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  1. Linco

    Why did you choose the the 450L?

    Im in the same dilemma. The best price I have found is $9800.00 for the Honda. I have a dealer 25 minutes from me... I have KTM/Husky dealer 20 minutes from me and they have 2018 left overs. The 500EXC is $9100.00 and the FE501 $9190.00. I have not ridden either bike but am leaning toward the KTM. I do love Hondas and have owned and raced several of them. I have never owned a KTM but their quality speaks for itself.
  2. Linco

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    I'm in the 30 year club, my first bike with a 1974 TL125 honda then the following year and 2 broken frames later I got a 1975 CR125 Elisnore. I still have the gas tank from that bike in my garage, been meaning to make a lamp out of it.
  3. Linco

    My sons new bike

    This is a local power line that we are riding at, its only 5 minutes from my house, we are on the East Coast so the riding here is awesome. I will be putting his bark busters and new bars and chain on the bike soon with frame guards and a skid plate he will be ready to race. Oh and a new front brake lever after today. His KX65 was awesome, we had an 2005 and it never missed a beat He will do fine in school next year I'm sure!!
  4. Linco

    My sons new bike

    He is a great student but gets lazy sometimes. I was a drop out myself and had to get my GED then took some college courses before I found my career. He is an excellent student who is very capable of the straight "A" report card. He gets lazy and does not like homework. It all worked out in the long run. He loves the KX85, the bike is so much easier to ride than the KX65 was right out of the box. The motor with the power valve has so much more power down low and less hit too, he is loving it. I will be putting new bars and barkbusters on it, we will be running some harescrambles very soon!!!
  5. Linco

    My sons new bike

    The boy passed 6th grade, so he got his new 85. I sold his kx65 in April due to the fact he was growing out of it at 11 years old but mainly because he was really not giving a crap about school. Here was his first ride on it. It was only about 100 degrees that day!!
  6. Linco

    My swingarm turned out like ass!

    This is where the swingarm decals suggestion will come in. I have always used them on woods bike since the swingarm gets all hacked up where I ride anyway. Just food for thought.
  7. Wow, shop around unless forks and shock are worn out it really should not be that bad.
  8. Linco

    18" Rear Wheel

    I agree, ,I like the 18 inch rear for the Eastcoast riding. I used black excels with stock hubs and bull dog spokes
  9. Linco

    Kx 250 harescrambles

    Sweet bike, kinda looks like my 04.
  10. Linco

    03 KX250 Oil question

    This topic has been beat into the ground. I use motul gear oil but the ATF thing??? I would use ATF in a car that has an auto trans but not in a bike trans!
  11. Linco

    white plastics for 03 kx 125

    I prefer the green and black look myself!
  12. Linco

    Seat Swapping KX 250

    You can always cut the seat foam.
  13. Linco

    2008 250f shootout

    I have owned a 250f, it was red but none the less I was a service MGR and a KAW SUZ YAM dealer. I'm sure you know how to take care of a race 250f, but believe me, the masses DO NOT!! I saw more grenaded 250F's than I care to mention
  14. Linco

    04 KX 250 versus newer

    The rumor is true, the 05 its a light switch with a VERY hard hit. The 04 is a much better trail bike. I have ridden them both. I own an 04. Sweetness!!!!
  15. Linco

    2008 250f shootout

    Dirt rider picked the kx250f also. But that does not mean its not a time bomb like the rest of the 250f class.