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  1. If you had the slide out of your carb that can be caused by putting the slide in backwards.
  2. jeremyhensel

    07 WR250F Electric Start Not Working

    I have had this problem with a dead battery.
  3. jeremyhensel

    Pulling the Carb

    I installed the JD kit on my 2006 wr250 by rotating the carb instead of taking it out. It is pretty easy to rotate. You will need to disconnect the throttle cables and the hot start plunger then loosen the collars on both sides and it should rotate enough to get to the float bowl.
  4. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    Thanks I am going to give it a try today. When I am done, how full should the brake resevoir be?
  5. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    I put it down the same side as the brake right along the subframe. Thanks for the advice on the bleeding, I just went and bought the tubing. How full should it be when I am done?
  6. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    Thanks! I hooked up the switch today and it works great. I haven't bled the brake yet, I am going to try it tomorrow without the bleeder and if I am not done in half an hour I am going to run to Napa. Here is the quick step by step on how I installed the switch (I may have done it wrong but it seems to be working so far): 1. Removed banjo bolt from rear brake. There isn't a lot of room to put the new switch in so I removed the top bolt that holds the brake housing to the frame and loosened the bottom one so I could rotate it to make more room. Screwed the switch in where I removed the banjo bolt, made sure to use both washers. 2. Bolted it back together. 3. Took off the seat. 4. Took off the side panel plastic so it was easy to run the wire along the frame. 5. Followed the wires that leave the tail light and cut off the plastic casing covering the wires where they run under the seat just after they come through the fender. 6. There are three wires in the casing - Black (ground), Blue (running light), Yellow (brake light). 7. Purchased the plastic splice connectors at the auto pars store, the kind you squish with pliers. 8. Spliced the yellow wire and cut the new wire long enough to go down the frame to the switch. 9. Spliced the Blue wire and cut the new wire long enough to go down the frame to the switch. 10. I wrapped both wires in electrical tap to protect them, it would probably be better to find some rubber casing. 11. Ran the wires down the frame/subframe being really careful to make sure and zip tie the wires to keep them away from the exhaust. 12. Crimped bullet connectors onto the spliced wires and connected them to the switch. 13. Wrapped the connectors in electrical tape. 14. Turned on the bike and it worked.
  7. jeremyhensel

    when to replace tires?

    Anyone have a good rule of thumb about when to replace your tires. I ride a wr250 only on trail.
  8. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    Where did you put the fuse? I spliced the power to the brake light from the running light so the running light is already fused. Is a brake bleeder worth it?
  9. jeremyhensel

    Wire covers for heat protection

    Thanks, I am wondering if I need tubing of some kind over the wires for heat protection and where I could buy it. I went to autozone and all they had was big accordion style car loom. Anyone know where to buy the black rubber tubing that comes on the bike?
  10. I am doing a couple things on my bike right now the require running wires and I am wondering what everyone uses for wire covering. The first wire needs to run down next to the radiator with the other wires and the other wires come close to the exhaust. Should I buy special tubing, or just wrap them in electrical tape? Thanks
  11. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    OK I talked with a guy at Baja Designs and here is what he told me: 1. My tail light has a dual element, the brake light element does not have power to it. 2. I should splice the running light wire (blue) to the brake light wire (yellow) to give it power. 3. Then I should splice one of the wires coming from the switch to the running light and the other to the brake light wire (closer to the light than the power splice). That's it. Anyone want to comment, does this sound right? So far I have spliced power to the brake light and it worked.
  12. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    Thanks CRF450XNUT, I thought is was a little much, especially because the price is only labor, I already have the switch. If I can't figure out how to wire it in I will look at bolt on options.
  13. jeremyhensel

    Has anyone installed a brakelight switch?

    Thanks Bill! That is exactly the kind of info I was looking for. So far it looks like the actual install should be pretty easy, but I am not sure about the wiring. I have been told that I need a resister by some people and others say that I should be able to just plug it in and go. So my questions is, can you give me any specifics on the wiring. Were to I connect the wires, resister, etc. Thanks Jeremy
  14. I am making my two 2006 WR 250F street legal and I need to install a brakelight switch. I purchased a Baja Designs switch that replaces the rear banjo bolt, but it didn't really come with any instructions. I talked to a local dealer and he will charge me $250 to do both bikes. I would rather do it myself but I need some guidance. Anyone want to help me out with a step by step on how to do this?
  15. jeremyhensel

    What tire size should I buy?

    I just ride trails around the house, nothing too hard core. Mostly packed dirt, roots, a little mud. From looking at those specs the tire is 100 that comes on the bike so I think 110 is probably a better bet.