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  1. Leftdagrid

    Phoenix area December 21 through 30.0

    No sir, I always come down for Christmas week.
  2. Staying in Queen creek for the holiday and looking for riding buddy. This is my fourth Christmas down there and have ridden boulders and a couple other places. I am 53, can hang just fine and ride 60 miles of single track without whining and asking where the truck is. 2017 yz250x. I try and get out for five separate ride days when in town. Thank you so much.
  3. Power is the difference, the modern 450 has reserve power, even for the top pro's. 80's supercross Modern supercross
  4. Leftdagrid

    Gloves for PNW winter

    I like what wild bill said a couple years ago. "Waterproof in the northwest means it keeps the water IN". If I had a real issue with this I would try whatever Highmarker and Trailmeister recommend, they know how to scuba.
  5. Thread revival. The Volunteer work continues. Over last weekend November 10 and 11. Saturday we had eleven volunteers come out and clear the dirt {ice actually} buildup off from the Clear Creek bridge, we also cleaned out a couple dozen water bars farther south on the same trail. Jake and crew cleared some fresh blowdown on the north side. Snow is becoming an issue but I am grateful for all of the selfless riders that pitched in this late in the season. Thank you so much.
  6. Leftdagrid

    Ride For A Warrior Results for Nov 10 and 11th

    WOW Russ, just WOW. Good job buddy.
  7. Leftdagrid

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    That machine was used on Spencer Butte/trail #30 In the Gifford Pinchot in 2016. The trail tread has needed zero work since. It was nothing but a rut before the repair. Dean at GPNF says the ST 240 is hands down the best equipment for trail repair.
  8. Leftdagrid

    Teanaway - Recreation Planning Process

    This machine has already been requested for July in the GP. I believe it is grant money dependent though.
  9. Leftdagrid

    Ridiculously cool TM for sale locally

    New 2018 KTM 150 xcw's locally for $6,999 Pre owned four strokes for ten grand? I think at that price most would just opt for new or a new old stock.
  10. Leftdagrid

    Tahuya winter trail maintenance thread.

    Awesome Greenmtn. I will try and get up there a day this season and lend a hand. I love trimming brush. Keep this thread going everyone.
  11. Leftdagrid

    Bro forest?

  12. Leftdagrid

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    Thank you for correcting me, this is the clip I was watching that had me on the edge of my seat. The section at 18:01 is actually a steep climb. I like riding the area but if I had watched a video first there is no way I would go up there. It's all relative I guess, there is stuff in Idaho that makes Gifford look like riding down a sidewalk.
  13. Leftdagrid

    Novice, intermediate or expert?

    Racing seems to be AA/pro A/expert B/Amateur C/novice Never heard of AAA Trail riding I just call it Pro Expert Amateur Newb I am a faster Amateur but rode with five Experts and another guy that was similar to my speed last Saturday. I like to ride with those fast guys because I never get bored and I don't like to stop and take breaks other than a quick bite to eat. At 53 I can still experience a few moment's of "Fleeting Glory".
  14. Leftdagrid

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    Not sure how this guy did not just tip over the side. Sounded like he was about to hyperventilate a few times.