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  1. restosud

    Opps.... build complete then I found this!!!!

    Yeap,break out the tools again.
  2. restosud

    I lost my riding companion today 😭😫

    Sad to read this.cats are too cool!
  3. restosud

    Got the deal of the day yesterday...2018 DRZ400SM

    Got a complete tail light here.
  4. restosud

    Forgot to replace oil before riding

    Love this^^
  5. restosud

    Ran my 2006 drz400sm without oil

    as previously mentioned,the cams and head journals are first to go if no oil in engine. If by some miracle the top end is ok, odds are bottom will be ok too but no matter what,there is a total disassembly in your future
  6. restosud

    Broke Spigot on Intake, :(.. Now what?

    Try and get rid of the fingerprint too,that way you can always deny it was you!
  7. restosud

    new drz 400 s/sm petcock repair kit?

    replaced the diaphragm and no more leaks.$17 shipped on amazon. finally a solution that works.
  8. has anyone tried to use the K&L petcock repair kit part# 18-5038? apparently fits drz 400 s and sm and seems to be a new product in the k&l catalog on line.includes the large diaphragm as well (18-6639)? could this be the answer to our leakage??
  9. can't believe this thread is still alive.the primary topic has been covered already so the laundrymat should be closed for business already. eddie has always been a standup member of this forum and has helped most of us at one time or another.he stands by his word and work. enough said.
  10. restosud

    Petcock on DRZ400S replacement alternative

    which petcock model is that?they have abunch on the site. how is it holding up?
  11. restosud

    Anyone try this big brake kit yet?

    worth a try imo.price seems right.
  12. restosud

    To those who have powder coated frames

    yes,and only once it's circulated by the engine preferably. all you can do is flush,flush and then flush some more and right when you're about to give up flush more.use gasoline or triclo or auto paint thinner.you need to use a fluid that is not oily and with a low flash point otherwise the media will adhere to surfaces.
  13. same issue with my high/low hid. light will flash when first turning on blinkers but steady otherwise while blinkers are flashing.the odd thing is the hid draws less amps than original headlight so i guess ballast is sensitive to v drops.
  14. restosud

    leaking sm fuel petcock

    mine is leaking thru the vacuum port so i guess sol.
  15. restosud

    leaking sm fuel petcock

    found gas stains on mag cover recently.turns out vacuum petcock is leaking through the vacuum port. looked high and low for smiley face gasket that apparently someone posted recently but no luck. anyone have a direct link to part number o i can possibly rebuild it? thanks.