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  1. GOF1

    Is it the stator?

    Not true. It depends on what is wrong with the stator.
  2. GOF1

    Is it the stator?

    Don't waste time and money guessing. Follow the instructions for testing the gharging system posted in the FAQ.
  3. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    No word yet. No sign of any identifiable parts on CL or fleabay yet either. Sorry about the delayed response but I haven't been hanging out around here lately. You guys all having fun with your bikes just seems to make me jealous and depressed. Thank to everyone who has been keeping their eyes open watching for it.
  4. GOF1

    Can I mix oil?

    One of the first things I do when I buy a bike is change the oil. It's two quarts and a filter. Why not. But that said, yes, you can mix. Man did Mobil One have a great add campaign back in the day. Those "facts" are still out there confusing people.
  5. GOF1

    Cali Tank on a Non Cali DRZ400S ?????

    Leave it open or the tank will not vent. Got the Ca. cap with that tank?
  6. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    I kinda let it be known that there was $500 in it for the guy that brought me the scumbags balls in a ziplock. Is that a bad thing?
  7. GOF1

    I'm about to Primary Nut!

    That is how I did it. Only I skipped the torque stick. Then again I have worn out more impact guns than most of you will ever think of owning. And now I am sorry I did the loctite fixes. It would serve the little bastard that stole the bike right if it grenaded at speed and he killed himself getting oil on the rear.
  8. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    Thar's right! One more thing to add to the upgrade/accessory list.
  9. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    I'll dig some up. It's yellow with black side panels/air box cover and a black OE headlight. Edge tail, stock turns, red Unabikers, and a Labatt Ice can wrapped around the shock res.
  10. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    Probably someone who has watched me come and go. I hope they find her but I am not gonna hold out much hope. The adjuster I talked to said they seldom are.
  11. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    Thanks guys. The adjuster says it'll probably take 30 days or so to get everything completed. I'm trying to come up with receipts for the accessories I put on it. They want receipt for all of them but it had the Promoto rack and probends on it when I bought it. I hope the pictures will suffice. For the first time I am glad I haven't done the big bore, carb, and exhaust.
  12. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    Glad I took the comprehensive. Can't wait to see how bad the insurance company wants to stick it to me now.
  13. GOF1

    Stollen bike in Buffalo

    I woke up this morning to find that someone stole my bike out of the back, fenced yard. If you are in WNY and spot a yellow S with black side panels call the cops. Plate # TNLNSL
  14. GOF1

    How does this look?

    It probably popped out all the way when you pulled it. It is spring loaded.