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  1. No you dont, the header came out easy and the the new Yosh system went on easy as well. haha, haha, lol, lol....everything is funny...Until its real..
  2. Do I have to remove the shock to get the header off?
  3. Anybody else have this happen and is the header pipe titanium? The chamber broke off while riding, no crashes or layovers.. Thanks.
  4. From WP Factory Services Website: There are four WP Authorized Centers across the U.S.: PG Suspension, Factory Connection, Suspension Direct Inc. (SDI) and Race Tech. These WP Authorized Centers will not only offer service and maintenance of WP suspension components, but will also serve as exclusive distributors of WP’s premium A-Kit suspension. Known as the Cone Valve fork and TRAX shock, this factory-direct technology is the ultimate in performance, and will now be available to consumers through WP Authorized Centers.
  5. I installed TAG XT1 bars on ours before my son ever rode it and he said he feels no vibration.
  6. Thanks, it appears that it just wasn't locked into position, I adjusted it yesterday and it hasn't fell since.
  7. Agreed, I would change that piston every 15 hours.
  8. Just dont use gas to clean the filter.. We have always ran 2-stroke filter cages on our 4-strokes and never had, seen, or heard of a problem. We have a 15 350SXF now and run a 250SX filter cage and guess what? no problems.
  9. I have a 15 350SXF and it has the new 4cs forks and the new shock and linkage. My son is a fast B rider and the suspension front and back is very good, he doesn't even want it re-valved. We have been racing for 9 years and this is our first KTM big bike, so far we are very impressed.
  10. I picked up at 15 350 for my son a couple of weeks ago and this bike is bad ass. We race MX-fast B rider, and I set the sag (103mm) adjusted the shock clickers a little and the suspension is very good, dont even think I am going to have it re-valved. The motor is only a tad slower then then the 450 but the bike handles so much better. He is coming off highly modified RMZ250's with trick suspension and this bike is light years better. If you buy one make sure and check the spokes and tighten all of the bolts. I paid a $200 prep fee assuring me that it was ready to ride MX off the dealer floor and ended up breaking 6 spokes and wasting the back wheel after 2 motos. Thankfully the dealer made it right and put a whole new wheel on for me..
  11. BDP-381

    Ron Hamp - RHC

    I shipped the head, the bottom end was left stock.
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