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    Motocross, boating, bikeing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, hot women and not all in that order... ;)
  1. jasonpearee

    2019 CRF450r & WE ride report by Ping

    5 month UPDATE: Age/exp: 44 / 37 years Skill level: upper intermediate Weight: 176lbs After putting in a bunch more hours on my 19, I can say this bike is still one of the best bikes I’ve ridden to date. I can also say the suspension is almost dialed, but will be better once I get them revalved I believe, as on huge deep whoops or g-outs it tends to blow through the stroke on me. Also the launch control works great I must say. Took a bit to get use to but once you do it works like a champ imo. No issues or problems so far and I have over 30 hours on it.
  2. jasonpearee

    What brand of clutch lever and perch is this?

    Also looks like a really old school Works connection perch and lever.
  3. jasonpearee

    2019 steering loose

    No issues here on my 19...
  4. jasonpearee

    19 450r exhaust

    I don't have any issues with my header on my 19 any more than any of my past bikes.
  5. jasonpearee

    2019 CRF450r & WE ride report by Ping

    After putting a few hours on my 19 450R, I can't complain about it at all after I set my suspension up a little. She pulls forever and turns like a dream...
  6. jasonpearee

    2009 CRF450R Complete Build Thread - TONS OF PICS

    Must have got a smoke'n deal on that 09 if it only came out to be 10 to 11K with all those extra added items... :thumbsup: Love the Carbon Dubya hubs... When the 14's come out I think those will be the hubs I get for sure... Do you have any idea how much lighter they are then the full billet hubs?
  7. jasonpearee

    2009 CRF450R Complete Build Thread - TONS OF PICS

    SICK build man!!! :thumbsup: If you don't mind telling what's the totaly that you have into your bike + everything you put into it??
  8. jasonpearee

    crf150f, girls best friend in the jungle! ;)

    Nice riding... And you'll probably start wearing your lid on the trails after you bounce your head off the ground or a tree one good time, that is if you'll even be able to put one one after that... Quit being lazy and strap on your lid before whatever kind of riding you do... :thumbsup:
  9. THANKS A BUNCH!! :thumbsup: Man that really sucks!! Hope everything heals well... And you should take up MTB'n, it's a lot slower but damn near as fun... I use it for cross training for MX!! :thumbsup: THANKS A BUNCH MAN!! :thumbsup:
  10. Man with all the views this thread has had it sure would have been nice getting all those signatures as well... It only takes a couple mins to do, and this might be something that could happen to you one day to your local private MX track... So please be kind and SIGN, SIGN, SIGN!! :thumbsup:
  11. jasonpearee

    What are you guys paying for the 13?

    Friend of mine paid $8100 OTD here in Tampa FL. There's a shop in Tenn he was going to go to that would have sold it to him for $7400 but that's not paying tax or registration fees. But he wanted it to be registered and have a title in hand.
  12. Yeah for sure... ANd THANKS for signing... :thumbsup:
  13. jasonpearee

    Drool Time: 2013 Factory CRF450

    About the only thing your could do would be to sand blast it, but even then it won't look the same. Would have a look of a more dull shine. :thumbsup: That's sick, cause isn't the 13 weigh something like 242?