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  1. You have to replace at least the right side flapper. I replaced both flappers and the axle. Problem is there aren't any right sides in USA. I think mine shipped from Japan and took over 1 month Mine made marks on the piston so it was pretty obvious
  2. check the power valve for play. The right side gets loose on the Axel and the valve hits the Piston. It makes a clacking sound at Mid throttle. It's a common problem.
  3. My 8 year old daughter had to sit out the last 3 weeks of summer vacation due to concussion. We are both seriously bummed!
  4. Rusk Racing Graphics https://www.ruskracing.com/fullkit.html
  5. This is the 2nd time I've gotten graphics from Rusk Racing. I had just plain white plastic on my new to me KTM and wanted to spice it up. I wanted it to look like the Gulf-Livery Lemans cars of the 60's, so I sent Rusk a ROUGH picture and after a couple of emails, I got some graphics I'm really happy with. It only cost $120 and I got it within a couple of days. Hit them up with a request- they are REALLY good https://www.ruskracing.com/fullkit.html Here is what I sent him
  6. I went Kawasaki KTM Honda KTM Yamaha Honda Honda KTM I race enduro not mx Japanese require much less maintenance and repairs, but require more modifications to be competitive. You will spend time and money modifying the Honda or time and money fixing the ktm. Take your pick.
  7. I just got a set of totally custom graphics from rusk racing. Super happy with them. I'll post pics when I get a chance
  8. I was happy with the thumper 540 kit I put in my 525. But with remapping, kits are pretty spendy. I'll definitely wait until it needs a piston. Thanks
  9. That works to cool heated air from a turbo. But here the water and air would be the same temperature
  10. I downsized from a 2003 525EXC to a 2017 250XC/F. I mostly like it but it really needs a little more power. As soon as it needs a top end, I'm thinking big bore. Not a crank, just bigger piston. Anyone have experience with the different kits out there? Your likes/dislikes/regrets? Thanks
  11. Sorry to see that about your engine. I rode a Honda XR650L up the coast from Iguazu to Forteleza then Manuas and Rio Madeira by boat, then rode to Bolivia. Beautiful country, great people, terrible gas. My XR hated it. Even though Ethanol raises octane, my XR detonated badly on the stuff and it has super low compression ratio. I don't know for sure, but my guess is that the gas portion is REALLY bad. Taking the alcohol out would leave something totally useless. There are lots of big time racers in Brasil (F1, rally, the ISDE was in Forteleza). I'd bet they are getting some good gas somehow. If you really think the gas broke your engine, I think you should try to find the good stuff the racers are burning. Good luck.
  12. Motorcycle Consumer News magazine did a full review of the 450 cristini last year. You can get back issues at mcnews.com Bottom line was it's pretty good, not wierd to ride advantage when slippery, not so much when not slippery.
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