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  1. CaptainKnobby

    Arthroscopic shoulder surgery

    A Friend of mine that rides races with me did sorta. He wrecked out of the gate with another bike(they collided together) which caused him to be thrown from bike and into the Berm shoulder first. His shoulder was dislocated,He went to ER. They put his shoulder back in place best they could(Believe they messed up some nerves do it). Final outcome was..... He had Torn his Laberium, Rotor cuff completely Torn, and another Tendon. Main concern was the Nerves, he had serious nerve damage and after all most 4 yrs, some of the nerves never came back. They had take the rear Delt muscle all the way out,Flip it over for some reason and do something with it (He was the first person they ever done this too) he got paid for being a Guinea Pig for this procedure. Anyways, they reattached the Bicep Tendon Proximal in a different location, used 15 anchors to reconnect his rotator cuff, cut 3/4ths inch off the Labrium. Now after 3yrs, he cant do some things. But overall...he is lucky he has what movement hes got. He has a big sink in spot where his rear felt muscle is suppose to be because the muscle is dead from where the nerves got damaged and stopped firing the muscle. Also some nerves down toward his had never came back.Like on his thumb,he cant feel it. Yours wasnt anything near his but. After 3yrs he is back on the bike racing at 50yrs old 2019 KX450. Still has trouble with his left side giving out while riding but says it's probably from not riding in 3yrs. I myself am 48yrs old and race and in a right arm long CAST from Dr.Mark from where I got my Arm worked on. So I'm going to be down for awhile also.
  2. CaptainKnobby

    Race sag effected by heat

    I'm sure heat has a significant influence on the shock. That's why they make fluids that are designed to fight off the heat. May be a good idea to run a couple mm's stiff on the sag to adjust for the heat.
  3. CaptainKnobby

    Leak Down Test Performed

    No Air Leak..... Just pure Air Coming in through a Intake system that was completely cleaned and New Filter put back in. You took revving quickly to literally. In other words I meant.....the Throttle response is Superb!
  4. CaptainKnobby

    06 YZ250 time for a refresh

    May also want to switch out the Piston Band on the shock for and much easier to put on MXT DU piston band. Much better Damping.
  5. CaptainKnobby

    06 YZ450 front end on 98 YZ250

    Rake is determined at the steering head .....the angle of it. I dont know the angle differences between the two. You will more than likely have to get the Triple clamps(Top and Bottom) put them on the 98 and see if they work. That would be the main thing. If the Bottom clamp with the steering stem fits at the bottom of the steering head and this is with the bottom bearing fitting all the way up into the bearing race. Also you would have to make sure the stem wasnt to long so as it would be sticking to far up outa the top clamp. This would be your only hold up and that would be the clamps. You also asked if the Beake caliper would work on your 98? If you are getting the whole front from the 06, and what I am calling the whole front is .......Top/Bottom clamps, Forks, wheel with the rotor. I believe the rotor on the 06 is 270mm as for the 98 I'm not really sure but would be guessing it is 270mm also. What makes the caliper not fit is where it bolts onto the fork. As far as the caliper working in general then yes it would work. Main thing is to look at the caliper on your 98 the way its bolted on the fork leg and see if it bolts at the same location on the fork leg of the 06. I pretty sure the brake caliper will fit on the 06 fork leg as far as bolting on.
  6. CaptainKnobby

    Motocross and age

    That's what I'm talking about!!!
  7. CaptainKnobby

    Leak Down Test Performed

    So it's been about a month now since I started rebuilding my Bike with Fresh parts and now Bike is back together. Fired right up and now it rev's really quick. So here is a run down of what I done and in this order when I started and when I finished. 1=Rebuilt the Forks with all new Bushings,Metal slide,oil seal, wipers and Fluid. 2=Rebuilt Shock with New seal Head, fluid, Re-Greased Pivot works shock Spring Thrust Washer bearing and 145psi Nitrogen Charge and Re-Greased the Top and Bottom bearings. 3=Steering Head Bearings. 4=cleaned all Throttle Cables,Tube and Housing. 5=Re-Built Front Brake Calipers, put on New Pads and added New Fluid. 6=Tore swing-arm down and cleaned it with the rest of linkage. Re-greased the Linkage, Connecting Rod, A-Arm and Swing arm bearings. 7=Rebuilt the Rear Brake Caliper and put New pads on and added New Fluid. 8=Cleaned Top of the case and around it along with sub Frame,Cylinder,Head and Frame with Metal Polish. 9=Dismantled the Intake completely and cleaned it inside and out along with the throttle body. 8= Took wheel Bearings out of my Tusk Impact rims and re-packed them with Grease and put New wheel bearings in my stock excell rims. 9=Cleaned and polished Both Radiators and the Hose's. 10=took Head,Cylinder off to inspect and clean off all the carbon from Valves and bottom of Head and in the exhaust and intake ports. Added New Valve Seals, New Piston and Rings, wrist pin and clips and Gaskets, New Timing Chain, Spark Plug. 11= Cleaned Header, Exhaust silencer and Re packed the silencer with New FMF 4.1 packing kit with New Sticker for silencer. 12= Put New TAG Metals Rear 50T Sprocket, 13T Front Sprocket and New Chain on. 13=Changed Oil in Motor with Amsoil 10-40. 14=New Radiator Fluid (Engine Ice). 15=Cleaned the Plastic.
  8. CaptainKnobby


    How long has it been since you checked the Top End? Like put a piston and ring in? If it's been awhile, then may be a good idea to take a look at the Piston. Does the kick starter act like it's working properly? There are gears there that mesh together and could be not moving smoothly. Maybe someone else on here can tell ya a little something better.
  9. CaptainKnobby

    Motocross and age

    I'm 47 and still race In the 40+ and 45+ and went to the Noth East regionals for Loretta Lynn's this past June at Unidilla MX in NY and there was a full gate of 42 riders in the 40+ and 45+ class.
  10. CaptainKnobby

    Leak Down Test Performed

    Got the cylinder and Head, Intake, rads...ect...back together. Hooked the leak down tester to it and put 170psi in and no leaks from exhaust or intake this time....However heard some air leaking at the side cover at the hole where I set TDC with a T-Handle wrench. Guess its where I put the New Piston and Rings in. Maybe After I ride it and the rings seat it will be ok.
  11. CaptainKnobby

    Leak Down Test Performed

    Got my counter sink screw for Cam chain guide plate and my 4 valve seals. Found a little tool on the bench that made installation of the seals a breeze. The lip of the seal is up inside and the metal part rests on the outer edge of the seal. It actually let's the valve stem travel up in it then all you do is press down and "Bingo" the seal is on.
  12. CaptainKnobby

    Winter Physical Conditioning?

    That's what I have been doing is the interval training and some low impact rides. I'm going to get me some of those whaoo magnets to put on road bike to keep up with cadence.
  13. CaptainKnobby

    Spring rate confusion

    This is how Dave Johnson setup my 250 smoker. Had a .46kg fork spring on one side and a .48kg on the other. This 250 was the best setup I had on a Dirtbike.
  14. CaptainKnobby

    Winter Physical Conditioning?

    Only thing I was measuring on road bike was Heart Rate. Didnt really know that much about cadence until this pelaton. Now that I know more,I will get some stuff to mount on bike to keep up with my cadence. I use the Polar App for my Polar watch to keep track of zones while I train.
  15. CaptainKnobby

    Spring rate confusion

    Dave Johnson built me a kit for my 2015 2stroke YZ250 and I weighed 193 with all my gear on and he had me use stock spring but just valved it stiffer.