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  1. Check it out! and Comment 'More 2stroke Raw' for more 2stroke vids! Like it! Also If you have a RAW 2stroke vid post it!
  2. fear this

    Parting out 04 cr125

    Hey I didn't really know where to post this since i can't find a classifieds section. I am parting out a 04cr125 and I thought some guys might need somme parts on here. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/mcy/2917360543.html
  3. fear this

    Learning to whip [Pics]

    Here is a screen shot of a vid of me ( Yz 250 )
  4. fear this

    Yz 250 Ready for racing this year!

    Nice bike joshua! haha i'm glad to say that the van is not mine
  5. fear this

    Yz 250 Ready for racing this year!

    The graphics are semi custom from rowonegraphics.com... DBK is this fender arch i came up with. What are you referring to?
  6. New graphics,New top end, suspension serviced, new clutch, cleaned, greased everything and a new tire i am going to put on here before the racing.