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    '04 KX85 KIPS Question

    Sappers, thanks and I follow you exactly. Now, the spring end on the right that goes against the tang, does it go on the left or right side of the tang? I didn't see a pic in FAQs that shows this. I would buy a manual but am in the process of looking for a 250F for my son, the KX will be leaving soon. Thanks again derick

    '04 KX85 KIPS Question

    While rebuilding the top end of my sons 85, we bought it used, I noticed on the KIPS valve that the collar and washer were missing off the shaft/lever. The lever was screwed down tight to the shaft. I've gone ahead and bought the collar and washer but cannot tell which way the spring is supposed to apply pressure to the lever. Here is a link showing the parts http://www.motosport.com/dirtbike/oem-parts/KAWASAKI/2004/KX85/?modelyearid=616&typeid=1&groupId=30112 part numbers 92145(spring) and 13236(lever). There was no problem with the bike, been running great, just time for new piston and rings. Derick

    Tracks near Bartlett, TN?

    Check out www.midsouthmx.com. Hidden Valley, about 45 minutes from Bartlett is an awesome track. I don't know when they are open. This track was a Loretta lynn regional qualifier a few years ago. Lone Lake in Batesville, MS is about 1.25 hours away. A real nice beginner track when I was there last. I know they have added more.

    Thor gangster gear?

    since when is "paisley" gangsta? Reminds me of 80's new wave.

    When Is Loretta Lynns Spring Ride??

    We've always enjoyed Turkey Bay. Good for two full days of riding. Stay off the main trails for the good stuff. We usually travel perpindicular to the main trail and just go. Good hills to climb, make your own, not much single track that I have found.

    When Is Loretta Lynns Spring Ride??

    MMaarrcchh 28-30 www.mtdr.net

    tear offs, biodegradable?

    If it is a sanctioned race and they have someone to clean up, well I guess your okay:excuseme: ,but this is a family ride put on by a club, on private property. Alot of trash left around is the quickest way to end a good event. As for your comment "you all are not RACERS obviously" your right, I don't race, and this wasn't a race. I don't see many casual riders with tear-offs so may I assume it was a "racer" out littering the property?

    MX bikes on trails

    At a recent organized ride they said in two years AMA will have a 94db limit at all events including Supercross. I have an FMF Q2 on my 450, brand new it registered 98db. How can you get the db down and still have a good running bike?

    tear offs, biodegradable?

    Very good point. No I didn't. If I was stopped and saw one I would have, but the ones I saw were while I was riding. Maybe I'm not as eco friendly as I thought. I like the idea of the litter bags:thumbsup:
  10. I went to a fun ride at Loretta Lynns place last weekend. 23 mile loop on her property by Southern Woods Riders. Fantastic event. Riding thru the woods I noticed tear offs. I am not an eco-nazi but I do hate litter and recycle as much as I can. My question is, are tear offs biodegradable? I would hope so. Just my .02
  11. DDZMCC

    Loretta Lynn time again

    The only time I had a problem passing was with a couple of kids, probably 11 or 12. No parents in site. They wouldn't pull off for anything. Finally passed them on a downhill. One funny event, luckily, it could have been bad, I was following a buddy to closely, I wasn't looking down the trail like I should have been, he rounds a blind corner, stand still traffic, he locks up front wheel, lays the bike down and falls away from bike, I had no chance to grab a brake, ran over his bike from foot peg to seat, off the trail and down the hill. I puckered up tight. Luckily he fell out of the way. I stayed back the rest of the ride:busted: . There is a ride next weedend by Trailpass near Decatur, AL. I rode there the first time, Seven Springs. The place has potential.
  12. DDZMCC

    Loretta Lynn time again

    What a great ride. I rode Fri. and Sat., the weather was perfect, the trails were in great shape, no dust storms on the trails. The only problem was my FMF Q2 with only two rides on it registered 100db. They let me ride anyway, but I will have to repack. Looking forward to the spring.
  13. DDZMCC

    Loretta Lynn time again

    Time for the Loretta Lynn fun ride again. All of you new to the area, its a great ride. www.southernwoodsrider.com
  14. DDZMCC

    Anyone live near Memphis TN?

    Was this at Superlift? If so, how is the riding?
  15. DDZMCC

    Another Fun Ride

    Saw this on another site. Ride in Alabama. http://www.trailpass.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=193&Itemid=48