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  1. Any chance in you testing a Fatty pipe along side the ESR pipe? Looking for an honest opinion on each with the 325.
  2. mrcribbs

    YZ345 kit from ESR

    CEO version? EDIT: Just saw it on his website.
  3. Hammerhead with 10mm offset
  4. mrcribbs

    Clutch Help

    If you’re doing exactly what everyone has been telling you to do then something else is very wrong. Did your clutch work before removing the cover? The photos show someone had the clutch apart, probably without proper tools, as the spring bolts show wear from a cheap screwdriver. Open up the wallet and take it to your local Yamaha dealer.
  5. Just got home and inspected the items. They look great just like you said. Thanks again!
  6. @2 STROKE YZ DOC sold me some goodies so I'm tearing down my '17 250X engine for some modification. I've been taking pics so maybe a thread later but this has been covered once before so maybe not.
  7. mrcribbs

    Opinions on this bike. WR 200

    You should delete his post and go buy it before someone else does
  8. mrcribbs

    Clutch Help

    I'd bet this is the problem.
  9. mrcribbs

    2019 X stock jets

    Where in PA are you? Mine came with all the jets, manual, etc.
  10. mrcribbs

    Yz250 steel frame hybrid

    If that was my project I would find the wiring harness for the engine I am using and also use the electronics for said engine. You may have to make a mount for the correct coil.
  11. mrcribbs

    Yz250 gas tank

  12. mrcribbs

    Boyesen Ignition Cover and GYTR Flywheel

  13. mrcribbs

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    A local graphics shop created them for me.