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  1. randysoo

    MXTech Lucky inserts - opinions?

    If you can find a set of 2012-13 Husky TC 250 forks. they are a direct swap. same tube diameter, lug offset, and axle dia. Just need to modify the wheel spacers and get a new caliper bracket or get the brembo caliper
  2. randysoo

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    ^^ Lol. Reminds me of the days when I had to keep 2 or 3 plugs in my toolbox. My old RM125 was good for at least 2 plugs every ride. (before I even knew what jetting was)
  3. randysoo

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    Hey! C'Mon guys. No one needs to get offensive here. I enjoy HDR's opinions and have even followed some of his recommendations as well as many of you guys here. That's how conversation works. If you're not asking a question, you're stating an opinion.
  4. randysoo

    2018 390 clutch basket bosses splitting

    That really is outstanding. Can't think of another company that would do that. I assumed they would claim user error. Glad it worked out for you
  5. randysoo

    MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread

    ^^ Thanks for the update
  6. randysoo

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    I'm not limiting myself. On the contrary, I'm gearing the bike so that I am in the fat part of my gearing range. If I ride mainly in 2nd and 3rd. I have 1 gear lower for unusual circumstances and several gears higher for faster speeds. I can't recall ever being in 6th gear on the pipe in the dirt. I don't race, so other, faster riders may disagree
  7. randysoo

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    ^^ that, and don't run your bike too long with the choke out. It gets loaded up
  8. randysoo

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    you're assuming you need all 6 gears. I use 2nd and 3rd 80% of the time and only use higher gears for connector fire roads. The only time I feel I needed a higher top speed is the very few times I rode on paved roads
  9. randysoo

    250 RR cylinder base gasket

    Yeah, I'm sure you're correct. That's just me, when I'm not really sure of what I'm doing, I follow the manual explicitly. If it said to hold my breath and rub the top of my head while installing the gasket, I probably would.
  10. randysoo

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?

    IIRC, the old school of thought was to only use 1st to take off, and use 2nd as the primary low gear so you don't have to shift from 1st to 2nd over neutral and possibly get a missed shift
  11. randysoo

    2017 300RR RE Bog off Idle

    I get that sometimes too. In the winter, I go up 1 size on the pilot
  12. randysoo

    250 RR cylinder base gasket

    Maybe...I wouldn't risk it
  13. randysoo

    250 RR cylinder base gasket

    or maybe you were putting them in upside down too! lol
  14. randysoo

    2stroke Flywheel ring gear

    When did they start tack welding the gears at the factory? tbh, other than installing a rekluse, I haven't taken off a single cover on my 14 motor. I keep telling myself that I should at least inspect and service the starter. But the thing still runs like a top.
  15. randysoo

    300RR 52t rear longer chain?