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  1. suzukidualsport

    Silent Dirtbike

    Lots of respect to you for doing the right thing. I think you'll find the stock setup is the way to go. And also be careful how you ride near his house. Your wrist makes a big difference, too... Keep on the lookout for stock parts. Figure that for every aftermarket pipe sold, there was a stock setup taken off and set aside in the corner of some garage. You just need to find one.
  2. suzukidualsport

    Motorcycle lift tables

    I like to buy American made when I can, but I figured that the Harbor Freight lift was worth a try for the money. Found one used on CL, like new, for $200. It also already had the HF roll in wheel chock instead of the dumb clamp at the front. I can ride my V-Strom into it and just get off. No tie downs needed. The DRZ needs tie downs (left almost loose) just for balance. The chock is even adjustable so that my Zuma's small wheels fit right in, too. I push it to the back wall and back my truck over top of it when not being used. Not really a storage issue... Whatever lift you buy, you'll wonder how you went so long without. I also use it as a work table for cutting drywall or plywood. Those laying on the ground days are over.
  3. suzukidualsport

    Leaf blower to dry your motorcycle?

    Yep. Leaf blower. Then towel. On the truck I use a water blade and then the leaf blower to move water from the tight areas. Then microfiber... Like someone else said, it works great for fluffy snow without touching the truck.
  4. Everybody has their own opinions and ways, but the way I see it, the peak has a bunch of uses, but only if it's adjusted down far enough. Like a ball cap, it blocks direct sun and glare from the sky. It can also block mud being flung in the air by the slow guys stuck in the mud holding you up. I've seen racers add extensions to it for muddy races. My old MX helmet used to really catch air and pull my head back on the street. Adventure helmets are vented at the back of the peak so that air doesn't catch under it as much. I think some brands are only decorations, though, because they can't be adjusted forward enough to be useful. I have a Neotech that I don't wear nearly as much because I see too much sky... Even with the flip down shade.
  5. suzukidualsport

    Ideas for shop?

    12x12 will be good enough for now. You are apparently young and this isn't meant to be your lifetime dream shop. Eventually you'll move away from Dad and can build your dream shop then. The other guys are right about insulation. Insulate as much as you reasonably can. Workbench with good sized vice. You'll be running an air line from your Dad's garage, I assume? Need air. Bike lift. The table kind... One of the cheapies from Harbor Freight is great, especially for lightweight dirt bikes. Another tool I think a bike shop shouldn't be without is a metric tap set. For more specialized tools, take a look at Motion Pro's catalog. All kinds of ideas there.
  6. suzukidualsport

    WR450F as a long distance adventure bike ?

    Yep. What Chin Strap said... ^ And maybe consider a DRZ400 for "light" adventure? It's light enough to ride of pretty serious trails. Enough power to run 70+ for hours. Reliable enough for 1000 mile trips without service. If you've got to have a lightweight powerful "new" technology bike for single track, I like the truck/bike option... Even if you decide on a lightweight bike like the Husq, CRF, WR- or any KTM, once you add the weight of gear, you've lost the advantages of those light weights.
  7. suzukidualsport

    Lost my drz400 tonight

    This thread hit home... My 16 year old has his car license but wants his bike permit. I wanted someone to ride dual sport with. Seems like a good pairing. I ended up picking up an S model to join my plated E in the garage. They seem very happy together... He rides well off road. I won't, however, let him go out on the street on his own. I want him to get more experience with traffic in a car before I turn him loose on 2 wheels. Too many idiots out there... He'll ride ONLY with me for quite a while.
  8. suzukidualsport

    And again....the KillSwitch saga continues

    I'm suggesting to try JT's thought. My E gas cap doesn't vent right when the tank is full. It will start the bucking thing if I fill the tank to the top. I can crack it slightly while going down the road and it smooths right out...
  9. suzukidualsport

    Buying a DRZ with a bad Trans??

    For that price I wouldn't mess around with repairs. Buy it. Rip it down, and part it out. Then buy something newer without problems. I did that with a crashed '00 S model a couple of years ago. Very profitable...
  10. suzukidualsport

    Grip removal from throttle tube

    I haven't tried it on the DRZ yet but on the old DR350 the throttle grip was also molded on. I peeled it like a cucumber with a razor blade and then cleaned the rest off on wire wheel on a bench grinder. It didn't tear up the tube any more that a little scuff here or there where I got greedy. Dave
  11. suzukidualsport

    Motorcycle Skills Test

    One of the things they checked for in PA a few years ago was that I could operate the switches without looking for them. He asked me for turn signals, horn and kill switch and then watched to see how familiar I was with a bike. The riding part was a joke on a DR350. A big bike could be interesting... I've always thought that wearing older gear might help. I tell people not to wear brand new looking gear... Looks like inexperience. Face it, if something's iffy, the tester can go either way on it... It's partly subjective.
  12. suzukidualsport

    Wire harness prep, E to S

    djchan-- I dualsported an '01E last summer and found that the factory switch seems to be more durable than aftermarket. You can buy a brand new one for under $70 from Ron Ayers. Not a bad deal in my opinion. I ended up in the fall with a wrecked 00 S model and sold the used switch on Ebay for almost $60...
  13. suzukidualsport

    TT OEM store......ghasp....

    I wish I would've known the actual charges would be lower a couple of months ago. I joined to order a left side handlebar turn signal switch and decided to switch to Ron Ayers after seeing the shipping charges... I've been ticked all of this time because I called before paying the $10 and was told the shipping charges would be lower. And then at checkout... Oh well. There will be more orders in the future.
  14. suzukidualsport

    Early DRZ radiator differences

    I'm not sure about the dimensions/rows of fins of the rads. I'm at work so I can't check them right now. I didn't really think of that... The E definitely has smaller inlets and outlets of the rads. The supply and return hoses are probably the same diameter for all models. My thoughts right now are that since Suzuki kept the same S setup through the years, as Eddie said, it is probably adequate. Maybe the early E design wasn't as good in some way that they changed it for '03. I suppose that the S setup is probably the best option since the fan mounts and switches are there in case I need them in the future. Thanks for the info. Triggered some thoughts. Dave
  15. suzukidualsport

    Early DRZ radiator differences

    Hi guys. I've been reading and learning a whole lot on TT for the last few months since I bought an '01 DRZ400E. I'm in the process of making it (barely) PA street legal. Almost done, just have to deal with the paperwork now. My question is about the different style of radiators on the S and E models. I also bought a crashed (totalled) '00 DRZ S model and am in the process of parting it out. What I've noticed is the radiators, obviously different, are plumbed differently, too. The S rads are plumbed in series and the E rads are in parallel. Does anyone know why Suzuki designed them that way? The E left rad is a bit tweaked. Not the best but still usable. The S rads are both perfect. Plus they have the fan and switches if I choose to hook them up. The main question, though, is which will cool the motor better? Thanks for any input. Dave