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  1. bates68_03CRF

    Too much compression?

    double check your auto decomp clearance. I know that when I put my top end back together I was having the same problem. I had the same suggestions about the timing being off. I started with the auto decomp as I was very careful about the timing. Sure enough my auto decomp was way off. I must have been smoking something when I checked it because it was not even close when I checked it again.
  2. bates68_03CRF

    Oil Filter

    I have been using them for some time now and have not had any complaints. Great price!
  3. bates68_03CRF

    Rim lock for 03 CRF

    Sweet..Thanks fellas
  4. bates68_03CRF

    Rim lock for 03 CRF

    What size of rimlock is on the 03? I would like to get a new one but would rather just change it at next tire change. Seems like a 2.5 is the biggest but not sure. Anybody happen to know what comes on the 03?
  5. bates68_03CRF

    Alpinestar Boot Re-sole???

    Any good sites to buy the soles from? I have the 03 models and need a new sole also.
  6. bates68_03CRF

    Hot Cam with synthetic oil?

    Great info guys. I broke it in with the rotella so we will see. I love the cam by the way. Really added torque and confidence coming out of corners. I can't imagine this thing with a TA hooked up to it. Front wheel may never touch the ground. I broke it in hard as well. Started the bike to let it warm up then rode normal motos at the local track.
  7. bates68_03CRF

    Kickstarter hard to kick

    Thanks for the input guys. I checked the auto decomp clearance again tonight and it was way off. Not sure what I was smoking yesterday but it was way off. I adjusted the auto decomp again (this time to the correct clearance) and started up just like it should. The bike now kicks over like a dream. As far as the clearances go I am using the mm values and not .in. The mm values are: Intake: .016 +- .03 Exhaust: .028 +- .03 auto-decomp: exhaust clearance+.035 Thanks again guys. This was definitely user error.
  8. bates68_03CRF

    Kickstarter hard to kick

    How do you check that? Just make sure both punch marks line up exactly? Also I have not taken the cam sprocket out. I zip tie the sprocket and the chain on when I took the cam out. So the teeth are in no different spot than they were before? I did check both punch marks. The one on the cam sprocket and the one in the engine care are lined up perfectly.
  9. bates68_03CRF

    Kickstarter hard to kick

    After the cam install the kickstarter is hard to kick. The bike starts up really well but you need to give her a good kick to get past the compression. The question is: Could this be due to the auto-decomp not being set properly? Or should I just live with the tougher kick required? I set the auto-decomp when I put the cam in to .028+.035=.063. This is what the manual has listed but I am thinking of maybe trying it at .058 or something a little tighter to see if it will kick easier. What advice/suggestions do you guys have?
  10. bates68_03CRF

    Hot Cam with synthetic oil?

    Exactly what I was hoping to hear. I thought the comment was a little strange, but what do I know
  11. bates68_03CRF

    Hot Cam with synthetic oil?

    I noticed on the instructions that came with the hot cam that it said to not run synthetic oil with the cam? . Anybody had any problems with running synthetic? I am running the Rotella Supersyn oil in the bike and don't really want to change oil types again. What would the difference be with running dino oil vs. syn?
  12. bates68_03CRF

    Changing cam tips

    Got the cam in tonight and started the beast up. It started up really well. 3rd kick in freezing temps seemed pretty good. The question I have is that the kickstarter was quiter a bit harder to kick. The auto decomp is set to the spec listed in the manual .028+.035 = .062. I searched the forums and found a couple comments by Rich_Rohrich and others talking about hard starting after the stage 1 is put in. Would it be worth tightening up the auto decomp a little to make the kickstarter easier to kick? Would it still start just as well? Any suggestions? Ron, RHC? Thanks Bates
  13. bates68_03CRF

    Changing cam tips

    Changed the cam yesterday and it was super simple. I just had the service manual as a reference guide and it took me through all the steps. I took the advice from above though and did not take the rocker arm off. There is no need to. This really is a easy change especially if you have shimmed etc and are familiar with taking the cam assembly off. Other good news. I have 9 hours on the new RHC intake valves and springs and I checked them before I took the cam off and they are still where they should be. Very excited about that. Once I ride the bike with the cam (hopefully this weekend) I will let you guys know what I think Thanks again for the tips
  14. bates68_03CRF

    Carmichael Killed It!

    "Do I detect some racism here?" Love these kind of comments. Just because somebody says something about Bubba it has to be a racist remark Give me a break
  15. bates68_03CRF

    Changing cam tips

    ^--- Lottery ticket on the way . I got the hot cam shim kit when I did the valves. That was the best spent 55 bucks yet. Very very good investment if you are doing your own work. Does the rocker arm need to be removed? The manual says thread a 6mm screw into the rocker arm shaft and pull this rocker arm shaft out of the camshaft holder. Just want to know if it is necessary to remove the rocker arm or can you get the cam out without taking that off.