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  1. shecky12

    Anyone in Indiana make a dirtbike street legal?

    tell them you know me. they tried to tell me I couldn't license the trusty kdx, i said you obviously don't know who you are dealing with. once they found out, boom, shecky got his plate.
  2. shecky12

    FVOR rider appreciation day

    hey pal, shecky and the trusty kdx will be there. you probably ride one of those queer orange bikes, well that thing will be brown after i use it for traction
  3. shecky12

    bluff creek

    alright, thanks
  4. shecky12

    mickeyo walnut rental

    shecky and his trusty kdx should be there. thanks for the notice mickeyo.
  5. shecky12

    Midwest winters.

    shecky never shuts off his trusty kdx, therefore never has to worry about the oil getting too cold
  6. shecky12

    Theilman Trailride Fall Ride dates

    this uw fella sounds like someone shecky would like to hang out with. make sure you guys look me up, i'll be the guy on the trusty kdx running circles around those orange bikes
  7. shecky12

    Theilman Trailride Fall Ride dates

    shecky and the trusty kdx are heading up that way tomorrow and will be there all weekend. maybe i'll see some of you guys up there, we could sit around the campfire after riding and roast our wieners
  8. shecky12

    does anyone.....

    i ride
  9. shecky12

    Chadwick THIEVES

    sorry to hear that old man dave, you should post up some pictures of the bikes so we can be on the lookout for them
  10. shecky12

    Illinois, Fox Valley HS?

    yeah trackman, mike is right. you should be paying us to ride there. to witness my trusty kdx in action is something most people will never forget, that's gotta be worth something ok seriously mike, can i have some of what you are smoking? unless your last name is hannah i don't think anyone is going to pay to watch you ride your vintage cr250
  11. i'm still waiting for facts 21 through 25
  12. shecky12

    Logan, IA Hill Climb April 19

    shecky will be attending this event, but the trusty kdx will stay at home it would be an unfair advantage to all the other bikes if i unleashed the fury of the fire breathing kdx on that hill and i would probably get protested for cheating
  13. shecky12

    Hoopole 3-29-9 Harescramble?

    watch out for the ditch crossings, they get mighty deep
  14. that's where i quit reading
  15. shecky12

    keithsburg hare scramble

    i'm pretty sure there are no adult pit bike classes at keithsburg for the district 22 race or the wfo promotions race