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  1. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    I never ride Moab, it’s a bit crowded for my liking. The nearby dubinky complex and San Rafael complex areas are better if you ask me. Search areas like: white wash, Mary’s trail, devils race track, red trail, chimney rock. I ride near lil Sahara a lot, actually outside the park fence line, it’s desert single track heaven
  2. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    18’, I’ll ride it soon
  3. I had to use a 6.3 race tech spring I had for my 450FX, this 6.3 spring is pretty short. While measuring race sag, I had to use all the shock body threads at the lower end to get sag about 103 in street clothes, not sure how much more I can go before I’m relying on just 1 or 2 complete thread turns, hope to test the bike soon
  4. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    I plan on keeping it for a very long time, maybe 5 yrs. it’s just a bike to help be kinda race the track while I’m stuck being a moto dad, I still have the FX for off-road... this track bike is just a chance for me to scout the track in the over 40 class so I know what my kid is racing and can give advice, as opposed to the typical moto dad who just stands around yelling all day because lil Johnny’s not winning, lol.... we have fun
  5. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    I have, just because a testers says it’s better now does not explain “why” or “how much better”..... in addition, the valving is different, so I’ll start with that if I don’t like how the 18’ feels. I do all my own work
  6. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    How/why is the new front wheel spacer and axle mount better this year? Or is Yamaha just catching on to the marketing of ktm and changing wheel spacers every year and saying “it’s better now”?
  7. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    What’s a wheel collar? Are you talking about wheel spacers?
  8. Hatchers

    2018 450f vs 2019 450f (help me decide)

    Got the 18’ I can revalve if needed.
  9. I just bought this bike and am trying to figure out what it came with. It appears the shock spring is 5.8 NM, while the fork is a 50. This is a heavy spring rate and should work for a slow vet like myself, 210 dry body weight. Am I correct?
  10. Hatchers

    2016 yz450fx

    I have the same bike, with about 190hrs. I’ve tried 2 kick start it twice, did not start, so I stopped that ridiculous activity
  11. - I can get the 18’ at $900 less - I’m not sure what real world differences are between the two bikes - I’m a slow vet rider, 6-4” 225lbs Thx in advance
  12. Hatchers

    KYB Fork Shim ID?

    So im going to revalve my 2016 450. What is the shim ID or Shaft OD? I guess ill order shims from Race Tech thx in advance
  13. Hatchers

    THE KYB SSS Fork Offroad Revalve

    yes, all clickers are counted out from fully closed, or fully CW. the rear is great on any rock type and at any speed. My issue with the rear is related to big whoops and popping off of jump faces. So i guess its not really a high speed or low speed thing really. To me, the rear does not squat correctly and keep the bike square. I'm a desert racer, so we ride fast and the bike must stay somewhat level. Its kindly like the rear wants to throw you forward and into the forks on a jump face, where it is more optiamal to stay in the rear shock stroke a bit longer while coming off the face of a jump. im not sure im explaining it correctly. its almost acting like i dont have enough sag, but thats not the case. I have several other buddies with the 450FX, and we all agree that the stock shock valving has this odd rebound issue... they all revalved with a local shop, id rather figure it out myslef