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  1. letitsnow

    Osborne out till hangtown

    My WIFE said the same thing. She typically doesn't notice stuff like that... Her exact words, "What is that idiot doing?".
  2. letitsnow

    Mikuni Tmx over flowing out of float bowl

    Float level checked out?
  3. 47 here. Been riding for about 40 years. Do our skills actually deteriorate, or do we just realize that the speed doesn't matter that much?
  4. letitsnow

    Why Do YOU ride dirtbikes?

    I suck at it, and like a good challenge.
  5. I had a Dyna ring on a CR250 2 stroke. It worked well. I wouldn't update it just because it is outdated.
  6. letitsnow

    338 vs 51

    Oh. You don't seem any worse than the other Cambodians that I've met.
  7. letitsnow

    338 vs 51

    Gbowman - I have to ask... What is up with your sig?
  8. 2016 Yamaha FZ07. I bought it to replace a 2000 CBR600F4 that I had used as a commuter for years. The FZ07 was ok. Sad thing was - the old CBR was better at everything. 16 years older, beaten for over 40,000 miles, and it was a better machine. Fun. Cheap. Handled well. Fairly quick.
  9. letitsnow

    Four stroke to 2 stroke

    I've learned not to say that. Each is fun. Why limit yourself to one or the other?
  10. letitsnow

    Sell KTM 2T or stick with it?

    When I first went back to dirt bikes at the age 37 (after a 20 year break), I spent 8 years buying different bikes, convinced (and believing what I read online) that my riding issues were due to the bike that I currently owned. Then, after a while - it became clear that any properly working dirt bike newer than about 1990 was plenty for me. I just had to learn to adjust what I was doing to fit the machines characteristics. Keep the 300. You will love it once you accept what it is and come to grips with what it wants. Buy spare spark plugs and don't rev it much until you get comfy...
  11. The last 1/2 ton that I had was a 2013 f150 4x4 with the 5.0 and 6 speed auto. Once I put a Rzr and atv inside the camper, and 2 bikes in the bed of the truck - that poor thing had to pull in 4th gear at high rpm's to go anywhere. It did it though.
  12. I bought an Avenger 18th a couple of years ago. It is under 5000 lbs dry. Was told it was fine to tow with a 1/2 ton. It was just ok to tow with the 1/2 ton. I now have a 3/4 ton. Don't believe the tow ratings or the salesman. It isn't so much the trailer weight as it seems the wind resistance of the trailer plays a bigger part. The 3/4 ton handles it much better.
  13. letitsnow

    Buying a used 03 Cr250r

    Maybe the cables on the PV were just loose? On my '03 - the mikuni did fine but didn't idle down as quickly as the pwk unless jetted perfectly for the day. If you are a fast guy, idling down isn't as much of an issue. I'm not that fast, so the pwk was a nice upgrade. I regret selling that bike...
  14. I would try and look for a job/field that won't be too hard on your body, but still allows you to move around some. An example of something that I wouldn't choose - welding - sucking in smoke all day isn't typically a good thing to do. Any time you inhale smoke of any kind, you are doing damage. Same with dust. Any dust. Most companies that I have worked for in manufacturing and trades - they don't care much about your health and safety. It seems common for companies to say/think, "Johnny inhaled these paint fumes for 30 years, and other than the cancer and skin problems, he is fine". Dumb. You need to look out for yourself.
  15. letitsnow

    Anybody else here dislike 29ers?

    I am faster on 29" wheels, but enjoy riding the 26" wheels more. I have never really been on a bike that wasn't at least some fun, so I won't say that I hate 29. Maybe part of the reason that I/most are faster on a 29er is because they react a bit slower and force us to ride smoother? Sometimes it is fun to ride a bike that reacts faster...