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  1. cruzzer

    beta 350 rr 2016 idle/tickover speed

    stepper reset and see if that does it. Well, that should fix the idle issue. For the no fuel pump prime check your ECU relay, the small one. So far that's all I can say as Im chasing very similar issues.
  2. cruzzer

    2017 4 Stroke condenser and diode update

    Stopped by a small dealer and got one no problem. He is only an hour from me. After talking with him I'm definitely going to be doing most if not all of my beta business with him.
  3. cruzzer

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    So, no way to keep an ignition fired up on the RR? Figured there would be something to jump in a connector or something.
  4. cruzzer

    2017 4 Stroke condenser and diode update

    My dealer said he has mine, but wants me to bring my bike there to be installed? That will be a 12 hr round trip.
  5. cruzzer

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    One quick question, on the 350rr, any way to get the ignition/ecu to stay on for more than 3 seconds? I keep hitting the start button and lately I need to get the engine to crank a 1/4 turn min to get system to fire up. When I got it you'd tap the button and hear it come to life, dash would light etc. Now have to try 3-6 times to get it to. Would the key switch from a rr-s plug in and help keep everything live so to say?
  6. cruzzer

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    Dealer is the problem. The dealer I purchased the bike from is 6 hrs away(each way) the closest dealer has not spent the cash to purchase any of the diagnostic tools for the betas(at least last time I spoke with him). So trying to find someone within 5hr round trip. I'll check the airbag and throttle for dirt tonight or tomorrow. I have a camera probe in my service truck. I'll just bring it home.
  7. cruzzer

    2017 4 Stroke condenser and diode update

    If these are bad what issues do you see?
  8. cruzzer

    TPS Adjustment Tool

    So... I got the tool as I had throttle hanging issue and a throttle cable that was too tight. I modified the cable mounting on the throttle body to allow some adjustment. The adjusters were bottomed out each end and still too tight. If you touched the cable housing it would rev. After adjustment the throttle seamed to work better but still have issues like hard to start, cold or hot. Hot way worse. Bike is a 2016 350rr with 23 hrs. I had some medical issues and have not rode it much the last two years, curse of getting a new bike I think. I started with .47/48 volts. As stock it flames out a bit, tight corners at speed and hard start hot. I adjusted to .63 and started, idle was low but a bit higher than before and I did not have to futs with the throttle to start. I figured this would;d be a good time to try the stepper adjust as every other time I had to play with the throttle to get to idle. I let it run for 45-60 minutes? engine never got past 205. Its cold here today so maybe that's it? I let it cool down and tried taking it for a spin, mostly road. Started like cholesterols was on, right up but fat feeling. low power rolling throttle on. felt ok running it around the neighborhood. Low speed is ok, a bit soft feeling. Was hard to get to lift the front with just throttle roll. Usually it comes up almost too easy. if you crack throttle fast while in neutral it pops, backfires or stalls. So something isn't right. I'll check the adjustment again tomorrow, red/green wires correct?
  9. cruzzer

    Any other woods riders do this?

    Always.. if I know them sometimes middle first then how many.
  10. I ride woods not mx, but I really like the new leatt 6.5 its light and has a smaller shell for less twisting force if you hit the ground. Also has similar foam design to the D6 but in a slightly different approach. Crash testing apparently went great as they are rated well. D6 is nice, but big and heavy. I currently have a kali and like the fit. I'm planning on a leatt next.
  11. cruzzer

    Good hydration pack

    best hydration pack I have ever used is the geigerrig pack. Same bladder as used in the fox or older hydrobak ones except they have a second bladder. The second bladder has a hose and a pump ball like they use when they check your blood pressure. You fill the second with air like a balloon and it pushes the water out. You don't have to suck, just bite and water flows. This is very great when your bag gets low, sometimes they sag in the pouch and start to pinch the water, like its empty at 1/4.. the air keeps it in form and you get every drop without issue. Also you can use it to squirt water to clean eyes or cuts out after a bail. Also lifetime warrantied.. They have a new nano tube that you keep in your mouth and it drips water so your always hydrated. I have a 500 and 700 bag. I use both 70 and 100oz bladders in the 500. This is my go to bag for the bike. The 700 is bigger than I expected. I use this when out on my bigger ds bike. as I can carry jacket etc in it.
  12. cruzzer


    I would never run bark busters in a mx race of any kind but in the tight trees and rock gardens they saved my hands from being crushed on multiple instances. And yes a hd is big but if you cartwheel you and your bike the ball on the end just makes a bigger hole. I only cut them off on bars that I have guards on. but then they shouldn't do much damage as my levers are barely long enough for two fingers.
  13. cruzzer


    The lever balls only work in some instances. Better than a point but I had a buddy on a police HD go down at 5mph on a road of large ballast(gravel but big chunks) and the lever went into his thigh deep. He was off a bike for almost a year. I use the cycra hand guards to protect me from the lever.
  14. cruzzer

    Quieter Exhaust for 2017 Beta 390

    I find my 350 rather quiet. I wear a kali cf helmet that does not dampen any sound. On my 525exc/sx I have worn foam earplugs when running fast trails due to the helmet. On the beta, I don't need them and I can hear other bikes over mine. Actually, my buddy has a new FE350 and when he tries to pass or catch up I hear him coming and can crank up the speed before he gets close. Sitting in a showroom it sounds loud. Also sounds loud in a 1 car garage made of cinderblock. On the trail its very quiet..
  15. cruzzer

    BETA stands for...

    But BMW... Bavarian Manure Wagon.....