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  1. desertrideryz

    Happy Birthday Bones

    Happy Birthday Doc:thumbsup:
  2. desertrideryz

    Merry X-mas to all

    Merry Christmas all:thumbsup:
  3. desertrideryz

    Winter snow riding

    Sweet Video
  4. desertrideryz

    Motorcycle Insurance? Ontario specifically.

    Do they have progressive insurance in canada?
  5. desertrideryz

    R-134a question

    yeah and that r-410 sucks a$$. we have @3000 units where i work and 90% of them have r-22 in them
  6. desertrideryz

    *** is it with bike snobs?!

    me too. sorry didnt realize it was thumpette section. but i have to agree. two wheels rule!!! and to the op.i ride a harley and 98% of the time they don't wave back
  7. Go to how to section then tech tips controls brian wrote a good article on how to pick the right bars
  8. desertrideryz

    Private track edit

    COOL video and nice track
  9. desertrideryz

    Energy suggestions

    have you been checked for sleep apnea?i felt the same way got the test done. i was holding my breath 87 times an hour. got on the cpap machine and feel 100% better
  10. desertrideryz

    Sore Taint and Monkey Butt

    thanks for the laught
  11. desertrideryz

    what tire?

  12. desertrideryz

    Time to move up??

    i agree with you:thumbsup:
  13. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=852037