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    Riding, Music, Snow Boarding, Mountain Biking, & Raisng my Kids !
  1. Andrew LeBlanc

    Hot weather and engine stalling

  2. Can hotter temperatures make my bike stall easier ? We most often ride in 60-70 F ... went for a ride in some 85 f + temps and I had major stalling issues, ... prolonged clutching in low gears (1st and 2nd) she would flame out ... the lride before she ran perfect ... can this temperature shift be enough to cause this ? my jetting seems to be just fine during "normal" temps....
  3. ...just another opinion .... for easy carb maintenance... just unbolt the lower subframe screws slack off the rear carb boot, remove the muffler and lift the subframe. It will pivot around the upper frame attatchment bolts revealing the carb. You can now just slack off the forward part of the boot, pop the carb off and rotate easliy ... The subframe manoevre is quick and simple and makes carb access really easy. The float bowl is accessible for jet changes and even the top of the carn is accessible for needle changes and adjustments. Unscrew the hot start, unpin the throttle cables and unscrew the vent hoses and bingo the carb is off for bench top maintenance...
  4. Andrew LeBlanc

    KTM Parts for Canada

    direct from FMF... phone order.
  5. Andrew LeBlanc

    2007 SXF450 battery?!?

    do some research on the Turn Tech lithium battery, ... got one in my 08' 505XCF .... great item... if you do a forum search, you will see that this product has served may riders well !
  6. Andrew LeBlanc

    2008 KTM 505 Wont start

    the 5 amp from turn tech is a nice piece as well, ... and lighter (Li Batt) I put one in my 505, ... quite happy with it !
  7. Andrew LeBlanc

    2008 KTM 505 Wont start

    ditto on the throttle twist before start up ... I use the same procedure as 'enmerdeur' fuel valve on choke on prime with a couple twists of the throttle and hit the starter right away my bike also has the JD kit and the Iridium spark plug installed ... I like your heat gun idea ! definately gonna try that one... cold air is also a problem ... if you are pushing it out of a 'relatively' warm garage, you can cheat by starting it in the garage and running for a few seconds before pushing it outside.
  8. Andrew LeBlanc

    2008 KTM 505 Wont start

    my 505 is hard to start when cold, .... try boosting it .... even if the battery is good... at 50F (10 deg C) you can start to have some cold starting issues. If you can re-start fine for the rest of the ride, and only have trouble on the 'first start of the day' ... I would say that this is almost 'normal' for this bike.
  9. Andrew LeBlanc

    getting a new bike soon

    you will often hear / read that the valves in this motor just don't move ... the race maintenance schedule is to do a top end after 40 hours of engine time, .... I have read several accounts of guys going 100+ hours before needing to do a top end, ... I guess it might depend on how hard it is ridden, ... If you do some more forum surfing, you will find that these bikes are quite reliable, ... of course there will always be some unlucky guy with the odd problem, but nothing catastrophic or un preventable on this model. I'm confident you'll like the RF4 engine, ... it's a DOHC engine that is very powerful but also very easy to use ... the powerband is quite smooth, ... I own a 505 (477cc) with the RF4 engine, ... love this engine. Some people call it 'rheostat' type power, ... very smooth with a lot of over rev. aside from the power plant you will also get: hydraulic clutch very good brakes (brembo) quality accessories (chain, sprokets, air filter, and decent tires) delivered stock I found the forks harsh on my 08' ... apparently they improved them on the 09's You may need to change out the Shock spring in order to get the proper race sag measurements (very important on these bikes) If you purchase the KTM, you will find out all you need to know on these forums on how to properly set it up ! Good Luck !
  10. Andrew LeBlanc

    getting a new bike soon

    the ktm is every bit as reliable as a wr .... a couple of my friends have had wr's with some problems ... I have 80+ hours on my 08' XCF No problems... BTW these two bikes cannot really be compared ... It's kinda like comparing a CRF450X to a 450XCF, ... no comparison, ... the WR / CRF-X 's are trail bikes that cam be modified somewhat to perform better, ... the XCF is closer to MX bike performance...the motor is quite a bit more powerful than the aforementioned trail bikes. The XCF is a race bike , ... I imagine the WR could be made into a race bike but at what cost ??? If they are the same price the XCF is much better bang for the buck ! BTW what do you want to do with this bike ? MX ? trails ? Desert ? Dual sport ? The XCF is pretty good for MX as well ! not sure you could say the same about the WR ... Have fun shopping Cheers
  11. Andrew LeBlanc

    melted pants/boots

    hardparts makes a frame / heat shield ... not very expensive
  12. Andrew LeBlanc

    Spokes don't stop coming loose

    if you start chasing loose spokes around the hub and risk an uneven or un-true wheel, you might end up with a broken spoke after a good ride,... however if you re-lace the wheel with the 'proper' torque on all the spokes, you just might go a long time without touching the spoke nipples, ...
  13. what's a 'loud mouth' kit ?
  14. Andrew LeBlanc

    Help with info on KTM 505sxf

    you could always go for an '08 and up 450XCF which would be almost as much fun as the 505, ... you would still get the DOHC RF4 motor which is the most endearing trait of this series of bikes,... from 2010 and up the SXF's have 5 speed tranny's , ... but I guess a 2010 is not that 'used' and would carry a fairly 'new' price tag !
  15. Andrew LeBlanc

    idle speed adjustment?!?

    I don't know which engine you have but on my 505 I tend to adjust it a little faster then slower, ... it helps avoid flameouts in corners as these motors have a bit of clutch drag, ... if you really need to find the reference point, ... maybe you'll need to make a pit stop at a dealer ... Good Luck