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  1. blu_cr2

    First "pit bike" I guess.....

    Enjoy the X4R Cam! I really dig your CR85 Motard!!! It kicks @$$
  2. blu_cr2

    Gpx 124?

    If you decide to fix it, I have a new never ran Jailing 124cc cylinder, piston, and rings I'll sell.
  3. blu_cr2

    beware of SSR

    Well, if I were you I'd make those next youth Quads actual Xtreme Typhoons!
  4. blu_cr2

    Opbs X3r

    It don't mean a @#%N thing! Enjoy your pitbike!
  5. blu_cr2

    Ok I Think Its Done

    Very Clean Build!
  6. blu_cr2

    post your pitsters

    Well it's not a Pitster, but it is a pitbike and didn't break in half, just bent the peg bar!
  7. blu_cr2

    SSR 125 SBA graphics

    Yes, they are indeed Honda CRF50 plastics!
  8. blu_cr2

    138 Mods

    The 138 Lifan's are actually 127cc displacement!
  9. blu_cr2

    Looking for info on the GPX 160.

    Mines an '85 trike, the Quads "R"s are heavier.
  10. blu_cr2

    Rear Shock Pressure

    You said that right! 120psi
  11. blu_cr2

    Looking for info on the GPX 160.

    Well if you've never seen an ATC 250R run, I wouldn't put any money on catching up with one on a PitBike... that is unless you can cram about 450cc's in one, that's about what it would take in a 4 stroke to catch one in stock trim, a modded 250R, no contest. I think the dry weight on them is around 240lbs.
  12. blu_cr2

    Clutch Problems

    Yes the clutch cover comes off without spliting the cases. Well, with the clutch armature location, and the design of the left and right cases, it appears those are FYM cases, just like the ones used in the Xtreme CR107's. Contact Xtreme they can get you a clutch, and probably have the cross reference #'s for the Boreem Branded FYM too!
  13. blu_cr2

    Opbs X3r 150

    Sounds like your valves might be a liitle too tight! When the metal heats up and expands, they're even worse causing your bike to run much hotter and your compression will increase as the bike has been running for a while. Did you check your valves when you got the bike? Check your valves, most pitbike motors I've serviced new either had too tight or too loose of valves, I ve even had one with a bent valve stem it was so over tightened. As for the kick starter, most of those aluminum ones from China are cheap junk and won't hold up to a 12:1+ compression ratio!
  14. blu_cr2

    Inner Rotor Kit or no???

    I run the Reeg weight and Kitaco IRK and the balance between inertia and fast revs is spot on. The weight should work on the China clone IRK's too as long as they're Kitaco copies.
  15. blu_cr2

    Hello from Dustin Hamilton.

    Welcome to TT Dustin.