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  1. Had a doozie the other day. I was coming down off the 4 peaks road going WAY to fast for conditions. In 4 gear doing about 50 mph down a straight stretch when a lifted SUV rounds the corner about 100 yds away. He is smack in the middle of the road. For those who have ridden the 4 peaks road, it is like riding on ball bearings with the decomposed granite. I locked up the rear and my instincts wouldn't let me let go of the break to try and avoid a collision. I somehow thought I could stop in time from hitting him. Not even close. I drilled him doing about 10 mph to 15 mph and bounced off his hood and hit the ditch on the side. Bike stopped under front left tire. Mind you he was at a dad stop when I hit him as he wasn't going fast and had gravity on his side. I sat there laying on the ground in shock for about 30 seconds trying to ascertain whether or not I was really hurt. Then the thought immediately occurred to me that I had just pissed off a group of sideXsides by blowing by them at 60 mph not more than 5 minutes earlier. I knew they would be rounding the corner shortly and come upon the scene with glee. I stumbled up, picked up my bike all the while ignoring the questions from the SUV driver asking if I was alright and hopped on it not sure if it was even going to start. I coasted down the hill for a quarter mile before popping the clutch and gingerly making my way off the mountain. Bike sustained broken front fender, headlight shroud and bent right radiator. I tooksome road rash and a broken thumb and lastly my damaged pride.
  2. Reedus

    Mud Springs/Boulder Bobs cabin

    Ride yesterday went south on us. Rode up to the cabin, which wasn't bad. I knew there was single track that ended up where the road up to mud springs started. The problem was I picked the wrong single track to take down. At the corral by the cabin, the single track forks. I went left instead of right and thus began the worst ride of my life. The trail crossed the river and then switched back up the mountain just south of the cabin and then down the other side. Wasn't too bad, but then the trail forked again. No tracks to see which way to go as the rain had washed everything away. We went right and it turned out to be a BAD decision. Found out after I got home that we had taken the Ballantine trail down, which is strictly horse and hiking only, no motorized. We found out why. I would guess a solid 2 miles of the trail was hike-a-bike. Our only saving grace was that it was down hill. Had to walk the bike down with the front brake. My buddy ran out of water and nearly called 911 cause he thought he wasn't going to make it. I personally thought he was being a &%$#@!, but the trail really did kick our ass. I had to talk him into keep going several times as he wanted to abandon the bike and hike out. In hindsight, I should have made a mental not about when and where to turn left or right. I am new to AZ, so all of my riding is basically pick a trail and see where it goes. Now I am gun shy and there doesn't seem to be any maps out there or info on single tracks in the Sycamore area. Unless you have someone with you that knows the area, it seems to be a gamble on whether or not you get in over your head. Current riding buddy is ready to hang it up and vowed never to ride single track again. He has 2 bent rotors, tweeked handle bars, bent left radiator, and bent foot brake lever after yesterday.
  3. Can't quite grasp the concept of riding single track on a 2T. The very few two strokes I have ridden have one inherent problem that seems to me would makthem a beotch on the tight single track: you have to be on the pipe or you foul plugs. Now when you are in the tight rocky stuff where you just want to gear down to first and tractor up stuff, it seems the 2T would be fouling plugs right and left. Somebody educate me on why they prefer a 2T over a 4T for the tight single track.
  4. Yep, find a state that does not title NOR register dirt bikes. Wisconsin is a prime example. If you buy a frame from Wisconsin, AZ MVD has no way of verifying who the previous owner is as there is no record. They will run a VIN search to make sure it is not stolen or has liens and then they will issue you a new unbonded AZ title on the spot. Ask me how I know...
  5. Reedus

    East valley ride

    Im gonna try for a Thursday morning ride up a Sycamore. If anybody can make it, pm me. Im just of Crismon and Southern and can meet at the QT on Ellsworth and University.
  6. First time up this trail on the old two-track 4X4 trail. Made it to the cabin, but noticed several single tracks the took off from the vicinity of the cabin/corral. One of those single track trails headed due east and started to ascend. I took it a couple of miles before I ran out of time and had to head back. Anybody know where this trail leads too? Any idea on the other single track trails in the area that head west from the cabin? Thanks!
  7. Reedus

    East valley ride

    Where/how do you get a permit/code to do Bulldog?
  8. Reedus

    WR450f Father Son Quarrel!

    New plastics would be like polishing a turd. Anyone with any experience would see past the new and shiny plastic to the taken-to-back-of-woodshed-flogged-to-hell-and clapped-out bike that it really is. Sell as-is for bottom-of the-barrel dollar
  9. We usually ride on Mondays, Wednesdays,and Thursdays. Im in the pool industy, so I can move my routes around to anytime during the day. We usually like to be at the trailhead by 10-10:30. Any earlier and it seems a bit chilly.
  10. Reedus

    2014 GPS Thread

    I run the Garmin Colorado with a ram mount on my bike. Fantastic unit although it cost my some coin when I bought it several years ago when they first came out. It is not touch screen, nor do I like touch screen either. It has a little wheel at the top that you turn to zoom in and out as well as move from map to differnet functions. I would love to know how to upload a track from google earth to my gps. How do you even make a track on google earth?
  11. I don't think any of it is necessary if you are careful. That being said, I have only ridden a handful of the Sycamore/Mesquite stuff. Maybe I need to plan a ride with you Kenpo1. The stuff we rode as pretty nasty, but you cant go fast over the rock gardens. And when you do have to go over a big boulder, it is easy to prevent a case hit by simply making sure the front end isn't coming down hard before the back end has a chance to elevate onto the rock. Ive seen videos of cement creek, and that stuff does not intrigue me in the least. Instead of riding, it turns into hike-a-bike. Edit: one thing one the list that is a definite must: handguards. Pricklypear, ocotillo, an cholla are a single track riders worst enemy here
  12. Reedus

    $500 boots really worth it?

    New balance tennis shoes here. There was no such thing as boots when I grew up and I never found the need to have them. My buddies I ride with say they are a bitch to shift with. FWIW, I ride 1st and second gear single track. I can understand the need if you race or ride high speed desert stuff
  13. Reedus

    Valve job cost - 98 400

    Not to make you feel bad, but WTF are you thinking? The bike is worth maybe 1k average, most probably 1,200. SO you get it back and it runs great, but you STILL have a 98 YZ400 that is worth 1k. Why not keep the 1600 and go by a later model bike that has been babied?
  14. Reedus

    2008 WR450f AIS removal hose routing

    That creates more questions. Hose from top of valve cover goes to bottom of air box. Hose from starter goes into Y fitting. What other hoses fit onto the two remaining barbs of the Y fitting?