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  1. Leftdagrid

    The GP100 Challenge

    Just have a couple guys start and finish at the bottom of Bishop and use that as a fuel stop.
  2. Leftdagrid

    The GP100 Challenge

    We did it in about six hours.
  3. Leftdagrid

    The GP100 Challenge

    A 130 mile and 148ish mile loop has been done over the last two season's. My record is 97 miles, limited only by fuel capacity. I'm not fast but can ride a lot of miles and am my fastest at the end of the ride. 90road table mt. boundary council lake babyshoe pass high lakes spring creek green mtn valley trail Hamilton butte yohzoo down bishop up valley 5601 rd east canyon ridge up dark meadow juniper boundary back down table mtn should get you just over 100.
  4. Leftdagrid

    Official 2018 MEC Smack Talk Thread!

    I bet Tomac wishes he could have won the MEC race.
  5. Leftdagrid

    Being properly prepared for Gifford/gnar

    Have the first timers wear a toe tag or you can just simply bring a sharpie and write their Social Security number on the forehead. I had to leave a body on Langille yesterday.
  6. Thank you everybody for the work up there. In the future please PM me any Gifford Pinchot work so I can report your hours to the USFS, this helps funnel available grant money to OHV trail maintenance. Required to report Volunteer's name, phone, email, hours worked, trail name, date, miles of trail repaired. Thank you We are past the deadline for reporting this year's hours.
  7. Leftdagrid

    Anyone recongnize this trail?

    That's a bunch of different trails, rode them Tuesday...... and Sunday and again in two days. You can see one of my signs at 4:49 ­čśü
  8. Leftdagrid

    PNW Rain

    Waterproof in the Northwest means, It keeps the water in.
  9. Leftdagrid

    Anyone recongnize this GP trail?

    It's decent. The south end has some crazy root step ups now but is our summer 2019 campout project.
  10. Leftdagrid

    Anyone recongnize this GP trail?

    It's all trail 80 riding north. MTB rider is on RD 9300.
  11. Leftdagrid

    Anyone recongnize this GP trail?

    Is there a video to view?
  12. Leftdagrid

    Gifford Pinchot needs YOU.

    I mailed in my letter last night, THIS IS IMPORTANT to the future of the sport. Thank you.
  13. Leftdagrid

    Gifford Pinchot needs YOU.

    Friends, I can't believe it's been two years, but it is time once again for us to apply for grant funding to maintain our motorized trails. We will be submitting a request to receive two years of funding through the WA State Recreation & Conservation Office. The proposal is to perform routine annual and heavy trail maintenance over 2 years on the Gifford Pinchot National Forest's motorized trail system, approximately 230 miles. The funding will provide salary for the crews to perform the maintenance on the Cowlitz Valley Ranger District and the Mt. Adams Ranger District. Without the funding, the amount of maintenance will significantly decrease on the Cowlitz Valley Ranger District i.e. volunteer work only, which is home to the majority of the Forest's motorized trails. I am writing to request letters of support from you and your cohorts. You have all provided significant volunteer contributions to these trails and your support is greatly appreciated! Please feel free to share widely. There is no set template for this, just a letter expressing your support. If you've the time, I need the letters by October 29 at the latest. Thank you in advance!! One more thing, the grant number and name is NOVA #18-2405 Gifford Pinchot National Forest Motorized Trails O & M. Letters can be addressed to the WA State Recreation & Conservation Office and emailed to me. THANK YOU!! Best, Andrea Andrea M. Durham Recreation Planner & Wilderness Manager Forest Service Gifford Pinchot National Forest p: 360-497-1173 adurham@fs.fed.us 10024 US Highway 12 Randle, WA 98377 www.fs.fed.us
  14. Leftdagrid

    Hey Idaho! What you think of this trail conflict?

    The video stops right where the trail gets really difficult. Fake news strikes again.
  15. Leftdagrid

    YZ250X Tire experiences?

    I ride root filled single track mostly. But rocks, loos stuff, mud and everything in between.