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  1. A close friend of mine does auto work for a living he has nothing but complaints for the durability of the aluminum body. Hes a big Ford guy as well but he hates dealing with it and how easily it's damaged to the point you have to replace the whole panel.
  2. Yeah, Chevy is a close second for fugliest truck with the new heavy duty line. Jesus, whoever made that design ought to be banished to the artic.
  3. What about the Nissan titan, has a Cummins in it.... lots of them around here, people seem to like them 3/4 ton sized truck with 1/2 ton performance plus it's ugly as all hell. It was so close to being a winner but fell just short too. I actually really liked the look of the first Gen Titan as they made some great looking prerunners.
  4. Yeah, I some how still do. I wanted to wait on the F150 diesel to come out since it seemed perfect for what I wanted but all the reviews point to it being a dog of a motor, now I'm just waiting for the right deal to come along to get rid of the Tacoma.
  5. If I win the lottery I'm buying that thing and then burning it to the ground. That thing is too ugly to exist on this planet while we're here.
  6. Very rarely is anyone getting so far leaned over that rolling is really a possibility. The main thing is for clearance of rocks, high points in the trail or other obstacles that can high side a vehicle. After seeing how hideous the new Chevy is and the issues with the aluminum skins on the F150s, I'll probably end up with a Ram when I trade the Tacoma in.
  7. busted bones

    8/23/18 Pipsqueak Rally at The Snake Pit

    The hell is going on in this thread? Google is returning no results on this either.
  8. busted bones

    CRF450L first ride (and crash!)

    Talk about moving the goal posts. Whatever dude.
  9. I work out 6 days a week, 30-1 hour a day. Many on here have hit most of it on the head pretty well. I do 3 days of weight training and 3 days of cardio. Dirt bike riding takes a combination of strength and endurance. For me what worked was running 3-5 miles on cardio days followed by a 15 minute full body HIIT session targeting every muscle group. HIIT done properly will wear you out more than jogging 3 miles. I do a modified version of 5x5 for lifting with a lot of supplemental workouts targeting the traps, delts, and biceps. 5x5 is already leg heavy without doing much to target more than the basic upper body muscle groups which is where I find my strength and endurance failing first.
  10. busted bones

    CRF450L first ride (and crash!)

    A Rekluse radius set up lets the clutch act normally, it just doesn't stall when you come to a stop.
  11. busted bones

    Knee braces?

    Are you autistic or just purposely pedantic to the point that no one likes dealing with you? You get the idea behind the comment.
  12. busted bones

    Knee braces?

    Yeah, those are the ones I use. Super comfortable, I barely notice them when I'm wearing them. I also use their sleeve underneath and last day out I had 4-5 hours riding before it got too hot with them on for 7-8 hours and didn't feel any discomfort.
  13. busted bones

    Knee braces?

    Any crash bad enough will bypass safety devices and still injure your body. Take a dirt bike wheel to the C1 vertebrae and youll still break your neck regardless of which brand neck brace youre wearing. I used to never ride with them when younger and only recently started using them but now definitely consider them mandatory equipment after I had an incident that could have easily tore my ACl if I wasnt wearing them. I was racing across this stuff that looked like hard pack and my bike broke through the top layer and it was silt underneath. The bike dropped several inches, my foot caught and hooked on the hard pack so hard my knee bruised on the inside where it pressed against the knee brace as hard as it did. I was nearly bucked off the bike when this happened but fortunately stayed on the bike. I think its extremely unlikely my ACl would have been fine had I not had my knee braces on and now I wont ride without them. I use the Alpinestars knee braces.
  14. busted bones

    just ordered a 2019

    I haven't ridden the new KTMs so I can't compare there but compared to my YZ295 with a super wide powerband set up, I don't think the CRF is lacking in bottom end. That might be influenced by my use of a rekluse set up but in the time I've spent breaking the bike in and getting familiar with it it's pulled plenty hard in my opinion. I was able to roll on in 3rd and get into 4th and 5th skimming across whoops with a very short run up.
  15. Spanx stuffed with fluffy socks works well from what I hear.