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  1. Ed@Ford

    TE610 extra lighting

    Thoroughly clear...now to fund schedule 80...regular stuff is 40. Thanks very much
  2. Ed@Ford

    Wait for TE610 08 or take a TE610 07 ?

    Think about this for HUSKY EFI: 1. You can't change ANYTHING to get more performance 2. If it has an O2 sensor, the fuel economy could be spectacular. My BMW F650 Dakar gets 60 most of the time....so a small tank is LESS of an issue 3. Unless it's like the new MX EFI that runs without a battery, and your 610IE battery dies...like the 06 & 07 models do....you could have big problems. For example, if the battery dies on my BMW....I'm screwed!! 4. Fuel filter on my BMW & my Suzuki Veestrom cost $US65 and $US120...holy SHXX. BUT if the picture shown previously is correct, the Husky has a very generic fuel filter assembly buried in the tank....not easy to replace, but cheap enough to carry a spare!! SO: Advantages and disadvantages. The 06 & 07 have the FCR carb that has plenty of tuning capability. I havent done hardly anything to mine...it's VERY strong...and everything tells me it only gets better with some tuning...that's hard to resist compared to the slim advantages of EFI
  3. Ed@Ford

    TE610 extra lighting

    When you played with locating the filaments in the reflector, did you end up with them about the same place they were with the stock bulb?
  4. Ed@Ford

    accelerator pump adjustment (sm 610)

    Coffee: AMAZING amount of background on this subject!
  5. Ed@Ford

    accelerator pump adjustment (sm 610)

    COFFEE: Thanks for the great picture. I finally did find the ID/OD of the appropriate O-ring. I also ran across some commentary that this was a crutch for an improperly sized leak jet...but it only shows there are multiple ways to skin a cat. Besides...where the hell do you find leak jets other than SUDCO? I've dealt with them before...NOT a pleasant experience!!
  6. Ed@Ford

    accelerator pump adjustment (sm 610)

    Is there a discussion somewhere on this O-ring trick on the AP? I have all the Redbeard discussion & documents, but the O-ring trick sounds even easier.
  7. FYI. The Redbeard AP writeup was in the CRF450 area. Took some looking. It and the accompanied commentary and references should be required reading for all FCR carb owners. (A sticky??) Thanks
  8. Gents: Thanks for the reply. My wallet and my 610E Husky say thanks too!
  9. In the 2007 April issue of Dirt Rider I see an advertisement for this device. Appears to modify the accelerator cam on Keihin carbs. $100. www.readyracing.com. I can't see that it does anything unique. What technical detail am I missing? Or will I just be missing $100?
  10. Saw in Cycle World that the 07 610 is red, white & black. Went to the Husky USA website...sure enough...red, white & black. Color brochure says FCR carb. So for grins I download tech specs "TE 610-ie" Second paragraph, second column page 1: "Fuel system, type, electronic injection feed". WELL, WHICH IS IT? Carburetor or injection? Anyone actually put their hands on an '07 TE610? SRP went up to $7299! '07 looks like it has a heat shield on the catalyst end of the muffler. I'll keep my $5200 '06 leftover with the FCR carb...thank you very much!
  11. Ed@Ford

    New TE/SM 610 shop manual (English only)

    DAVE: Thanks. I started to clean up the instructions on the speedo...and didn't get very far. No fun at all. Did you use a fancy copy of Acrobat or something?
  12. Ed@Ford

    TE-610 Bar question? And Ergo??

    I forgot to ask this before. There have been issues with the 610 where the clutch cable was improperly routed and ended up failing. Is that an indication that there isn't much slack in the cables and that taller bars could require new cables?
  13. Ed@Ford

    TE-610 Bar question? And Ergo??

    Very interesting. The stock Husky bar must be the same bend as the piece of cXXX that came on my DRZ400. I pitched those for a set of CR HI that I narrowed in the middle and took an inch off either side. Massive improvement on my DRZ. No more hunching over when standing on the pegs!!!
  14. Ed@Ford

    TE-610 Bar question? And Ergo??

    Dan: I have a heavy lust for the 610 and have been following your and other's experiences. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I've looked at bars and held them in place on the 610s at the dealership. My old favorite, "CR-HI" seems to fill the bill on 610 like for every bike I've had. I then narrow them down to 30". Offhand I don't recall how much straight portion of the bar the Husky controls suck up, so the exact amount of narrowing possible is unknown. I seem to recall husky used a protaper fat design (as opposed to 7/8" OD everywhere) which may lock you into Renthal bars which are great but $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. If it uses 7/8" bars, you can get REAL tall by going with $20 ATV bars. Availability of risers for 610 is unknown...especially if they have to be for fat bars. www.dirtly.com is a one man shop who might be able to help.
  15. I do that all the time. Run dunlop 606 if you plan to do any dirt or offroad during the 1K trip. Otherwise go with some cheap street tires...I think Kenda GP110 would be fine. Leave off the rim locks. If you are going to burn up the tires on it (probably illegal if they say not for highway use, and are dangerous on wet pavement) get some solid core solder at the hardware and put about 4 oz of it wrapped on the spokes opposite the rim lock...it will counterbalance the weight of the rim lock. Then get a 16T front sprocket from renthall...the only ones of appropriate quality that will not ruin your splines on the output shaft. You won't have room for the little guard that protects the crankcase, and you can leave the cover off, or space it out with washers. This way you won't have to buy a new chain. Make sure the tension is loose like honda recommends, and have some chain lube. Your 45 tooth rear sprocket, if aluminum will be gone after 1000 miles. If you have $$ go with steel rear sprocket. Synthetic oil...I like castrol syntech 20-50. Take about a pint with you. Don't even think about using the stock headlight after dark. Make sure you have legal plates and insurance. My XR 400 is street legal...have never been stopped for a "legal dirt bike issue" but you never know. If you have lisence and insurance the police will usually never question equipment becuse they usually have no clue anyway.