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  1. randysoo

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    race edition colors look waay better than the standard colors
  2. randysoo

    New Chain Time

    FYI motosport has IM sprocket on sale for $99 +free shipping https://www.motosport.com/dirt-tricks-rear-sprocket?mmy=beta;390rr;2016
  3. randysoo

    New Chain Time

    My DDC sprocket arrived yesterday. Comparing the 2 brands, I would say the IM has a better finish. The DDC has some pretty rough grind marks in the finish. Plus the IM has the tooth count laser etched into it. I can't speak as to which has better structural integrity or longevity. But all things being equal, I would opt for the IM
  4. randysoo

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Ben, It sucks that you're having a hard time with the starter. But I personally think the issue is with the battery. I know you said it's a new battery. But if it got drained while the new battery was in it, then it's not a new battery anymore. You can damage a new battery just as easily as an old one by draining it too low. If you shorted out a cell it may still read 13v unloaded. Do you have another battery you can swap out just for shits and giggles?
  5. randysoo

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    If this started from leaving the ignition on and draining the battery and you had no problems before that, I would think you damaged the battery from draining too low. Even if you recharge the battery it may be damaged. Try jump starting it. It will help eliminate the starter and selonoid
  6. randysoo

    Radiator Thermoswitch

    Hell, for $10 how can I not buy one for backup
  7. randysoo

    Mapping revert to stock

    Let us know how it goes. Mines at +100. It would be interesting to know what happened
  8. randysoo

    Gas tank resting on wire harness

    I just checked mine. My harness goes over the top. No problems.
  9. randysoo

    New Chain Time

    This thread reminded me to order a larger sprocket for my spare wheel (thanks Bill). I went on the DT website. Only avail in rainbow or black. So I ordered a 50T from DDC. It was cheaper AND this morning got a notice from DDC that he gave me a $7.50 refund. that makes it $115 shipped. nice
  10. randysoo

    RPMs slow to return to idle after throttle blip

    Did you put an aftermarket pipe on it? I actually like the run-on effect. It reminds me of a 2T so I can coast into turns. When I put on the FMF pipe I asked my dealer to load the +100 map. I was thinking of trying the +300 map
  11. randysoo

    New Chain Time

    I just put on a new RK mxu chain. If I remember correctly, the DID narrow chain was more expensive. I've bought several iron man sprockets and all are still in use. I don't care for the new rainbow plating they have now so I'll try a DDC next. ^^I'm curious as what flex problems you're referring to on the IM sprockets. First I've heard of it.
  12. randysoo

    G@ throttle tamer EFI 4st

    I just noticed that the new 4T's only have a single throttle cable instead of the dual. Anyone know if the 2T tubes work on the 4T's?
  13. Isn't K&N filter oil for gauze filters? I ordered a few cans of belray aerosol filter oil and they sent me a couple of cans of gauze filter oil instead of foam filter oil. By the time I noticed it, it was too late for return. Are some of you guys using it on foam filters?
  14. randysoo

    Keep it Cool. Mx action Moto physics

    My 06 gagsgas 300 had a neat little "U" shaped recovery tank that wrapped around the steering head behind the number plate. I wanted to try to adapt that to my beta, but never got around to it. I really don't ride that hard anymore and can't recall ever boiling over my 300. My 4t's are a different animal. they seem to get hot just looking at them
  15. randysoo

    Check the marks on your forks for me

    like everybody had said, I don't think it will effect performance. But that would drive me crazy