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  1. Thanks for the advice; I plan on trying all of this when I get home from work today. Thanks again
  2. I have tried several different ways to loosen them to adjust the rear shock. Any suggestions? I have lubed it and tried wrenches and screw driver. LOL (I know, that is childish) Thanks
  3. Thanks for all your answers - I appreciate it.
  4. I’m curious how often valve clearance adjustments need to be done on a CRF230F. Thanks
  5. While in the middle of changing the oil in my bike - I noticed the oil strainer screen, at the rubber seal side of it has a kind of a "U" indentation in it. Looks like an intentional shape from the factory to me. Should they be perfectly round or is that indentation there for a reason? This was kind of hard to explain – I hope you all understand what I’m talking about. Thanks
  6. Thanks you for your advice...I'll give that a try. What is "Wicking oil"? I'm not familiar with that term? Thanks
  7. I'm seeing a very very small amount of oil coming out of the top part of the engine. I'm not sure where it is coming from. It appears it to be leaking from the cam cover, but, not absolutely sure. Anyone else have this kind of leak?
  8. rennyx

    XR200R Modification Guide

    Thanks for your help on this - I think I'm going to have my friend buy one size up on the needle and one size up on the main.
  9. rennyx

    XR200R Modification Guide

    A buddy of mine has a 2002 XR200R - he has asked me to re-jet his bike for him. Does anyone know what "power-up kit" honda part numbers are to be used? Can these bikes be re-jetted? Thanks
  10. Where did the word doc go? The link no longer works.
  11. Hi there - I'm newbe to thumpertalk, and I was told if I ever need bike information, this is the place. I recently purchased a new CRF230 and I'm getting ready to install the power-up kit. The pictures you had on your outstanding informative post are missing....can you repost the pictures? Mike