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  1. mrcribbs

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    A local graphics shop created them for me.
  2. mrcribbs

    New Yamaha two strokes 2020!

    My penis desires a new 500.
  3. mrcribbs

    Polaris 90 2 stroke engine

    Not that I am aware of. Some of the older versions had manual choke and later ones had electric choke.
  4. mrcribbs

    RT 180 Bogging and Sputtering issue

    Things I would check, in order: Fresh gas? Good spark plug? Clean carb? Good compression? Good reeds?
  5. mrcribbs

    1982 yz490 almost done

    Looks great!
  6. mrcribbs

    Oil Leaking under bike

    Post a picture. This will help us to help you.
  7. mrcribbs

    YZ250X steering stem nut

    This sounds exactly what I planned on doing. I own many many tools but when I went looking for a specific tool to torque #3 nut I thought it was odd that I could only find hand spanners without prevision to use a torque wrench. In my experience, if Motion Pro doesn't make a tool for it then it's probably not necessary. LOL
  8. mrcribbs

    YZ250X steering stem nut

    I’m talking about #3 nut EDIT: I get what you’re saying now...
  9. mrcribbs

    YZ250X steering stem nut

    Is the steering stem nut torque critical? The book says to torque the nut, loosen it and then retorque. Other than a $30 socket on eBay I’m having trouble finding an appropriate tool to torque this nut. Any insight is appreciated.
  10. mrcribbs

    Lectron carb on a yz250x?

    Glad to hear that! Most two stroke issues are due to poor jetting. I'm glad the guide helped you.
  11. mrcribbs

    Rd designs head mods

    You got to the point I was going to make...
  12. mrcribbs

    Rd designs head mods

    The stock YZ250 head still needs the squish corrected. OP - Did you do a compression test? I bet it has the compression you are looking for...
  13. mrcribbs

    Lectron carb on a yz250x?

    Use this for a jetting guide. http://users.conwaycorp.net/virtus/page2/speed/jetting.htm
  14. mrcribbs

    YZ250X Bog/blubber

    #8 slide, 40 power jet, Suzuki needle, correct main and pilot, corrected squish, and power valve mod. No more issues.