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  1. chainsawcharlie

    Selling price?

    Hey guys, Im wondering what the value of my 05 CRF450X is. Now before a bunch remind me that the economy is down Ill tell you I dont need a reminder so please, Im just inquiring at the moment. The bike has low hours, like, very low. When I was riding regularly it got ridin maybe once every two months. Now I havent touched it since may of 09. It has all the standard goodies, bark busters, skid plate. Tires have low hours on them as well. Having not ridin it in so long and other hobbies becoming more involved it might be time to go. So give me you best thoughts of selling price range. Thanks.
  2. chainsawcharlie

    Tell me why I should like 4x4's?

    I think youve missed the point.
  3. chainsawcharlie

    Tell me why I should like 4x4's?

    Ahmen brotha. Its just plain old stupid people ruining it for every one else......again.
  4. chainsawcharlie

    Tell me why I should like 4x4's?

    Well if your goona take that stance then Ill play devils advocate and pretend to be a hiker. 'A dirt bike is purpose built to dig trenches and has a much larger impact on the land then my birkinstocks, therefore all dirt bikers are scum and should be outlawed' Now lets all see where that kind of mentality gets us.....oh yeah...right here where we are now, rather then fighting together and trying to educate we are pointing fingers at one another while "they" are taking a little at a time - all the time.
  5. chainsawcharlie

    Tell me why I should like 4x4's?

    Guys for the love of chicken feed it isnt just 4x4s in general that cause the distruction, its the mentality of a certain group of PEOPLE (not vehicles) who choose to do the distructing. To point the finger at a group of vehicles just because they are 4x4 is just as ignorant as the people who tear up reiter. I like to call them rednecks... bush light drinking, no sleeve wearing, quad tarding, sister kissing rednecks with the 'i dont give a s**t' trucks and the 'I dont give a s**t' attitudes. These bunch of rebel flag (for all the wrong reasons) waving knuckle draggers dont care what kind of mode of mechanized meyhem they incur, I just has to look good while your tossing a beer can out of the busted out window. Please!! Dont blame the choice of transportation, blame the choice of mentality.
  6. chainsawcharlie

    Mattawa/Saddle Mtn Saturday 12-18-09

    Whats the snow report on saddle mountain boys?
  7. chainsawcharlie

    What kind of ORV Users were these buttheads?

    Nothing about Crashs comments said that. Could have been any group. That wouldnt suprize me either. They seem to be spreading every where. I kinda hope that those that were going to reiter to be dumb asses would just give up and stop riding/quading/wheeling but it seems they are finding fire roads, other orv type areas and what now. Every one carry a camera.
  8. chainsawcharlie

    MX Track @S.End of Boeing Field?

    As a few have stated, the state shut him down over access. I went down there and ran a dozer for him for a day to help and gain access but very soon after was when he go the kybosh.
  9. chainsawcharlie

    Rates are smokin !

    Russ is cool as ice too! Getting there Russ! Got my eye on .9 acres just down the road from where I am now.
  10. chainsawcharlie

    Reiter vandalism

    You have actually touched one one of the things that bugs me about what wheeling has turned into. Every body and there dog has watched one to many competive rock crawling videos and many now thing thats what wheeling is. 'when in doubt, throttle out!', you know, no finesse, They just dig big ass holes or lean there EXO cage against a tree rather than doing the really challenging thing of trying not not touch the tree. As with so many things, the few are ruining it for the many.
  11. chainsawcharlie

    Reiter vandalism

    As a representative of both the dirt biking and four wheeling comunities Id like to respond with........Drunk rednecks, Ive seen some down right dispicable acts done by four wheelers and they were all done by the stereo type above. No respect for the land, no respect for other people rights to wheel, no respect for things that dont belong to them. I have a foul word in my vocabulary I privately use to describe persons like this but its very UN-pc. I just want you guys to know there are respectable four wheelers out there who do stay on the trail, who do pick up all the beer cans of the disrespectable, who do tread lightly and who do stay on the dam trail! Please, please, PLEASE, dont do like the hikers do to you and say we are all the same. We are not, every one of my guys is an upstanding person who does all of the about AND MORE to put a good face on the four wheel drive community. These acts are absolutely reprehensible and cowardice. If you see some one doing STOOPID crap like this please take picture or video of them and turn them in but please, again, dont lump us all together. If any one has any doubt to what Im saying about my four wheel drive bunch I invite you to come out ANYTIME , Ive always got an empty seat, come see for your self that there are respectable people out there wheeling.
  12. chainsawcharlie

    This is what got Reiter shut down

    Jesus, some one is blaiming demacratic voters on this? Get a life. These knuckle heads are not smart enough to form an educated opinion on anything let alone choosing a party. Any way, Im a 4x4er as well as a biker and this crap makes me furious! The fact that these rednecks cant see past their own noses through there drunken stooper (while wheeling) is the problem. IF YOU SEE SOME ONE DOING THIS CRAP TAKE PICTURES AND REPORT THEM! Dont just bitch about it. You can report to rangers, DNR, reiter trail watch can turn the info in. And heck, if your feeling your oats confront em. I know that could cause trouble and every one says dont, but hey, embarrassment is a strong motivator.
  13. chainsawcharlie

    10/17 Ride? Taneum? Mattawa?

    Ah Russ, your just to good of a rider! Oh BTW, Cant we get some more ads please? I can still see some post.
  14. chainsawcharlie

    2009 IronButt 150 - Date and time set - Who will be there?

    Have fun guys, be safe, drink lots of water!
  15. chainsawcharlie

    2009 IronButt 150 - Date and time set - Who will be there?

    Crud! Im out, I was looking forward to this, I have ridin in sooooo long. Have fun guys drink lots of water!