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  1. If your looking for a cylinder and matching piston outright, I can help you. PM me.
  2. Talking thousandths, even if that “was” an “A” size in the beginning, it’s so wore out, a “D” would be a good fit. Ever drop a “D” sized piston on an “A” size cylinder that has just been re-plated? 99% drops right through.
  3. Bold new graphics. Adds 5HP. Best bike out of the box. Either will do, but all 4 new models have a use.
  4. Scotch brite, D piston kit, that should do one trip. Not recommended, but you might just get the trip.
  5. Yes, and if you check the part numbers, it is the same as the one on the jug. Out of all the seals on a YZ250 engine 99-2020, these two seals, and the one for the clutch actuator arm (under left side stator/flywheel cover), and the one for the shift shaft are the other two that are the same.
  6. Are we talking getting into racing seriously, or local track day racing that is more like fun riding? What class do you want to run? Your current bike will be everything. You win with that in your class it will teach you to be a better rider. Therefore, if you can’t swing 2 bikes, then stick with what you have, and take the checker and top podium spot.
  7. Warm up procedure? What else did you do? Many times a new top, will kill an old bottom.
  8. I would stay away from a 250F unless you are looking for that kind of power/bike. I prefer 4 strokes over 2 for long term riding, but the 2 stroke is fun for everything. Each bike has a purpose, so own more than one if you can.
  9. Replace plug, and clean/adjust carby. Make sure all electrical contacts are clean. Start with clean air tract, and that should do the trick. What makes you think the clutch is not letting it start? And always make sure it doesn’t have over 100 hours on top end.
  10. What shooter and KDC said. 05 was first year of Ali frame, 06 was first year of SSS suspenders. You will still need to spring and valve toy your size and style, but there is NO BETTER boingers out there for the price you’ll find on an 06 up YZ. Or, go get the F stroke, and see if that makes you happy. Also, what year are you looking at for that? Let me just say, way more $$$$ in the end to maintain, rebuild etc.
  11. Any 2 stroke Yamaha 2006 and newer is the cats meow for MX.
  12. Big thread on it. I would read that, make a decision on it. Can’t ever have to many bikes.
  13. Toss a new plug in it. Stop trying to fix an old plug that has fouled out.
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