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  1. randysoo

    My custom under bar Steering Stabilizer Mount

    I want one of these mounts if you're still making them
  2. randysoo

    EnduroCross season finish-Championship

    love them red betas
  3. randysoo

    Stock Beta seat=wet butt. Grrrrrrrr

    you can pull the seat cover and install a sheet of plastic between the cover and foam and staple the seat cover back on. It's fairly easy to do if you have an air stapler
  4. randysoo

    Red plastics on new models

    I put red plastics on my 18 390. The only difference is the older shrouds have vent holes and the 18 and up are solid. So order graphics accordingly
  5. randysoo

    twisted engineering &%$#@!

    ^^ That's a shame. I hate to go to heavy clunky flexx bars
  6. randysoo

    Updated/upgraded battery strap from Beta

    the pictures don't show it with the tip-over sensor installed that I saw
  7. randysoo

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    So it appears that there is some FI specific maintenance to perform. Fuel pump connection and I just read a thread about corroded FI injector leads
  8. randysoo

    E-start issue(s) on my 2017 500 RR-S

    Good news! Congrats. So the fuel pump corrosion was stopping the kickstart efforts
  9. randysoo

    Twisted engineering or Fasst Flex Bars?

    I have the 3x twisted bars and love them. I wasn't aware of any negative reviews except their lack of customer response, but the product I thought were always positive. I don't know if they are back in production or not actually, I recall some first gen bars breaking. I have the second gen that have taken some hard hits and are fine. I hear the third gen are even better
  10. randysoo

    Two questions?

    depending on what bike you have, if you have an rr-s, that is probably from the gearbox breather vented into your air box.
  11. randysoo

    Tubliss removed from BYOB

    I think certain brands of tire don't work as well with tubliss. I just did 3 new rear tires. 1 shinko 505 and 2 motoz extreme hybrids. Both motoz have slow leaks and I had to use slime which fixed it up but the shinko worked from the gitgo
  12. so I take the new starter fixed it right up?
  13. randysoo

    rekluse radius x or cx? Real world experience needed

    I think it's like learning to drive a car. When first starting out it's helpful to learn clutch control just for the added skill. How many people do you know that can't drive a manual? When learning something new, do the hardest thing first. It makes the rest easier
  14. randysoo

    Beta's 2-stroke fuel injection future

    I find it interesting that Beta is working on their own 2T FI. Sherco has the synerject 2T FI system ready and waiting. I just figured that since the beta 4T are using synerject, that they would just adopt their 2T system also. Regarding cost of electric bikes, my 18 390 was about $9200 otd if I remember correctly, and that was on 2018 clearance sale. add ims tank, rekluse, seat concepts, lhrb, and all the knick knacks and I think I'm at that $12-$13k mark. They just gotta get the battery life issue worked out.
  15. randysoo

    rekluse radius x or cx? Real world experience needed

    I have a core exp 3 in my 300 and the radius cx in my 390. I don't know if the core exp is any cheaper or even if it's still available. but for trail riding, I would choose the core exp because it still uses the stock friction plates. With the radius you replace both steels and frictions with thinner rekluse items. I could feel the radius have better initial hook up but it also has more drag at a stop while in gear. I never realized that I prefer a little slip upon engagement. It's like a soft start on some electronics.