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  1. jbrown15

    KTM 50 sx sr vs Cobra 50 Sr

    My son just made the move from 50's to 65's and we had a Cobra 50 SR. I had actually never heard of them until he did a few of the race schools and there was a ton of kids on them. We had really good luck with his, I did have to put a new clutch in the bike but it had quite a few hours on the original one. I still talk with the guy that bought it from us and his son loves the bike and has put a lot of hours on it since they got it and the clutch is still running perfect. I have a few buddies with their sons riding KTM 50's and they all seem to say that they burn through stators rather quickly. If you're buying a 2017 the new Cobra 50 motor is pretty powerful, or if you could find a good used 2016.5 FWE Cobra it has the same motor. From what I'm told its a huge step up in the power department. My son now rides a 2015 Cobra CX65 and we love it, to me they just seem a little better built. Everything's billet on the bike, I love the billet triple clamps that allow you to adjust the bar position which is great for a growing child. I don't think the standard triple clamps that come with the KTM's allows you to do that. His 50 also allowed for different bar positions.
  2. jbrown15

    FE 350 vs 16 KTM 350 XCF

    The 2016 FE350 is the same chassis and engine as the 2015, the 2016 350XCF gets the same chassis at the 350SXF and the Husky FC350. I would assume that the 2017 FE350 will receive the newer frame and a revised engine based off of the 2016 FC350 motor. I personally just bought a 2016 FC350, haven't put a lot of hours on it yet though.
  3. jbrown15

    Dream Husky MX'er?

    I'm a little more partial to the FC350 myself....
  4. jbrown15

    2016's yet? Anyone?

    Still waiting on my 2016 FC350. I was told another week or two.
  5. jbrown15

    Overheating 390 FE

    Fan kits are must have items on these bikes if you plan on doing any trail riding at all. I don't know why they don't just install them as at the factory. And after market muffler will allow the motor to run much cooler too.
  6. jbrown15

    Christini making their own bikes in 2012

    No I wasn't thinking about the kits. My local Berg dealer was taking deposits on them last year two and when I looked into getting one it was still with the KTM frame and gasgas motor. I haven't really been keeping up to date with the latest news because I lost interest in getting one. I could be wrong but all of the pics I saw of the bike weren't renderings, it was a build bike, KTM frame with the gasser engine. Even the link I posted doesn't look like a rendering. But like I said I could be wrong. I know that the 450's were always going to be the Honda frame.
  7. jbrown15

    Christini making their own bikes in 2012

    I know the 2012 model isn't a KTM frame, I never said it was. I said that they offered their own bikes last year too (2011) models. And they used KTM frames on their 300 models with gasgas motors! Here's a link, they still show it as a 2012 but I'm guess it's was before they switched to the new frame for 2012. I know for a fact that they sold 300 models with the KTM frames in 2011. http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=F521831415E24AC1B3C04FD3455B770A
  8. jbrown15

    Christini making their own bikes in 2012

    I know two guys that have converted KTM 300's and the AWD system has been VERY reliable!
  9. jbrown15

    Christini making their own bikes in 2012

    Christini had their own bikes for 2011 also. Last years 300 used a KTM frame with the GasGas engine.
  10. jbrown15

    Rekluse Clutch in a Husaberg FE450?

    If you rode some on the technical stuff we ride out here you'd be begging for one.
  11. jbrown15

    Rekluse Clutch in a Husaberg FE450?

    I have my suspicions about it being that exact same starter. I knew about the Aprilia's starters doing that but I have never heard of a single case where a Berg has had that happen. I think you'd have a had time finding any reports of start problems on the Bergs. I know people have had times that the bikes wouldn't start once the motor is hot but that's not a starter issue. The bike won't fire but the starters were still working. Even if you had a kick starter you would have been kicking along time.
  12. jbrown15

    Rekluse Clutch in a Husaberg FE450?

    Ever heard of doing "maintenace" on your bike? Just hook your battery up to a good battery tender every 4 to 5 rides to make sure the battery has a full charge and you'd have nothing to worry about. I rode with a Rekluse on both my Bergs for over two years and never had a single issue with a dead battery.
  13. jbrown15

    New 300 Berg

    Bullet Proof Designs!! all the way, I've used them on my last three bikes and will never use anything else.
  14. jbrown15

    Rekluse Clutch in a Husaberg FE450?

    I had a Rekluse Pro in my FE570 and then when I switched to the FX450 it went into that bike. I absolutly loved it, especially on the FX450 with the taller 1st gear and a little less torgue.
  15. I was one till this past weekend.