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  1. jeepn1973

    Trelleborg tires cheap

    sold for $350? why do i always miss these things! argh!!! and local to me too.
  2. jeepn1973

    Hour Meter Installation w/Pic, Help?

    Had the same problem with mine. Would work sometimes and not others. I hard wired it and it has been perfect ever since.
  3. jeepn1973

    What do you do for a living?

    It's the FALL GUY! Yah, I know that was Lee Majors
  4. jeepn1973

    Which flywheel weight?

    I settled on using a Rekluse in my 08 and the stock flywheel in my 06.
  5. jeepn1973

    Which flywheel weight?

    I had an 11oz SFB flywheel weight and I thought it was too much weight even for rocky new england terrain. If I were going to try it again I'd pick up the lighter GYTR flywheel. Matter of fact, if anyone wants to trade let me know!
  6. jeepn1973

    North Carolina; Suggestions for trail riding?

    Thanks for the heads up. We are diverting to Hatfield McCoy. Don't mind riding in the rain!
  7. jeepn1973

    North Carolina; Suggestions for trail riding?

    Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the feedback. We are planning on riding on Sat/Sun (March 5th/6th). Hopefully the weather will cooperate and Brushy will be open since it's a 14 hour drive from here! Rocks are not a problem since we have more rocks than dirt up here. They only let us ride what no one else wants to use... Just pondering what suspension setup to try. I'm going to bring an extra set of forks/shock that's revalved for woods, but plan on trying out the stock valving in my yz250f first. Hopefully we'll see you there on Sat. We'll be pullling a white trailer, look for three guys on KTM 200's and me on my white YZ250F. -Tom
  8. jeepn1973

    North Carolina; Suggestions for trail riding?

    awesome, thanks guys! So what's brushy like? Rocky?
  9. A few friends and I are planning on heading down to NC to do some trail riding the first weekend in March. We were thinking Brushy mountain. Any suggestions? We all prefer technical singletrack more than being able to ride wide open on easy trails. We still have two feet of snow in the woods up here and we're starting to go crazy!
  10. jeepn1973

    Falling Correctly

    Being from the same state, I know what most of the trails are like in Mass/NH. Because of all the rocks I almost never bail on purpose unless I think I might be able to land on my feet (not often), and that's usually only when I'm playing around on some obstacles. I've found that if I stay 100% committed to whatever i'm doing, I crash a lot less. Most of my crashes happen so fast there's not much time to react, but I do try to keep my arms either extended fully in front of me (like when I think my head is going to hit something) or tucked in by my sides ready to roll. I had a really nasty shoulder dislocation once from doing a superman and having my arms out too far to the sides and ended up rolling over my arm. Sometimes though, there's just not a whole lot you can do, and just have to pray that your gear will do it's job. Here's one of my examples of a high speed fourth gear crash. To this day I'm not 100% sure what happened. One minute I was riding, and the next I was waking up on the ground:
  11. jeepn1973

    sprocket & chain

    Primary drive steel sprockets and a Regina ORN6 chain. ORN stands for O-Ring Narrow. It's slightly narrower than a normal oring chain and works well on MX bikes that don't have alot of clearance between the countershaft and the case.
  12. One thing I've never understood is that people always say that the outside diameter of any given tire is the same for 18 and 19 inch rims, and that the 18" just has more sidewall. Let's take a 110/100/18 and a 110/100/19 for example. They are both 110mm across and both supposedly have 110mm sidewalls. So am I missing something? How could they possibly be the same diameter overall with the smaller diameter of the 18" rim? For both tires to be the same overall height the sidewall on the 18" tire would have to be larger, no?
  13. jeepn1973

    DNA hubs/wheels for sale on e-bay

    I just bought a set from jt1872001, can't wait to get them!
  14. jeepn1973

    Rekluse Install on WR250F

    I was skeptical at first too, but the tech at Rekluse said that he had a yz290f kit, and that's what he was running. It does lock up fast (which I like), and if I use the medium engagement spring it will sometimes stall in really low speed situations. I've been running the setup for about 70 hours and have had good luck with it so far.
  15. jeepn1973

    Rekluse Install on WR250F

    I ride in the rocky new england woods