brand. Those aren't even on NADA.com
  3. Excellent!! This is what I need to know. I will go shopping this up comming week. I really appreciate all your time and experience!
  4. Axle1980

    2004 TC450 seized engine

    Is this the sort of preventative maintenance that should be done now, or wait till it breaks? I am now all up in arms about this...way to go jerks....I thought my 04 was bulletproof till now..
  5. I have always been a BIG yamaha fan. Recently, I let a buddy of mine talk me into getting an 04 Husqvarna TC450. The bike ROCKS. With all due respect to everyone here, I beat reds and blues to shame. But I miss the ease of getting parts and after hearing horror stories of the husky dropping valves well, I miss you blue.....please forgive the prodigal rider....... SO, What bike, What year, Why? I am the father of two and in college still so I can't rush right out to get the lastest and greatest. Keeping the bill around $3k-$4k. Also I'd like to stick with the big four strokes. I really appreciate any advice in making my decision.
  6. Axle1980

    2004 TC450 seized engine

    So is my 04 tc 450 a time bomb waiting to go off when I'm a million miles away from civilization? I've heard good things about the 04 and now some pretty bad ones too? Keep it or trade it in while it runs flawlessly?
  7. The local dealer says $120. Base foam and cover. ....ouch....well thats what I get for not being careful. I've been watching ebay, nothing 'cept for vintage stuff. Slowly but surely, Husky Mx is getting more well known.
  8. Thanks, but I need the whole she-bang.
  9. Is it just the foam or the whole seat, base foam and cover?
  10. I need a replacement, stock seat (NOT THE CORBIN, We covered that in another ball busting funny post) that'll fit on an 05 or better TC/TE 450. Condition is not important!! If anyone's got one to sell PM me please!
  11. Axle1980

    Worth a Second Look!!

    Props to the kid on the KTM. He's got skills!! That dog is gonna be a tire treat...time to buy a leash....
  12. Axle1980

    New Corbin Seat pic

    No silly, its the poop shute. You pull off a huge table only to see a punk closing in fast, riding the trail backwards on an old honda so you land and instead of squish, it all collects nicely.
  13. Axle1980

    TC/TE250 or TE/TC450

    I am 6'1" and 220. I ride an 04 TC-450. Traded up from a YZ250. I have never owned a more powerful dirt bike. I'm hooked on this bike now. I have ridden gsxr's and r1's that don't kick nor scare me like the tc450. The bike is really tall in comparison to others. So for your height, I'd give you the green light for a TC or TE 450.
  14. Axle1980


    I ride with buddy that has a newer kx250. I beat him in low mid and top range on my tc-450. Its not a bike for the weak hearted! I don't have any first hand experience with the klx300 but if you flick your wrist on a te or tc 450 you WILL be on your back with a bike on top of you. Thats from experience and I weigh in at 220 lbs. So be prepared.