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  1. typeone

    What you want for Christmas for you and your bike?

    bearings and seals ... lots of 'em
  2. typeone

    2017 250rr Lectron

    ditto. i would also add the float bowl drain tube loop mod. i've been saving mad fuel doing this over the past season. jetting and float were spot on beforehand. +1 i had a Lectron on my Husky and loved it. def dicked around but eventually settled on some great settings ... but I only made the switch because the stock Mikuni (with mods) was finicky to tune when the temps/humidity changed. super annoying. like GP said, for our elevation in the east, the stock Keihin has been absolutely amazing from day one (for me). i've made tweaks, but have never run into the issues my Mikuni equipped Husky had. now, i don't do a thing except tune the airscrew throughout the season. even in sub-40 degree temps, 0-2400 ft. do a little more tuning, OP. i think you'll end up happy and still have some cash left in the pail for something else.
  3. typeone

    2012 Parts Used on 2013 Beta 300 RR

    ^ same for my 2013 250RR, never had an issue sourcing any parts (spacers/rotors/sprocket/etc) and nothing has come from earlier models. as mentioned, something is up with your rear wheel + your dealer. my 2013 has been so good i just keep rebuilding it! no desire for a newer model. how about some pics?
  4. yes, both springs have been sold. thanks.
  5. typeone

    Beta Fork Diaries

    hey, Warren, thank you again for the MXT kit and great service. i've got a handful of rides and one race on the inserts and have made a ONE CLICK change on compression ... that's it ... these things are awesome in my '13 recoated OC Sachs.
  6. typeone

    Wheel spacers.

    i bought the Wise version from Sierra over the winter, still haven't installed yet. seems like they would just trap more fine silt but i'll give them a try.
  7. typeone

    Rear Spring Sacked Out

    i switched to Cannon Racecraft this season with the hopes that it's a better quality spring with a more consistent rate. definitely a different spring design when comparing the two. same length although more space between coils and slightly less preload needed to get the same numbers.
  8. typeone

    Beta Fork Diaries

    thanks, Steve. i'm currently at ~173lbs sans clothing so i think the .44 / 5.4 combo i currently have installed is a good match. i'd like to get back to ~165 but we'll see if that actually happens. beer is too delicious.
  9. typeone

    Beta Fork Diaries

    quick update on the Enduro Spec MXT inserts in my '13 Sachs OC w/fresh hardcoat from Steve ... finally had a chance to test them yesterday at our usual spot ... shockingly better than the revalved setup i was running last season ... no drama, just straight tracking through all kinds of terrain. i ran Warrens recommended settings, didn't touch one clicker through the day. can't wait for the next test session. Cannon Racecraft 5.4kg in the rear also felt great but i have some tuning to do. a tad choppy in the rocks. lost 15lbs so i need to reevaluate my settings.
  10. typeone

    New Beta Factory Suspension Program

    no, they are priced the same although the BYOB Factory Pro Suspension Kit currently includes springs and the same kit through BFSP does not. pricing reflects this difference.
  11. typeone

    New Beta Factory Suspension Program

    i've shopped wisely, the pricing isn't that far off when you factor all work, parts and shipping equal.
  12. Man, wish this program was introduced a few months ago, I would have taken advantage of it. Pricing looks good. ----- THE NEW BETA FACTORY SUSPENSION BUILD PROGRAM! You can order suspension packages, lowering kits, and additional suspension items for a new Beta motorcycle that you are ordering from your dealer or for the Beta that you already own. Our new website will guide you through the different steps for ordering the items that you need to complete your build. http://betasuspension.com/
  13. doesn't look like it, at least not one that comes with a cover spacer.
  14. popped the clutch cover and very lightly held the basket with a screwdriver ... bolt slipped right out! torque spec is only 6Nm, guess i needed just a hair more hold to break the loctite. thanks for the input, all
  15. yeah, curious if the upgraded impeller will help in those nasty situations where i'm stuck on a hill cooking the bike like an idiot ... i went with the Boano kit, better price than Beta.