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  1. Denn10

    Ran bike without premix

    id do like a lot suggested, rings and put back together and drain carb and tank and start over. ID definitely put some premix in bottom end before assembly... may foul a plug fast but id rather have oil in lower bearings than wait for fuel to deliver lubrication... honestly in few min of idling and warmup with some premix already in carb and tank not totally straight gas I'm sure you didn't really do anything to it...
  2. Denn10

    Los Angeles area 300?

    are you down in the SoCal area now???
  3. Denn10

    07 ktm 85 new top end but keeps fouling plugs

    what base gaskets did you use? have you checked squish after new top end?? i would check jetting like said also....
  4. Denn10

    50 Mini Adventure Spark Plug Fiasco

    br8ecm same as i see on microfische
  5. money into a good suspension job where they valve for your riding abiliy, terrain and you have a great bike... for whatever conditions you ride
  6. do you guys need any other help for the race? like any support help for the teams??? mechanical or ???? if i could help i certainly would, his foundation is great and if you need anything pls lemme know...
  7. LOL dont hate the Orange Brigade..... glen helen is great track, drive by it daily....lucky to live in SoCal and within 30 min of this track, started racing there long time ago... should be an awesome event...looks like alot of companies stepped up... too bad i never made it pro...damn triples LOL
  8. Denn10

    best "inexpensive" pipe guard for 2011 250 XC

    i have a carbon fiber pipe guard that was on my bike when i bought it, i took off along with the rekluse, id gladly sell it to ya if you were ok with a used CF guard??? Just PM if interested....
  9. Denn10

    Take your KTM 2 stroke to the beach

    guy is unbelievable... does the most insand out of the box videos.... Love it...
  10. I had mine disconnected, REMEMBER even with a switch its possible one of the plugs came undone and its locked in the mild setup. When i found mine was unplugged, (or off) i plugged in and it was a very noticeable increase in power and snap, and i had 14/48 gearing and im a heavy rider. I would double check first to make sure your plugs are still in and ALSO make sure the switch is even working ??? there kinda cheesy switches and mine wasnt working right off the bat, i checked with multimeter. YOu can remove switch and just plug the 2 ends in under tank, i did without removing tank also, pretty easy Id bet your switch isnt functioning if you cant tell any difference....previous owner told me it made a big difference also
  11. Denn10

    Worn bolt for swing arm, problem or no?

    WAAHHHH WAAAHHHH stop cyring on public forums...
  12. Denn10

    Worn bolt for swing arm, problem or no?

    NAH....you never asked anything about how this would happen... you asked if it was a problem or not...so if you have so much time to make worthless threads about something youll never fix then get off the forums...EH BUD.... lol you get it too....see other people see the same thing....
  13. Denn10

    Worn bolt for swing arm, problem or no?

    THEN dont ask if its a problem and waste peoples time if youve already made up your mind before hand... thats just lame...Buddy....
  14. Denn10

    Worn bolt for swing arm, problem or no?

    heres your title to this thread... "Worn bolt for swing arm, problem or no?" NOW your just arguing about everyones response to replace it as it is worn and will accelerate issues much sooner and cost you again in the near future. SO why even waste time asking about it if youve made up your mind to not replace it...?????
  15. Rocky Mountain has alot of their tusk anodized stuff, i got both hyd covers for brake and clutch, enging oil fill and rear brake cap. All of those were $10 ea and one was less too... they fit right and look great for the price. other brands are like $20-25 for each cover NICE bike...