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  1. Leftdagrid

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    Someone left an orange peel on Hamilton Butte, just sayin'.
  2. Leftdagrid

    Tires for our trails?

    I purchased the Shinko 90/90-21 and it is a different size (1/2 inch narrower) than the GoldenTyre 90/90-21. So not the same tire. Same tread design but not the same.
  3. Leftdagrid

    Mt Clifty Flag Issue

    If someone places something in the forest couldn't someone else simply remove it? No offense intended, sarcasm intended though. Lot's of sarcasm.
  4. Leftdagrid

    Heading to Oregon from Cali, best places to ride?

    Brown's camp is Epic
  5. The red one liked water the blue sl was always afraid of it.
  6. Leftdagrid

    2018 MX Washougal Bench Racing - Round 9

    RV's first pass through the whoops in practice he did a stand up wheel tap wheelie across the last 3/4 of the bumps. Yeah, on a 125. He still has the skills to pay the bills that is for sure. I wish I would have got a video.
  7. Leftdagrid

    West Side Washing Bike Purchase

    You can pick up pre owned husky and ktm 300's 17 and 18 with anti vibe motors for $7,000 to $8,000. Friend just got a low hour TE for $7,200.
  8. Buddy has a 2002 Tacoma v6 320,000 runs perfect and quiet. never had the heads off from it.
  9. Leftdagrid

    2018 Summer Fire Thread

    Hood river CLOSED, Tillamook CLOSED, more to come.
  10. Leftdagrid

    What's your Adventure story?

    Baja, 1,586 miles in eight days.
  11. Leftdagrid

    Teanaway Open Invite

    There have been reports of people riding around downed trees causing big ruts. Definitely bring a saw. THIS ^
  12. Leftdagrid

    Camp out work and ride July 13 14 15

    I'm still on that ride, trying to catch up with you.
  13. Leftdagrid

    Camp out work and ride July 13 14 15

    Park here or camp here. Google maps coordinates ---------> 46.212112, -121.917081 Repairing trail 10am to noon each day. Tools are on site. You can join in on a ride afterwards. The trails are not very beginner friendly nor are they easy. I have heard of two 3/4 mental meltdowns and another guy went fully off the deep end after less than fifty miles, this is just over the last two weekends.
  14. Leftdagrid

    2018 AMA 450 Motocross Champion

    Marvin, all podiums and one 4th. Tomac, all podiums and one 15th.
  15. Leftdagrid

    2018 AMA 450 Motocross Champion

    Tomac was paid to throw the race, need to sell some tickets.