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  1. carvit

    What did you do to your WR today?

    i had a lube-a-thon. didnt take pics, not worth it. but worth the effort
  2. carvit

    2010 WR450 Pic?

    ...fuel injection got anything to do with it..?
  3. carvit

    2010 WR450 Pic?

    from what the boys in my local Yammy toy shop have told me.. looks like the '10 model... looks good, wish i could get one.
  4. carvit

    Prices for second hand 07-09 Yamaha WR450Fs

    try to get as best value as possible.. the cheaper the better. when it comes to Km's/Miles on a used bike.. again the lesser the better. if it has scratches on it.. forget it.
  5. carvit

    2007 wr450f electric start

    same with mine..
  6. carvit

    Front Sprocket

    thanks Dawg
  7. carvit

    Front Sprocket

    how many teeth on a stock standard front sprocket on the 2007 WR450F and does it have any rubber spacer/washer on it?
  8. carvit

    What did you do to your WR today?

    had a new bag put on the back end. a Kenda 'Carlsbad' ..and its been nice and wet 'round these parts too
  9. carvit

    Cheapest place for a Yoshi Ti?

    i buddy of mine had the same traction prob after attaching an A grade full pipe system to his CRF450 if i could organise it Chooken...you can have some of the wet we have had lately..
  10. carvit

    E fuel mileage

    i'll throw a spanner in the works here.. mind you, im half tanked so im not doing the conversion. i get 140km out of my DR-Z E tank. about then i have to hit reserve. i have got 20km out of reserve...so far
  11. carvit

    front tyre wear..

    and here i was...thinking ALL i do is twist the juice and go forward... i actually DO use the anchors.!!!
  12. carvit

    front tyre wear..

    onya Chooken carvits memory aint what it used to be... the young tacker at my local toy shop couldnt explain / remind me. i have gotta stop going to that place just quietly...
  13. carvit

    roosted by a bounder

    o-lad. well im a bit over 2hrs Nth of ya. (the Gong) i'd like to roost some roo's down your way i went for a short blat today up Mt.kembla, and i thort i saw a Thylacene..! or was it just a feral cat from hell...? i say Thylacene.
  14. carvit

    front tyre wear..

    yeah i could have searched and checked the tyre forum section (or 'tire' for you Nth Hemi peeps) but i have a new phone AND i wanted to see if i still remember how to post pics.. to the point of this thread... someone please remind me of why the heck front tyres (enduro / knobbie type) wear like this..and end up in an oval shape, and then makes the front end vibrate and eventually wobble (up and down)..? yes i understand its from excessive road riding... but why the unusual wear of each second knob? here's a couple of pics.. discuss... and thanks carvit