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  1. timbanditos

    What is this?

    Do you know the vin or any serial numbers on the motor, one of those should help you confirm.
  2. I agree with rusty rocker, I usually try to spin the carb if I'm just swapping jets. But if the carb is older I pull it so I can clean it as well. I'm sure we can help walk you through it if you have the instructions from the jet kit and take pictures as you go.
  3. timbanditos

    Are air filters necessary?

    Damnnnn....that is the most dirt I have seen past the air filter!
  4. timbanditos

    650R valve help!

    Thanks for the confirmation, in thought I was botching that tapper adjustment! Sounds like more tear down!
  5. timbanditos

    650R valve help!

    I didn't hear any exhaust leaks before, but I'm wondering if I failed on the auto-decomp valve.....
  6. timbanditos

    650R valve help!

    Bump....can anyone please watch the video I uploaded and tell me if the valves sound okay?
  7. timbanditos

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    Well, I got around to installing new grips and removing, cleaning and reinstalling the petcock. Just wanted the piece of mind that the new carb won't get clogged with dirt once it arrives.
  8. timbanditos

    650R valve help!

    Okay guys, I have checked and re-checked my valves 4 times now, .006 inches for intake and .008 exhaust. I feel like it starts and runs pretty good but I'm hearing some ticking. I feel like I have listened to a million videos of 650r's running and now I'm just losing my mind. Can anyone tell if I have exhaust too loose due to the decomp lever? Or does it sound okay?
  9. timbanditos

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    Do you recall the brand by chance? I'm definitely interested in the cheaper options as that stock pilot jet sucks.
  10. timbanditos

    XR650R vs. DRZ400

    Well, when one bike has 250cc of more displacement, they didn't really start close to level ground. DRZ has way more parts available today and modern suspension. I have owned both and they are just different bikes, both are very reliable and that's what matters.
  11. timbanditos

    Luggage suggestions

    I really like my giant loop bag, it is very durable waterproof material and packs tight to the bike. It is not as big as multi-bag setups, but if you want convenient its great, I combo it with a backpack. Pricing was not cheap but I do feel I got the quality I paid for.
  12. James, thanks for the tip on the aftermarket carb! I tried drilling it out but I didn't have a very small bit, it was just a recipe for disaster! I might try that cheaper carb you shared for now, then ince the kids outgrow the bike add a big bore kit and bigger carb for a bike for me.
  13. timbanditos

    Searching for 50, need some advice!

    Ah, I always assume replace chain and sprockets, no surprises there. Carbs always get cleaned when I bring bikes home, I don't feel ripped off. I would rather deal with the carb situation the first week than tinker with it for the next 3 years.
  14. Yeah, it broke off flush, I tried and easy-out but it just tapped into the intake cylinder breaking off a small part of the carb body. I think my situation was due to age. Any carb replacement suggestions would be great!
  15. timbanditos

    CRF50 Valve Adjustment

    Did you get a loud chatter after adjustment or did it run better? Did you adjust or check the exhaust rocker also? You want both to be within tolerance for it to run smooth.