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    Thats awesome, it would cost thousands of dollars to shave 10-15 lbs off a bike's weight and peolpe do it all the time. I keep telling my buddies the easiest and cheapest way to save weight is if the rider loses the weight. I currently am at 220, I was at 256 and was as low as 210. I actually have to eat more often as I don't eat breakfast and seldom eat lunch. It's usually a snack at 2:00-3:00 and dinner, the metabolism now thinks I am in a famine and has slowed to nothing. I now eat 4-5 small ,meals to retrain my body that food is available so it doesn't need to store it behind my chest protector any longer. Good luck and keep it up!!!! I found my forks are best about 5mm above the clamps but I will be lowering them soon when I finally install my KOUBA link to lower the seat a little. I am tired of stopping in ruts and missing the ground until it smacks me in the helmet.
  2. jayp1203

    Winter project.

    What are you going to use for plastics? I have been considering all new plastics and graphics this winter also. I am considering White plastics and black or gold rims, also the swingarm/sub frame and frame in powder coat or maybe polished to a shine on the frame. I have yet to find plastics or graphics for the bike...
  3. jayp1203

    Question for KLX-450r Owners

    Having ridden Both the KLX450R and the CRF450X I bought the KLX. Here's why: The clutch pull on a KLX is smooth as butter and easy as pie. The KLX is old school woodsified (flywheel and headpipe make low end not a complete valve rework and internal corking of the bike) easier to undo the KLX The CRF has tons of aftermarket parts but they are the MOST Expensive of all bikes. KLX parts are becoming available rapidly and I can wait for that. I have 3 Friends who maintain Honda thumpers of thier own and 2 have had MAJOR issues costing $1000-$2500. QUIET, QUIET, QUIET, keeps the neighbors happy where ever I ride. It's not RED,BLUE OR YELLOW. Granted I almost bought ORANGE and would have been equally happy. I have no problem with RED or BLUE but yellow makes bubkis in a real enduro bike. Coolest headlight around, and the seat height works for me.
  4. jayp1203

    KLX 450 over heating?

  5. jayp1203

    KLX 450 over heating?

    F2racing makes a kit for the KLX450R called the demissions kit. It comes with jets too.
  6. jayp1203

    Cooling fan

    I seem to remember reading about fans for the KTM's also to help with cooling. If I remember correctly it was a simple part addition for them to add it. I will try to check the KTM forums and see what they are using (hardparts or aftermarket) for a source.
  7. jayp1203

    How to adjust valves?

    Chaplin Kawasaki in Connecticut has a manual on EBAY for sale. Just a tought!!!!
  8. jayp1203

    KLX450R AIS removal kit

    I don't want an aluminum fuel screw as they can seize in the carb. I want a brass screw and this is the first I have seen for the KLX. Plus I want Black or Gold plugs or caps for the case and the WB is red as is the fuel screw. Just trying to keep a uniform vision on the stuff I get I could easily part it out cheaper but ithas to be right. I like to source my stuff from as few places as possible so I know who the complain to if it isn't right. Thats why I am now waiting on the carbon fiber people to decide who will make which parts so I can get all of them from 1 person and E lline doesn't want to make all the parts I want.
  9. jayp1203

    To ride, or not to ride... alone

    I prefer not to ride alone, but more and more the Guys are out for riding for one reason or another. There are a few small areas I can ride right from my house and I sometimes do for quick little jaunts. They are very technical rocky areas so I do use caution and bring the cell phone as it gets coverage just in case. My 11 year old rides too and sometimes he and I will go off to a local sand bank to play around or work on skills. We spent 3 hours riding a soft sand area building a berm and then roosted it all day to practice understeer and oversteer in a big corner and a tight corner. He was 6 at the time and I hoped he would make the call if I got wrecked and never had to find out.
  10. B to C depending where we are riding and what the trail is like. I like to stand and keep eyes on the kids ahead, as I usually ride sweeper with my buddies oldest. We try to keep the 3 youngest in between the 3 dads.
  11. I read that article before I bought my new bike also. It was KTM World in Georgia that did the test with 7 new KTM's and your current ride. You ride your bike and each KTM and you were timed for the 7 mile loop and almost every one of the 10-15 riders were faster on the 200. I had a modded 2003 CRF230f and I was faster by far on it than I am on my new KLX450R mainly because I could comfortably use every bit of power in the CRF and riding as hard on the new KLX would scare the hell out of me just before I managed to kill myself. My buddy races a YZ250 and he rides with the GUYS a lot and always leaves them looking old and slow. We are old but not necessarily slow. He rode my CRF230 just for kicks at a track near home then said he felt faster than he is on the YZ. It took seconds for the guys to challenge him to a race, CRF230 vs. 3 CR250's a KTM525 and a YZF250 he was last off the line and second by the 3rd corner. Only my brother in law ahead of him, At the end of the 3 lap race he won by over 100 yards. Not bad considering earlier in the day that race happened twice and he won by 30-50 feet. I don't know if he was stomping them extra hard or like he said "I don't need to let off the gas in tight corners and can peg it earlier" He was eating it all up doing tail whips over the table top and a knack knack off the step up.
  12. jayp1203

    Best skid plate IMO

    That's OK I could drive there and beat him over the head with a defective part in under 45 minutes. I spoke to them and offered my bike to fit and copy parts from, and they are only making the skid plate and pipe guard specific to the KLX450. I want all Carbon Fiber parts and black or gold plugs/caps for the engine.
  13. jayp1203

    Synthetic or Not in your KLX450r?

    I always use Torco synthetic blend in my thumpers. Too little capacity for regular oil it breaks down way too fast, better clutch feel than full synthetic. Kind of like the best of both worlds, never failed me yet.
  14. jayp1203

    KLX450R AIS removal kit

    F2Racing.net has just releases the full Demissions Powerback kit for the KLX450. Includes Jetting, AIS removal kit and fuel screw. They have a California version as well as a different version for the rest of us. Don't know what the differences are yet but it's available.
  15. jayp1203

    Best skid plate IMO

    It's nice but I really like the look of Carbon Fiber so I ordered an Eline skid plate and am waiting on the pipe guard to make it out from them also. What I really wand it shark fins, caliper protectors and frame guards in Carbon also but it looks like that may be a ways off yet.