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  1. Gregulator

    Pistons Aren't Round: Profile and Ovality Explained

    Great article, thanks for sharing it!
  2. Gregulator

    Don't Ride Naked

    I think 2 conveys the message best. Although 1 looks sweet, the wheelie doesn't jive with the tone.
  3. Gregulator

    Video Riding Tip: Stand Up Cornering Techniques

    You're correct that where it is relative to forward/aft is determined by your body position, but there's CG fore/aft and also CG up/down to consider. If your weight is supported by the pegs, that's lower than it being supported by the seat. That's how your CG is lower standing than sitting. Furthermore, how much weight you've got on the pegs vs the handlebars through your arms will affect it as well, as Graham articulated.
  4. Gregulator

    Turning Stones vol 1

    Looks like a good service; that's a little above my riding preference difficulty-wise but I'm going to look you up when I make it to Peru.
  5. Gregulator

    Teanaway Community Forest

    We definitely need to. This is from the May meeting summary: Give public comment via this online form! Couldn't be easier. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/K82Q3RP Tell them not only how you'd like to use the forest, but how you're doing so may benefit the community.
  6. Gregulator

    Washington Evans Creek status?

    My wife is going to the Puyallup fairgrounds tomorrow and I am thinking about dropping her off and taking the bike over to Evans Creek for the day while she's there. I haven't ridden there before, nevermind this year - anyone been out and know what conditions are like? If it is still 100% mudhole I may ride the Capitol State Forest instead, but it seems like in general things are drying out early this year.. Also, how does it compare to other areas like Tahuya, Walker or Reiter? Some old posts talk about it being a very tight first-gear kind of place. Thanks!
  7. Gregulator

    Entiat reports

    No, just out having fun with the wife!
  8. Gregulator

    Entiat reports

    I don't know if you're looking that far west, but near Lake Wenatchee the Lower Chiwawa trail was mostly clear. The west 1-2 miles had some snow patches with mud. Alder Ridge Trail had a tree down about 0.8 in that was impassable. The forest service roads like Eagle Creek were in good shape. I heard Mud Lake trail was still snowed in and doesn't open til later but didn't check it out myself.
  9. Gregulator

    MXGP Granite Falls is coming

    That's great news! Congratulations.
  10. Gregulator


    Thanks for the info!
  11. Gregulator


    I'd been hoping to do the D100 but life is making being able to spend the time necessary to drive that far and stay overnight pretty unlikely. This is looking like a pretty good option! It would be my first competition. Can I join the NMA/get a competitor's license at the event? I see the rider's meeting is 8:30, what time do bikes start hitting the course? I'm 30 on a WR250R, any reason to do Vet C versus plain C class?
  12. Gregulator

    Early Spring Riding?

    Walker was a lot of fun last Sunday. There were definitely some deep puddles but nothing crazy, outside of one dead end trail that was more creek than trail. After this dry week Walker oughta be in pretty good shape. I'm hoping to try Mattawa this weekend or next.
  13. It can definitely pull it, I had a guy tow my Jetta with his Golf TDI once and it wasn't the first time he'd done it... I wouldn't put two bikes hanging off it though. The difference between it and two fat guys is that two fat guys are in front of the rear axle, which distributes the weight across the axles and weights rather than lightens the front end. There's no way for you to get the motorcycles' weight forward of the rear axle (even if you made some frightful custom mount, you'd have an long lever arm), so it's going to lighten the heck out of the front end and overload the rear. Never mind the excitement of turns with that big counterweight swinging around the back. Since you don't already have a car you're trying to make work and you're adverse to trailers, just get an inexpensive small pickup. It'll carry two bikes and their riders, and whatever gear you need can go in the bed too. If you're handy with tools there are plenty of light pickups out there you can keep on the road.
  14. Gregulator

    New to Seattle riding. Looking to meet fellow riders.

    I'm getting into it too now that I have a WR250R, after a couple years on an XT250. I'm in Seattle and always down to chip in gas money to throw the bike on someone's trailer instead of riding it there. PM me if you're headed somewhere and want a second!
  15. Gregulator

    Walker Sunday 3/9?

    Yeah! I wanted to get out Wednesday but couldn't. I am on a blue WR250R, havent decided yet whether I am riding up or throwing it in the white minivan.