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  1. 400ex38317

    Cr250 dune build

    Hey, as long as they pay for dune trips and make your wife happy don't let people give you crap about the graphics choices. The xgx ones are a little over the top IMO but the ones on this bike actually look pretty good. Definitely unique.
  2. 400ex38317

    GoPro vid - nice little tumble in the sand.

    Fortunately the brush guards were able to protect your right hand from that bush. Unfortunately the brush guards weren't able to protect the rest of your body from said bush.
  3. 400ex38317

    does this make anyone else sick???

    Gotta love the guys on the TT-R 125's and CR 85's. Real gangsta' bikes those are.
  4. 400ex38317

    Cr250 dune build

    I see your bikes on the C-list all the time. Do you make money converting all these bikes? There's been a bunch over the years.
  5. 400ex38317

    Quick Bore Size Question

    Just wanted to be 100% sure before I ordered another piston. Looks like I've got a YZ258 I guess.
  6. 400ex38317

    Quick Bore Size Question

    I was going to replace the top end in my yz250... or so I thought it was a 250. The wiseco that came out of it reads 6750 as the last 4 #'s. The stock wiseco I ordered reads 6640 as the last 4 #'s. The stock piston flops around like a can of chili in the Superdome. I don't think I'll get any compression with this thing. So does this mean I'll need to order the 67.50mm piston?
  7. 400ex38317

    yz 250 5th gear problem.

    ^^ What they said. If its only 5th gear and your dog, it should be about $100 bucks. You can do it yourself easy. I never thought I could, but somehow when I put my bike together nothing went KABOOM. A job well done. good luck!
  8. 400ex38317

    Take A Second And Watch Me Hitting Up The Dunes

    Welcome to the club. Now where's the videos of that rail...
  9. 400ex38317

    03 cr 125 newb

    for #2 you may need to replace 1st gear? may need more information to diagnose, but the same thing happened on my yz (chattering and on/off power in 1st gear only) and it was a relatively easy repair. #3 Pro taper pillow tops all day!
  10. ^^ What he said. You could sell the bike quick for 3000 and make a few hundred more with the aftermarket stuff in the long run
  11. So I was flipping through an old Dirt Rider (March 2006) and came across this advertisement Looks like a pretty normal MMI ad from '06 right? Complete with MC's stamp of approval. Well, I take a look at the guy neck-deep into a CR250's subframe, and think to myself, man it'd be really fun to ride a cherry 01 CR like that. But then, as I'm drooling over the bike, I see the 02+ frame... and 02+ plastic... What the heck is going on here??? What year is this thing? I'm going absolutely crazy about this thing for some reason. Sorry for the crap cell phone pics.
  12. 400ex38317

    Gas prices are out of hand - help!

    We'll pull this one out in another 7 years when gas prices jump another 4 bucks... knock on wood.
  13. 400ex38317

    Desert tank

    Maybe try heating up the tank where the petcock is, putting some gasket maker on the petcock and screws, and let it set. I had the same problem with my YZ, but solved it with a little gasket maker.
  14. 400ex38317

    Project YZ125

    This is inspirational. I almost want one for myself now haha.