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  1. Wiz636

    Dirt Tricks vs Steel in the PNWet

    The best chain you can get is the Regina ORN6. They are expensive and tough to find, but they will far outlast any other chain out there. Sprockets last much longer with a quality chain that stays in spec as well.
  2. Wiz636

    Thumpertalk member went missing with my bike

    What's this guy's name?
  3. Wiz636

    250xc to 450fx

    I mostly ride eastern Washington where it's more open, but in the summer I mostly ride up in the Cascade mountains on narrow single track. Also ride some tight single track in Western Washington. It's not a light bike but they turn well and it doesn't wear me out. When your riding it doesn't feel like its heavy, it just feels planted. It mows through rocks and roots well, and changes directions well. Like horsepower35 says, you can detune it with the tuner to make it really smooth if that's how you like it.
  4. Wiz636

    250xc to 450fx

    That's a big change, the 450FX is definitely better suspended and will definitely feel more planted. The FX forks are a bit soft, at 205 I would go up one rate on the fork springs and one or even two rates on the shock spring. I'm 210 without gear and respringing made a world of difference...so much so that I don't feel the need to mess with the valving. I have found that 1st gear on the FX is too low to be of much use, so I dropped two teeth on the rear sprocket and now it is more useful.
  5. Wiz636

    Tahuya DNR issue

    I'd rather see a Seahawks flag out there than people painting stuff on trees.
  6. I wouldn't drive across the country for Tahuya, Walker Valley, or Capitol forest, but they are open year round. But for summertime riding nothing beats the mountains. Gifford Pinchot, Taneum, Teanaway, Mission Ridge/DG, Foggy Dew, etc are the goods.
  7. Lol... There is nothing wrong with the FX torque, it pulls as hard or harder than any YZ I've ever owned ('02/'06/'08/'13). Of those, the '08 had the least pull down low but was a monster up high. I have no problem off-roading with the FX wide ratio transmission, no bike will ever be perfect for every single possible scenario. First gear is too low for me in even the tightest riding (and we have some seriously tight stuff here in western Washington) so I dropped to a 48 in the back to make first gear more useable and spread the rest of the gears out even more. The FX makes more than enough power to pull the gaps, and there is a device on the left handlebar called a clutch that helps when you are between gears.
  8. Wiz636

    2018 YZ450FX Shock Spring Length

    Thanks Mog. Anybody else have any input on this?
  9. The Race Tech spring calculator recommends a 6.0 x 255 shock spring for my ‘18 YZ450FX, which I happen to have on hand from my old ‘13 YZ450F. When I removed the stock spring from my FX, I noticed that it is longer than the recommended RT spring. Stock spring looks to be 275 mm versus the RT length of 255. All the RT springs for the ‘18 450FX are 255mm...is this a mistake by RT or do they simply recommend a shorter spring?
  10. Wiz636

    2019 NMA Offroad & Enduro Schedule

    Generally speaking, enduros are more single track and woodsy, the hare scrambles are generally more open. The hare scrambles in the eastside of the state are open and fast courses, the hare scrambles in the westside of the state will have single track and two track. At Hannegan in Bellingham and the Hareport in Bremerton portions of the MX track will be part of the course. Back to scoring: In enduros, you are racing the clock, in hare scrambles you are racing the other guys in your class (you know, like a race!). Multiple classes will be out on the course at the same time. In hare scrambles, the event is broken down into the 'short course' classes and the 'long course' classes. Both short and long courses are the same course, but the short course race is 1.5 hours, the long course race is 2.5 hours. They are two separate races. Short course classes are all the C classes, a couple of the B classes, and the 50+ A class. Long course classes are most of the B classes, all the A classes (except the 50A) and the AA/Pro class. In enduros the break down is roughly the same, the long course classes have an actual longer course than the short course classes, but they will all be out on the course at the same time. Go to the racing section on the NMA's website at nmaoffroad.org for detail on the available classes, rule book, event flyers, etc. You can also follow NMA Racing on facebook and nmaracing on IG for flyers, etc.
  11. Wiz636

    2019 NMA Offroad & Enduro Schedule

    In the offroad series some events are called Hare Scrambles and some are called Gran Prix's...there is literally no difference between the two. Depending on the class you enter, you race for either 1.5 hours or 2.5 hours. Your entire class starts at once and you basically get in as many laps as you can until they waved the checkered flag. Lap lengths differ at each event, but are generally between five and 12 miles long. In the enduro series you have Time Keeper enduros, Sprint enduros, and ISDE format enduros. Time keeper: You start on a specific minute with up to three other riders and must reach each checkpoint at a specified time (not late, not early). You use route charts that list speeds, mileages, etc. Ideally you have an odometer and a watch, many guys use bike mounted computers designed for time keeping enduros. Other people just tag along with a rider that knows what they are doing. Usually they are just one very long course loop, sometimes the expert classes repeat all or a portion of a lap. You get penalty points for being late to a check and penalty points for being early to a check point. Points are bad. Sprint enduro: Three or four riders start each minute and simply complete the lap as fast as they can. The number of laps is determined ahead of time and is dependent on lap mileage. You can take a break between laps and go back out when you are ready, although all laps must be completed within a set period of time. All your lap times are added together for your score. ISDE format enduro: Usually a very long course similar to a time keeper. Like the other enduro formats you are assigned a start minute (along with a couple other riders) and proceed along the course until you reach a special test. The scoring is based on the lowest accumulated time in the special tests. In all the enduro formats, the other riders on your minute may or may not be in the same class as you.
  12. Wiz636

    2019 NMA Offroad & Enduro Schedule

    If you are going to do the majority of the series you should definitely get a comp license. It makes the series that much more fun!
  13. Here is the 2019 NMA Offroad and Enduro Schedule. Unfortunately there is one date conflict on the Offroad schedule with the NORCS series, but there are only so many weekends. You do not need to be a member of the NMA to participate in these events, but really, everybody that rides dirtbikes in Washington should be a member of the NMA anyways! If you have ever thought about entering a hare scramble or endure...do it! Lots of opportunity to ride areas that you otherwise would not be able to ride, and hang out with a bunch of like-minded people.
  14. Wiz636

    Should I adjust the 2018 yz450f forks?

    You will never get the suspension to work properly for you until you have the correct springs for your weight. That needs to be your first step. Like others have already mentioned, if your springs are too soft for your weight, just sitting on the bike you are already using up the plush part of your suspension before even riding.
  15. Wiz636

    2006 YZ450 - TAKE ME TO SCHOOL

    The '06 has a great motor, especially for offroading, it's very smooth and linear from the bottom up, pulls great off the bottom, and as long as they were maintained well, they last forever. There was a batch of bad timing chains in '06 so I would definitely replace the timing chain, they are cheap and it's not hard to do. The biggest drawback to the '06 was that the front end tended to push in corners. This can be tuned out by setting the race sag to 95mm and raising the forks in the triple clamps 5mm...essentially changing the angle of the bike just a little bit to a little more nose-down, rear-up to sharpen up the cornering. Doing that, and making sure you slide way forward while cornering, will make a pretty big difference.