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  1. jwriott

    New KLX300 and Intro

    What year KX450 fits? I'm looking to do exactly the same thing with the 2006 I just picked up.
  2. jwriott

    buying an 07 klx 300r

    I just bought an 06 for my son as well. Near perfect condition. 75% left on the original rear tire. What rear fender is that? Did you have to mod it much to get it to fit? I'd like to plate the bike and add that rear tail light/fender combo. How difficult is it to install the shift star?
  3. jwriott

    Summer '09 Springs to Taylor Park ride?

    My buddy and I might be interested in this. 2 BRP's.
  4. jwriott

    Rampart Monday 10/27

    Bummer. I probably would have taken a day off to go ride with you again. I put off installing new tires on my 300 thinking the season was over. I should probably get on the stick and change them out.
  5. jwriott

    Im sure this has been asked...

    Years ago Donny at Performance had a dyno. I bought the pipe and he gave me the info as to where to start. Here's what I ran with a PowerCore IV. That pipe is WAY too loud. If you want to lower the weight, get an FMF Q. It flows about the same but is much quieter. 1999 XR400R Jetting information. Stock: 142 main Needle clip in the middle notch Baffle in the airbox Modified: FMF Powercore IV SA exhaust Needle - clip 1 notch higher Baffle removed from airbox 160 Main for Moab which is around 4,000 feet 155 Main for Denver 5,000 to 8,000 feet 152 Main for 8,000 to 11,000 feet 150 Main for 10,000 to 13,000+ feet Stock Air filter Gear down to 14 tooth sprocket up front
  6. jwriott

    Utah's Gov out to get "us"

    I take a camera everywhere I ride. If I see someone off trail, I take a picture. I'm 100% for heavy fines for off trail travel.
  7. jwriott

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    So what happened to Brian? I hope he didn't go up there and couldn't find us.
  8. jwriott

    My Bike Was STOLEN!

    Damn that sucks. I look on CL all the time. If I see it I'll PM you. I lock my XR650R with a disk lock wherever I go.
  9. jwriott

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    I kind of just spun out and high sided into the water. I had a good time but not riding much in the last year makes for a long day. It was really dusty down there and the whoops are pretty bad.
  10. jwriott

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    I'm in. I'll see you guys in the morning. White Trooper with a KTM 300 EXC in a hitch carrier.
  11. jwriott

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    You guys are talking about meeting there at 7:00 am then unloading? I'm still trying to see if I can make it down there. I'm in Fort Collins. What vehicles are people driving? I have a white Trooper.
  12. jwriott

    Midweek Rampart ride - 10/01 or 10/03

    Is that the beginning of Rampart Range Road across from the Ranger Station?
  13. jwriott

    Fast and Hard!

    Is there enough there to make a whole day out of it? I guess I was thinking that the Rand trails on the East side of the hwy hooked into these trails.
  14. jwriott

    Fast and Hard!

    I'd love to hook up with you and ride there but I can't do it this weekend. I thought most of this area was closed due to hunting? Is that only the West side of the hwy south of Rand?