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  1. teamdooracer

    Bought some 2012 crf250 forks for 15' 450

    Did you ever have your air forks reworked?
  2. Anyone ever figure out a solution? I switched fuel and it worked for awhile then started doing it again. I got so frustrated that I threw the thing in the corner and haven't touched it in a month.
  3. teamdooracer

    I need help with 2015 Crf 450r handling!

    I had my sag at 100 and it turned good, but was very twitchy in the front.
  4. I haven't had any issues so far since I changed fuel. Found a station that has pure 91 with no additives and all has been good since.
  5. teamdooracer

    Clicker question

    Perfect thanks. I've been doing it as that first click is 1. Guess I'll change that.
  6. teamdooracer

    Clicker question

    Just curious when adjusting your suspension clickers, the manual says to turn to full hard and then count clicks out. When, you go to full hard, you just barely go past a click, so you don't actually stop on a clicker position. When backing out, do you count that first position as click 1 or start that position as 0?
  7. Tried it today with the other fuel and no issues at all.
  8. Explain to me how twisting the throttle on efi relieves pressure with it shut off...
  9. teamdooracer

    Mobius X8 knee braces

    Please keep us updated on how you like the small. That's my only issue with mine too.
  10. I went and got 100% ethanol free fuel and am going to try it. It smells and looks way different than the 91 from the other place. The bike also only runs for about 1.5 seconds when you unplug the fuel pump. If I have to many problems, I am going to rewire the kill switch to kill the fuel pump.
  11. Well...it sat all night and there's no obvious leakage.
  12. Mine has sat all day and there is not one drop inside the throttle body. Could this actually be the injector sticking open when the injector gets warm???
  13. Mine is pressurized with the intake valves closed and I've been checking it every couple hours. Did you actually install the thermostat? I may try different fuel once. Weird that even your leaking one quit by changing fuel.
  14. I have mine torn apart and its been sitting for a couple hours now and not one drop out of the injector. Cbusby, are the temps any warmer now than they were when it was leaking?
  15. Cbusby, have you tried the new injector? My 15 is horrid. It'll be perfect oil level and after an hour worth of riding, it'll be running out when I pull the dipstick. Does anyone know if an injector from another brand would work? Some say installing a thermostat fixed the issue because the coolant temp doesn't get warm enough to get the ecu out of rich mode. Has anyone tried this?