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  1. srfdwg2

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    I don't know if this might be a good area to post...But I have alot of parts for a 2007 and up yz450f parts with 20 hours...I am local in brevard county,so if anybody can help me get rid of these parts will be greatly APPRECIATED.Got laid of need the cash.Thanks
  2. srfdwg2

    Should I go full synthetic?

    I have parts you need unless you already have them..shoot me a p.m.
  3. srfdwg2

    2008 YZ450F blew up

    If u need other parts lmk....
  4. srfdwg2

    Cracked Case by clutch arm

    061900 I have parts shoot me a pm. I have everything you need.... All parts under 20 hours of run time.
  5. srfdwg2

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Good to know Bronc! Pleasure to meet ya.
  6. srfdwg2

    YZ450F supermoto conversion

    Trigger whats your location? I want to street legal my yz450 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. srfdwg2

    The East-Central Floriduh Thread

    Heya ladies and gents! Been a long time since I have been on. Long story short looking for sum slow riders "lol" I havent been on a bike for maybe 4 years. I got the case of lead ass since all my buddies sold their bikes and got into street bike to cure the 2 wheel craving! Shoot me a P.M will ya close to forty but still menatly 21. I am in the brevard area will travel.
  8. I have parts you need. Mint bottom end under 20 hours. Shoot me a pm.
  9. srfdwg2

    YZ450F supermoto conversion

    Please keep me informed.... thank you
  10. srfdwg2

    YZ450F supermoto conversion

    So how is this title thing going? I have been researching how to get my 07 yzf 450 plated with no LUCK.... Any info would be greatly appreciated.
  11. srfdwg2

    Check out what the wife bought me

    Good gawd that thing is mint for the year!!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!
  12. srfdwg2

    Support dirty foot!

    Havent been on a mx bike in 2 years. This seems a good reason to knock off the cobwebs lol!
  13. srfdwg2

    Support dirty foot!

    Can anybody give me some info about this area? Thanks!
  14. Damn I hope bubba dosent have any excuses this year!
  15. srfdwg2

    Surfing and losing for MX

    jloria I feel your pain dawg. My first love was surfing also,but never had to think twice about my dirtbike as in giving it up.I havent posted a reply in awhile anywho last year this time I bought an r1,from surfing to the dirtbike they both were on the back burner. Since the weather has been getting kinda cold and wett the r1 is put up for temporary use. To make a long story short I havent ridden my dirtbike in a year/half until Monday. I can truly tell you that I missed it "lol" had a grin ear to ear,also I am glad I didnt sell it! I think you need a little time off find another hobby. That you and me being in Florida the waves are kinda rare. Just make a certain sched for surfing,motocross during the months of the year. p.s. dont sell the bike you willy truly regret IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!