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  1. motojunkiedan

    Fire near Cow Mt.

    These fires are just sad all around. The poor people that lost lives or homes. The animals. The forest with those beautiful big trees will not come back in my life time. So sad...... Middle creek was my personal favorite and Stonyford my second choice for variety. I ride stony about three months ago and was sad to see the burned area. Had not been in over three years. Now all of it will be burned and dead. I bet it will take 10 years to remotely resemble a forest and 40 years to look somewhat similar to before this fire. Super bummed!!
  2. motojunkiedan

    The KTM 200 Club

    Good to know if I decide to travel around the state and ride. All the US Forest near me are open year round.
  3. motojunkiedan

    The KTM 200 Club

    It is not Blue. I only saw pictures of the bike and the guy that owns it doesn't know a whole lot. He traded a running kids bike for it ten years ago and never got it running. It has been on his side yard since. I might give him $100.00 and just see if I can get her going. Carb rebuild and new gas might be all it needs to run. If I just focus on engine and electrical parts I don't think I will be too deep into it if I can't get it going. My pain threshold is about $600.00 if I can't get it going. I don't mind dumping more in if it runs well.
  4. motojunkiedan

    The KTM 200 Club

    Actually the green or red sticker only apply to State parks. What I consider better trail riding are the Nation Forrest anyway so the stick just doesn't matter to me. This bike is one I can get for 100 to 200 and it might be fun to restore it but I am not sure I want to play around finding parts. I think if it is going to be that tough to find parts and a ton of work on the bike I might want to do a vintage Maico or something that has the cool factor for the work load. A 97 200 just doesn't seem worth the effort if I have to hunt down limited supply parts. With the little research I did I found a piston kit and carburetor but did not see the CDI, plastic kit or the radiators. I can definitely get the bike cheap but it might end up a paper weight and spending hours hunting down parts would be frustrating for the reward if all were found. Anyway if you guys can recommend a good reliable spot to find new parts that would be appreciated. I know Ebay can be a hit or miss spot for used parts. Thanks Again
  5. motojunkiedan

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hello 200 gurus. I have an opportunity to get a 97 exc. the bike is rough and would be a project for sure. It has been sitting on the guys side yard for ten years. I know I will spend more than the bike is worth to get it back to a respectable condition. My concern is availability of parts. When I search for parts the 97 doesn’t show up only the 98. Do 98 parts fit the 97? In your experience are all parts pretty available? I have never resurrected a bike so I am a little concerned about taking on a discontinued machine. Anyway if you can share some experiences with finding part or resources to get them that would be great. Thanks.
  6. motojunkiedan

    2001 CR250 Parts

    I am looking for a power valve assembly for a 2001 CR250. Spicfically the valve flap. I checked a lot of places and the parts I need are sold out. Anybody got a suggestion. Can’t find it on eBay either. Here is the part number: VALVE, FLAP 14201-KZ3-J20 Thanks guys
  7. motojunkiedan

    How to do a Hare scramble racing start ?

    Bike is important. Two smoke or four stroke. Four stroke: start in neutral. Be calm and deliberate. Find top dead center even on a new bike. Clutch in, Kick it firmly all the way threw the stroke, rev it up as you click second gear fan the clutch and go. With a four stroke slow is smooth smooth is fast. Two stroke: warm it up clutch in, in second gear. Kill it still in second gear with the clutch in. Don't let the clutch out. When the gun or horn goes off start your kick and slip the clutch with the kick and give it some gas. The bike will start to roll and fire up and go. A 250 two stroke is my bike of choice for hare scramble starts. Never rode a 300 but I assume it would be as good or better.
  8. motojunkiedan

    2014 triple Clamp offset

    5 mil up
  9. motojunkiedan

    Transferring 250 to 450

    For me the 250f is the most fun. My lap times are the same too. One down side to the 250 compared to the 450 is passing. If you are faster by a decent margin you will get by but if your opponent is close in speed it is harder to pass.
  10. motojunkiedan

    2014 triple Clamp offset

    Haven't given an up date in a long time. Sorry, I found the solution and forgot about this post. Anyway I had my sag at 102 and dropped it to 104. Seems opposite of what you would think but it helped the bike be more balanced and now it does not feel unpredictable at all. Good luck
  11. motojunkiedan

    2016 KTM 350sxf Prices paid?

    Good luck finding any deals on ktm's right now. Dealers know they are not getting stuck with these bikes. If you don't buy it one of the ten guys behind you will.
  12. motojunkiedan

    New to Forum/250SX-F

    Welcome to TT
  13. keep us posted. I have a 2014 Yz and a factory 250 so both bikes you built / are building are interesting to me. The cone forks are a lot of coin for one piece. Let me know if you think they are that great. Seems a revalue would make the stockers decent. I wonder if the cone forks are that much better for a average rider like myself. Thanks for your input.
  14. 3200 for those bad boys. My pockets aren't deep enough for that. Bad ass though. Looking forward to seeing the complete project.
  15. motojunkiedan

    Draining fuel from 2016 KTM 350 SX-F?

    the point is it does not hurt to mix the fuel. If you run it way down your mix will be 80% or better race gas. Every time you fill back up the ratio will increase in race gas. You could just lay the bike down with the gas cap off and get most all of it out without even removing the tank. Find a little incline so you can get it more than flat. I would just run it low and start adding race gas. Good luck.