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  1. I need a right rear axle for a 1994 Suzuki Quadrunner 250 4x4. I've found some on ebay for slightly newer and older quads, but not for a 1994. I'm trying to find out if this axle is the same as any other years and what those years are? Also, are the left and right rear axles the same part # of different? Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanx in advance!
  2. Team Honda

    When to rebuild?

    Understood. But a low end compression range would be helpful from anybody. Thanx!
  3. Team Honda

    When to rebuild?

    How low should the compression be before I have it rebuilt? Thanx!
  4. Team Honda

    When to rebuild?

    My sons ride YZ125's ('01 & '02, I think). We've had them for a few years without any rebuilds. How do we know if/when they need a new top end? Any and all input will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance!
  5. Team Honda

    Looking for a reliable odometer/hour meter

    I'm considering Trail Tech but I've heard they're not very water-resistant. How is yours with water? Also, what model/type do you have? Thanx for the info!
  6. for my 2004 WR250F. Who makes one? I read a lot of mixed reviews on the Trail Tech. I would like it to be water proof (or at least water resistant) too for when it'll get wet from pressure washing. Prefer not to break the bank buying it either. Thanx in advance.
  7. Team Honda

    WR250F...talk me into.....

    Doesn't that hurt...a lot???
  8. I'll try it...thanx for the idea! TH
  9. Team Honda

    what colour plastics to suit these graphics??

    Thanx Shootinroos! I was raised on Yammies. Stopped riding for 25 years, then when my boys got old enough I started 'em on Honda XR's and then CRF's. Great bikes, pretty much "NO" maintenance and bulletproof. But when then wanted to start going faster I came back home to Yammieville. And it feels good to be home. Team Honda (Turned Blue)
  10. Team Honda

    what colour plastics to suit these graphics??

    I was blinded by the white (or...light)! TH
  11. Team Honda

    what colour plastics to suit these graphics??

    Like I said..."or I'm blind." I saw the front ones, but the rear signals are too small for my old eyes to see. TH
  12. Team Honda

    what colour plastics to suit these graphics??

    I don't see any rear turn signals...are they not required, or am I blind? TH PS-The white looks great!!!
  13. I'll check it out for the source of the rattle. Thanx! TH
  14. Swede, Sorry but I don't know what or where the odometer collar is. Where would I find it on my bike, and where would I purchase a solid collar to replace it? Thanx for the reply. TH