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  1. Hi All. Anybody know some really good suspension shops to send my shock/forks to for some work? Need to get them serviced and internally lowered. Preferably TT members (just to share the love)
  2. Are there any problems with the starter spinning a bigger cylinder and higher compression?
  3. Bummer. I hate to hear that. You going to rebuild it or part it out?
  4. Chain may have just jumped off the lower sprocket. Thnt's what happened to my friends. Seems like you don't have to split the cases to get to the lower sprocket either. If memory serves you can just take a cover off and access it. Regardless you probably have a bent valve.
  5. This is exactly what happened to a buddy of mine recently while we were on a ride. 2007 CRF230. Same exact symptoms. Turned out the timing chain came off the lower sprocket. Was probably stretched. Ended up rebuilding the whole top end. About $750 by the time it was all done. Not overly suprising as it had been abused by previous owners (smoked, ragged plastics, etc..), but he got a good deal on it and rode it for a couple of years before it finally died. Pull the spark plug and look down the hole as you hit the starter. You can see if the piston is moving. If it is, take the pipe and carb off and you can watch the valves. I'd bet they're not moving.
  6. DDACT

    DRZ400Sm starts but wont go into gear?

    Another thing to check on the shaft coming out of the engine that the shift lever is attached. There is an e-clip on that shaft right where the shaft goes into the engine. Make sure it is there. I had one that wouldn't shift and it turned out that E-clip was missing.
  7. DDACT

    Whats my ttr 125 worth?

    Honestly? Pull out all the BBR stuff and put it back to stock if you can. People are scared of modified bikes and often with good reason. I see a modified bike and I think its been raced/abused. I see one that's rebuilt, and I start asking questions like "Did the guy who rebuilt it know what he was doing?". "Why did it need rebuilt? Blew up due to crappy maintenance maybe? What else might be worn out?". I think you'll get more by selling the TTR stock and the BBR parts seperately. If somebody will give you $1000 I'd jump on it. Being the small wheel version doesn't help. My $.02
  8. DDACT

    BBR spring on ttr125 Waay to Boingy

    I sent you a PM...
  9. All I can do is relate my experience with Eddie. Back when my Z was sick, I sent him a PM and got a quote for motor work. Then sent my entire motor to him for a big-bore and head re-build. He did the work and sent the motor back in a timely manner. Ran (and still runs) like a scalded dog. Many, many, MANY miles since then. Eddie also chimed in and answered a question I had posted on this forum (because I didn't want to bug him) after I got the motor back . My impression of Eddie is that he's a really good mechanic and stand up guy who did what he said he'd do. He is very blunt though and communication is not his strongest point. I figured that out early on and made my emails very specific when conversing with him to compensate. But then again, that's NOT HIS JOB. His job is being a mechanic. Ever work with engineers? Same deal, they're smart and good at what they do, but (as a general rule) suck at social skills. IMHO, what Eddie really needs is somebody who IS good at communication working for him. That would probably head off most of these type of problems. My $0.02
  10. DDACT

    New (to me) E model cam issues

    So I'm curious about this. Would a hotcam intake / 'E' exhaust combo get you anything with the rest being stock, or would you need a pipe, big-bore, etc to actually get any performance increase?
  11. DDACT

    2007 TTR125L Sprockets and chain upgrades?

    Respectfully disagree.
  12. DDACT

    2007 TTR125L Sprockets and chain upgrades?

    Personally I recommend going with an O-ring chain and any old steel sprockets. Only place I could find O-ring chain was ebay though.
  13. DDACT

    125 TTR Any way to gain power?

    How fast do you want to spend? http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Products/MakeModelQuery.aspx?Make=Yamaha
  14. DDACT

    TTR 125 muffler swap question

    My understanding is that the real problem is that this little motor can only produce so much power. The whole point of opening the airbox and exhaust is to allow more fuel and air to go in/out. The motor can only use so much of each though. Opening the airbox and doing the washer mod maxes out what the motor can effectively use. You've got to understand that this thing only make 9.5hp stock. Even if you managed to increase hp by 10% (which you won't) you still have only increased total power by less than 1hp. I've said it before. The 125 is a mild and fun trail bike. Trying to make it other than that will simply suck money out of your pocket and it still won't be as good as something like an RM100 or similar. My advice is to leave it stock and ride it till you've maxed out its potential, then sell it and put the money towards something bigger. My $.02
  15. DDACT

    TTR 125 muffler swap question

    Short answer is no. It'll be louder though. Actual performance increase? Little to none. Doing the washer mod and opening the airbox will do the same and is free.