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  1. Hey Guys, I have a friend that just picked up a 2005 200. Can anyone recommend spring rates for a 190lb rider?
  2. what's with the asking a question in the title and answering it yourself?
  3. Where are you guys getting the fatty's for $52?
  4. ^^ Thank you
  5. Do you have a part # for the correct SKF spacers?
  6. yep. toast
  7. $10 for stickers that get wiped out every time you lay your bike down on the right side. I'd go broke. Need to learn to fall to the left more
  8. just sent a pm. I'd like to try it
  9. Yes, I just said. IMO they're worthless. But they do add a bit of bling. When I sold my husky, I didn't bother taking them off. The buyer was really impressed with the look of them. BTW. they don't work with submount dampers. They're too wide
  10. Yes, they are the same phds items that ktm sells as their hard parts. They've been around for a long time https://www.motosport.com/product/?adpos=1o1&cc=us&creative=188670676504&device=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI2saHiL-n2gIVBQdpCh0ELQmOEAQYASABEgJGnfD_BwE&key=KTM-PowerParts-PHDS-Handlebar-Mounts&matchtype=&mrkgadid=3200154029&mrkgcl=500&network=g&product_id=KPP0088-X001-Y001&pssource=true&rkg_id=h-db211c4f719c2c76bef149f28cac7f52_t-1523081066&segment=badger
  11. True, but they don't even work half as good
  12. To me, that's a good looking plug. Just slightly rich. I would check the exhaust flange O-rings. Mine wear pretty quickly
  13. when you consider all of the vibration/impact reducing options, they're all pretty expensive. I've had the phds on my italian husky several years ago. I could not notice any real difference. I tend to think of the brp rubber submount in the same category. I think the most popular proven products are the twisted engineering and flexx bars. I have the 3x twisted bars and love them. Now I hear they are available in 4x flex but I guess they are shut down for the time being. After buying all the associated brackets and fittings to mount hand guards and so forth you are still looking at $400-$500
  14. ^^ Those have been around for awhile now. KTM offered them as accessories more than 8 years ago. What really intrigues me is the mako 360. Interesting concept http://xcgear.com/mako-360/
  15. I got the ARC memlon flexible folding levers. I do not recommend them. The front brake lever flexes too much and gives a mushy feeling under hard braking